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Espionage News

UK cyber security chief blames Russia for hacker attacks

London - Russia has launched cyber attacks on the UK media, telecoms and energy sectors in the past year, Britain's cyber security chief said Wednesday, amid reports of Russian interference in the Brexit referendum.

US says North Korean malware lurking in computer networks

Washington - US authorities said Tuesday malware developed in North Korea is still lurking in many computer networks, giving hackers backdoor access to government, financial, automotive and media organizations.

Estonia arrests alleged Russian agent plotting cyber-crime

Tallinn - Estonia said Tuesday it had arrested a suspected Russian spy allegedly plotting a cyber-crime, in the latest incident to strain relations between the small Baltic state and the Kremlin.

Iran denounces CIA 'fake news' in Bin Laden files

Tehran - Iran has accused the CIA of spreading "fake news" about the Islamic republic with newly declassified files seized in the 2011 raid in Pakistan in which Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden was killed.

Iranian sentenced to death for spying for Israel

Tehran - Iran said Wednesday it had sentenced a citizen to death for spying for Israel in return for Swedish residency, after rights activists reported an Iranian-born academic was handed the death penalty.

US lawmakers move to regulate online political ads

Washington - US lawmakers Thursday unveiled legislation to require disclosure of the source of many online political ads, a move aimed at preventing a recurrence of Russian social media manipulation in the 2016 election.

NATO opens counter-espionage hub in Poland

Varsovia - NATO opened a counter-espionage hub in Poland on Thursday aimed at expanding the alliance's intelligence-gathering capabilities amid tensions with Russia, a senior Polish official said.

Australia spy chief warns of growing foreign meddling

Sydney - Foreign powers are waging an "extensive, unrelenting" campaign of espionage and meddling in Australia, notably targeting ethnic and religious minorities, the country's spy chief warned Thursday.

The spy who came in from the North

Gwangju - Condemned to death twice, former spy Seo Ok-Ryol spent three decades in prison, most of it in solitary confinement. Now aged 90, the only thing he wants to do before he dies is go home -- to North Korea.

Harvard revokes Chelsea Manning fellowship invitation after criticism

Washington - Harvard University revoked convicted US intelligence leaker and transgender activist Chelsea Manning's visiting fellowship position on Friday after sharp criticism from the Central Intelligence Agency.

CIA head cancels Harvard speech over Chelsea Manning appointment

Washington - CIA director Mike Pompeo pulled out of a Harvard forum and former acting director Mike Morrell quit the university Thursday to protest its appointment of convicted intelligence leaker Chelsea Manning as a visiting fellow.

New Zealand MP denies spying for China

Wellington - A New Zealand lawmaker received military and intelligence training in China, it emerged Wednesday, but he denied allegations of being a Beijing spy, saying he was the victim of a racist smear campaign.

Data swamped US spy agencies put hopes on artificial intelligence

Washington - Swamped by too much raw intel data to sift through, US spy agencies are pinning their hopes on artificial intelligence to crunch billions of digital bits and understand events around the world.

Spymaster George Smiley returns in new Le Carre novel

London - The famous spy duo of author John le Carre and his protagonist George Smiley are back for new adventures on Thursday with a novel harking back to the Cold War but carrying an anti-Brexit message.

China-born academic loses appeal against Singapore expulsion

Singapore - A prominent Chinese-born academic has lost an appeal against Singapore's decision to expel him for allegedly being an "agent of influence" for a foreign government, the interior ministry said Wednesday.

Albanians turn spotlight on sites of dark communist past

Tirana - From his office in the shadowy "House of Leaves", Nesti Vako would listen to the private conversations of his fellow Albanians, spying for the state during the country's communist era.

Singapore to expel professor of Chinese descent for being 'foreign agent'

Singapore - Singapore said Friday it would expel a professor of Chinese descent working at a local university from the city-state, accusing him of acting as an "agent of influence" for a foreign government.

Q&A: Mexican spying scandal

Mexico - Since the story first broke that the Mexican government was allegedly spying on -- of all people -- advocates of a soda tax, the list of those targeted with powerful spyware has kept swelling.

US bans Kaspersky software amid concerns over Russia ties

Washington - The US government has moved to block federal agencies from buying software from Russia-based Kaspersky Labs, amid concerns about the company's links to intelligence services in Moscow.

Mexico spying targeted probe of 43 missing students: experts

Mexico - International experts sent to Mexico to investigate the disappearance of 43 students in 2014 were targeted with spyware sold to the government, researchers said Monday.

Lithuania sentences Russian spy to 10 years

Vilnius - A Lithuanian court on Friday sentenced a Russian security official to 10 years in prison for spying after prosecutors accused him of attempting to bug the president's home.

Lithuania sentences Russian spy to 10 years

Vilnius - A Lithuanian court on Friday sentenced a Russian security official to 10 years in prison for spying after prosecutors accused him of attempting to bug the president's home.

Mexico spying also targeted opposition party: report

Mexico - Leaders of one of Mexico's top opposition parties were targeted with spyware sold to the government, researchers said Thursday, adding to a snowballing scandal over spying on journalists, activists and other public figures.

Mexico used 'tools of tyranny' to spy on journalists, says top reporter

Mexico - Forty minutes into an interview, noted Mexican journalist Carmen Aristegui picks up her phone and jokingly greets the government agents she alleges have been spying on her."Hello? Interior ministry?... Thanks for listening!

Mexico to ask FBI for help in journalist spying probe

Mexico - The Mexican attorney general's office said it would ask the US Federal Bureau of Investigation for help probing allegations that the government spied on journalists and activists.

Putin praises Russia's 'unique' spy network

Moscow - President Vladimir Putin on Saturday praised Russia's network of intelligence officers as "unique people" who are devoted to the country.

CIA knew in August that Putin sought to boost Trump: report

Washington - The CIA had top-level intelligence last August that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally ordered an operation to help Donald Trump win the US presidential race, the Washington Post reported on Friday.

Germany spied on White House: report

Berlin - Germany's foreign intelligence service long spied on numerous official and business targets in the United States, including the White House, Spiegel weekly reported Thursday.

Mexican journalists, activists accuse govt of spying on them

Mexico - A group of prominent journalists and activists in Mexico accused the government Monday of spying on them, saying their phones had been hacked with Israeli spyware sold exclusively to the state.

Trump says no proof on 'collusion' with Russians

Washington - Donald Trump took to Twitter Friday to insist that despite months of investigating, no proof has emerged that he colluded with Russia to tilt the 2016 presidential election in his favor.
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Dusko Popov the playboy. Born to a wealthy and prominent family, he was accustomed to living well and cultivated an impressive lifestyle that drew people to him, especially the ladies.
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Gary Oldman in "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy"
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Casino Estoril, in Portugal not far from Lisbon is the place where Ian Fleming encountered Dusko Popov and used that chance encounter/impression as the basis for the James Bond character in his novels.
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