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Spanish PM hits back at Greece's Tsipras in austerity row

Madrid - Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on Sunday called on his Greek counterpart to get "serious" about his country's debt-wracked economy, after Alexis Tsipras accused eurozone partners of undermining its negotiations with Brussels.

FTSE 100 sets record on Tuesday but fails to hold it on Wednesday

After approval of economic reform proposals submitted by Greece helped the FTSE 100 reach record-breaking levels yesterday, it has fallen back considerably throughout the course of today, with shares in some major companies dropping by nearly 10 percent.

Lithuania joins eurozone to seal ties with West

Vilnius - Lithuania switched over to the euro on Thursday, becoming the last Baltic nation to adopt Europe's single currency in a bid to boost stability despite fears of inflation and eurozone debt woes.

Albanian PM's visit to Serbia postponed after football brawl

Tirana - A planned historic visit by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama to Serbia has been postponed until next month, both governments said Sunday, after political tensions soared following violence at a football match between the two countries.

Serbia to decide on Albanian PM visit after football mayhem

Belgrade - Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said Friday he was undecided whether his Albanian counterpart should go ahead with a planned historic visit after violence halted a Serbia-Albania football match this week.

Serbia condemns Albanian flag drone stunt

Belgrade - Serbia's foreign minister said Wednesday an incident in which a pro-Albanian flag flown by a drone sparked violence on and off the pitch at a football match against Albania was a "political provocation".

Hodgson handed Swiss reunion in Euro draw

Nice - England manager Roy Hodgson was looking forward to coming up against his old side Switzerland after the draw for the Euro 2016 qualifiers paired the nations together on Sunday.The English, among the top seeds, were drawn in Group E along with the Swiss...

Spain to return to scene of Euro 2012 triumph

World champions Spain will start their campaign for a third successive European Championship in a group with Ukraine, Slovakia, Belarus, Macedonia and Luxembourg, meaning an emotional trip back to K...

Incoming Czech finance minister says euro 'no problem'

Prague - The Czech Republic's incoming finance minister says he is open to adopting the euro, a move which Prague has shunned up to now amid the eurozone debt crisis, local media reported Thursday.

European Central Bank interest rate reduction from .50% to .25%

The European Central Bank cuts interest rate from 0.50 percent to 0.25 percent. The historically low rate shows E.C.B.’s intentions to save the Euro but may have quickened the abolishment the Euro instead.

Op-Ed: Liberty Reserve shut down in money laundering investigation

On May 24, 2013, U.S authorities seized control of the domain and redirected it into a sink hole along with arresting the owner Arthur Budovsky Belanchuk in relation to money laundering charges.

Op-Ed: Spain has an economic plan, it looks vaguely familiar

Madrid - Spain is moving in a different direction now, although the Spanish economy is still faltering, they do have a plan. It looks nothing like the American plan for recovery.

New anti-euro party marks official launch in Germany

A political party calling for the dismantlement of the euro zone has been officially launched in Berlin. It's founding congress made clear it hopes to capitalize on disillusioned voters in the run up to the September elections in Germany.

Germany considers new property taxes for EU bailouts

Berlin - Germany is mulling new ways to raise finances to prop up the euro currency. Advisers to German Chancellor Angela Merkel are suggesting the weaker economies of southern Europe should levy property and asset taxes, to support future bailouts.

Access to medicines restricted in Greece

Athens - Access to new medicines for patients in Greece has been on hold since December 2010 and the arrears owing to pharmaceutical companies from the state-run health insurer total over 2 billion euros.

EU spends 10,000 million euros per year on mercury pollution

The European Union is spending in excess of €10,000 million per year cleaning up mercury pollution, according to a new study.

Is the US Dollar at risk?

Is it now a good time to start dumping the US dollar? Although it's the primary dollar security, it may be wise to reserve other currencies.

ECB Report: Euro counterfeiting on the decline, reasons unknown

Frankfurt - A biannual information report by the European Central Bank highlights that counterfeiting of the euro has fallen dramatically. Although most are counterfeited €20 and €50 denominations, the practice is down 15.2 percent from the same period a year ag

Video of all goals in thrilling Portugal-Denmark Euro 2012 match

Missed the Euro 2012 prelim match between Portugal and Denmark? Caught the action and want to relive the stunning goals? Thanks to YouTube, here are video clips showing each goal in Portugal's 3-2 win over Denmark.

Irish town returns to using the punt as currency

Clones - The town of Clones in Ireland, struggling with the Euro crisis, now uses the old Irish punt as currency in its shops. This is doing much to boost the economy of the town.

Op-Ed: Did Bilderberg plan the Euro?

A Ghanaian website claims to have in its possession evidence that the Euro was planned by the Bilderberg Group 40 years before its inception. Sadly, this is not news but history.

Op-Ed: The Euro will collapse soon

Today Europe is heading for the ‘danger zone’, stocks log their worst day in 2012, this summer is an ‘eerie echo’ of pre-Lehman, Nikkei drops to worst weekly losing run in 20 years, and world growth at risk as U.S. employment stumbles.

Cameron: Euro crisis to worsen

As the various countries that make up the European Union struggle with austerity measures, British Prime Minister David Cameron says there is worse to come.

The Netherlands drawn into EU crisis — may ditch the Euro

The Hague - The Netherlands has been drawn into the debt crisis in Europe as the government failed to agree on budget cuts, thus casting doubt on its support for the Euro zone.

Video: Presidential candidate wants France out of Eurozone

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, a Gaulist candidate in the French presidential elections, says if elected, he wants France out of the EU bloc.

Unemployment rises across Europe

Brussels - The latest unemployment data for the Eurozone indicates that the rising trend in the jobless total continues apace. Further analysis of the data across European nations reveals some vast differences with the numbers out-of-work.

Greek austerity package passed

Athens - Greece has passed a package of austerity measures. The measures, as the violent protests have shown, were controversial with the Greek people but were demanded by the other EU member states and IMF.

Euro drops over economy concerns

The value of the euro dropped against other currencies on Jan 5 with its lowest rate against the yen in eleven years and a big drop against the U.S. dollar.

Op-Ed: Debt relief — The solution for the Euro crisis?

The lead story on BBC News this morning was the huge rise in young people taking out debt relief orders. There is a lesson here for nations.

US Federal Reserve Bank secretly funding European Sovereign Debt

A currency swap program created back in 2008 -2009 by the US Federal Reserve Bank to bail out American banks has been converted to provide much needed funds to European banks.
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€1 coin
€1 coin
A structure showing the Euro currency sign is seen in front of the European Central Bank (ECB) headq...
A structure showing the Euro currency sign is seen in front of the European Central Bank (ECB) headquarters in Frankfurt
With permission by Reuters / Alex Domanski
The Euro sign outside the European Central Bank in Frankfurt  Germany
The Euro sign outside the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany
Comparison of debt in countries with the Euro as currency
Comparison of debt in countries with the Euro as currency
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50 euro bank notes in the hand fanned