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Ethanol News

CDC Warning — People are drinking hand sanitizers and dying

Using alcohol-based hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available can help protect you from the coronavirus—but drinking it can leave you blind or dead, a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns.

27 die in Iran from alcohol poisoning trying to prevent COVID-19

Ahwaz - At least 27 people have died from alcohol poisoning in the Khuzestan and Alborz provinces of Iran trying to prevent infection an of the coronavirus, Iranian news agencies reported on Monday.

New low-cost cancer treatment could kill tumors with ethanol

An ethanol-based gel can achieve a 100 percent cure rate when injected directly into squamous cell tumors. This low-cost easily administered cancer treatment could significantly improve outcomes in the developing world.

Tweaking fungi to boost biofuel enzyme production

Researchers have used mutant variants of a fungus to double the production of endoxylanase enzymes. These enzymes are used to bleach wood in chlorine free processes and for biofuels.

Turning whisky waste into fuel

A small independent company in Scotland is turning the waste products from the whisky industry into alcohol for use as a biofuel.

Search for biofuels leads to the human gut

The search for microorganisms to use in biofuel generation has led to the human lower intestine. A new study demonstrates how such microorganisms could be effective candidates for organic fuel production.

Good beers need new yeasts

Beer is the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage on the planet. Good beer requires good quality yeasts and researchers are continuing to hunt for new strains.

Op-Ed: Ethanol production created environmental disaster

How the environmentalists sang its praises. All kneel to ethanol, the corn-based green fuel destined to slow global warming.

Super yeast increases ethanol yield

A research team have engineered a yeast to consume acetic acid, a previously unwanted by-product of the process of converting plant leaves, stems and other tissues into biofuels.

Tunicates, a new biofuel source

Tiny marine creatures called tunicates are being studied in relation to biofuels. Tunicates are seen as a potential source of cellulose, which can be used to produce ethanol.

Peaches can help with biofuel production

Scientists have managed to use a study of the peach genome to identify genetic aspects of other trees used for biofuels. This is to look for ways to make source materials more efficient for biofuel production.

GMO plant created for biofuel production

Researchers at Michigan State University have engineered a plant with oily leaves. The plant has been designed to enhance biofuel production and lead to improved animal feeds.

Doctors use neat alcohol to save man's life

Portishead - UK doctors have saved a man's life by using a shot of neat alcohol to induce a heart attack, which has killed off part of his heart. It sounds controversial, and it is. But standard treatments had failed.

Garbage bacteria improves biofuel development

The research into biofuels has been limited due to the bacteria normally used only being able to convert part of the cell wall of plant material. An improvement might be in reach due to a bacterium found in the garbage.

Drought in Midwest drives corn production down and food prices up

The Midwest is experiencing its worst drought since 1988 , and corn crops are suffering as a result. Shortages are predicted due to the damage already done by the drought. But if drought conditions continue, the damage will be felt deeply by consumers.

Op-Ed: U.S. federal mandates causing financial pain

You don't have to buy corn to be affected by its price, just fill up your tank and take a trip to the grocery store or mall.

Is a food crisis coming?

Food could soon hold a greater value than gold to many people with rising prices, civil unrest and food products such as corn being converted into fuel. Americans may soon understand what other countries such as Egypt already know.

One person killed as tank cars blow up, derail in Rockford, IL

A freight train derailed and tank cars loaded with thousands of gallons of highly flammable ethanol exploded in flames; one person was killed.

Bioelectricity Promises More ‘Miles Per Acre’ Than Ethanol

Researchers writing in the online edition of the May 7 Science magazine say the best bet is to convert the biomass to electricity, rather than ethanol.

Ethanol May Require More Water

Ethanol derived from corn requires much more water than was previously thought, according to a study by the researchers at the University of Minnesota. That water need also differs greatly from state to state depending on regional irrigation needs.

Plant can clean up hog farms and be used for ethanol production Special

Researchers at North Carolina State University have found that a tiny aquatic plant can be used to clean up animal waste at industrial hog farms and potentially be part of the answer for the global energy crisis.

Mississippi to open trash-to-ethanol plant imported from Canada

The state of Mississippi has decided to convert trash into ethanol instead of incinerating it. With help from a Montreal company, it will produce 20 million gallons a year of ethanol from the landfills.

Beer to Fuel Cars of the Future

When most of us think of a cold one, we think of a warm day with beer on tap. What if we could have our beer and drive it too?

New Catalyst Paves the Path for Ethanol-Powered Fuel Cells

A team of researchers, including a team from DOE, has developed a new catalyst that could make ethanol-powered fuel cells feasible

Mouthwash increases risk of oral cancer, study reveals

Are you excessively worried about oral hygiene? Do you buy mouthwash without reading the fine print? Well, maybe you shouldn’t anymore, because study reveals there is something else to be worried about.

Neighborhood Improvements for a Greener World

From a public garden, to a neighborhood ethanol machine, there are many ways to live greener and cheaper. Apply some of these ideas in your neighborhood.

Op-Ed: Decades of Foolish Policy Have Created the Current Energy Crisis

This is aimed at the extreme environmental activists, and the spineless politicians who folded under their pressure. They have passed laws and enacted policies that have resulted in the predicament in which we find ourselves.

Farmers and Ethanol Producers Weigh In On The Bio-Fuel Debate

The use of food-based bio-fuels such as corn ethanol has been brought up for debate. Recently, there was a clash between US President George W. Bush and several top scientists. Now, the farmers and ethanol producers have weighed in.

Op-Ed: The Oil Crisis and How Big Government Makes it Worse

The current nationwide average price for gasoline at the pump is $3.556 per gallon, a 14 cent increase from the previous week. At the same time, crude oil prices have been at record numbers, marching toward the inevitable $120 per barrel.

Researchers Discover New Source for Biofuels

A newly created microbe produces cellulose that can be turned into ethanol and other biofuels, report scientists from The University of Texas at Austin
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Naturally-occurring methanol is found in many of the fruits and vegetables we consume.
Naturally-occurring methanol is found in many of the fruits and vegetables we consume.
Ned Raggett

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