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Espionage News

Hans-Georg Maassen, the German spymaster who talked too much

Berlin - For a spymaster, Hans-Georg Maassen seemed unusually receptive to the media -- while secret agents typically work in the shadows, the head of Germany's domestic intelligence agency gave more interviews than any of this predecessors.

Dutch 'expelled two Russian spies over Novichok lab plot'

Den Haag - Dutch intelligence services arrested two alleged Russian spies on suspicion of planning to hack a Swiss laboratory investigating the poisoning of double agent Sergei Skripal, reports and officials said Friday.

Row over Germany's top spy risks new Merkel coalition crisis

Berlin - Top German government leaders failed to decide on the future of the country's top spy Thursday, as a controversy he triggered risks a new crisis threatening Berlin's uneasy coalition.

Germany's top spy under fresh pressure over far-right link

Berlin - Germany's top spy faced fresh pressure Thursday over his allegedly proximity to the AfD, as an MP of the far-right party said he gave the group official figures on Islamists before they were published.

Germany's top spy under spotlight amid rise of far-right

Berlin - Secret services typically work away from the limelight, but Germany's top domestic spy Hans-Georg Maassen has repeatedly crashed into the public eye, with his latest outing pitting him directly against Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Austria asked to take 'trust building measurements'

Vienna - Austria has had to take "trust building measurements" to retain cooperation with allied secret services, its interior minister said Friday in a grilling over government raids on the country's domestic intelligence agency.

France says Russia tried to spy on satellite

Toulouse - A Russian satellite attempted last year to spy on a satellite providing secure communications for the French military, Defence Minister Florence Parly said Friday.

Poland charges ex-govt employee with spying for Russia

Warsaw - Polish prosecutors said Thursday they have indicted a former employee of the EU member's economy ministry with spying for Russia's GRU intelligence agency, the latest case in a string of espionage allegations in the region. Identified only as Marek W.

Black Venus — the South Korean spy who met Kim Jong Il

Seoul - Before meeting North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, Southern spy "Black Venus" was told to stay up late, shower, and dress neatly. He also hid a micro recorder in his penis.

Iran has arrested 'dozens of spies': intelligence minister

Tehran - Iran's intelligence minister said "dozens of spies" had been arrested as part of a crackdown on espionage and dual nationals and alluded to an agent Iran had placed in the Israeli government, Iranian media reported on Wednesday.

Review: ‘Mile 22’ is a flawed but rewarding tactical operation Special

‘Mile 22’ is an action-heavy, spy picture in which there are multiple ticking clocks, broad daylight shootouts in the street and an ending that makes it all worth it.

Iran holiday costs Norway fisheries minister his job

Oslo - Norway's rightwing Fisheries Minister Per Sandberg quit on Monday after breaching security protocol when he went on holiday to Iran with an Iranian-born former beauty queen, in a major media scandal.

UK poisonings leave Soviet defector's family in fear

London - The family of a Soviet defector who died in Salisbury in 2001 is living in fear following the recent poisoning of a Russian ex-spy in the same English city, according to his son.

Suspected Russian spy found working in US embassy in Moscow: reports

Washington - A suspected Russian spy worked at the US embassy in Moscow for a decade before being quietly dismissed last year, reports said Thursday.

Amnesty alleges 'hostile' government behind spyware attack

Dubai - Rights group Amnesty International on Wednesday said it had been targeted by surveillance spyware in a suspected infiltration attempt by a government "hostile" to its work.

Russian gun group says US-accused founder not Kremlin 'agent'

Moscow - Russian gun rights activists on Tuesday denied their colleague Maria Butina, arrested in the US for conspiring to influence American politics, was a Kremlin agent.

Germany jails Vietnam man who aided Cold War-style abduction

Berlin - A German court on Wednesday sentenced a Vietnamese man to nearly four years in jail for taking part in a brazen Cold War-style kidnapping ordered by Hanoi of an oil executive from a Berlin park.

Russian scientist arrested in espionage probe: agencies

Moscow - A Russian scientist has been arrested in a probe into allegations staff at a top space research centre have been passing information on the country's weapons programme to the West, agencies reported Tuesday.

Russia demands US release 'spy', calls charges false

Moscow - Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told his US counterpart Mike Pompeo on Saturday that the arrest of a Russian gun rights enthusiast on espionage charges in the United States was "unacceptable", his ministry said.

Russian 'agent' held on charges of seeking to infiltrate US govt

Washington - A Russian gun rights enthusiast who built a network of powerful Republican contacts under the direction of a Kremlin power-broker was ordered held without bond Wednesday after FBI counterintelligence agents accused her of conspiring to infiltrate the U...

Russian 'agent' faces charges of seeking to infiltrate US govt

Washington - If Maria Butina was a covert agent sent to Washington by Moscow, she was pretty open about it.

Russian 'agent' arrested in US to undermine Putin-Trump summit: Moscow

Moscow - Moscow on Wednesday slammed the arrest in the United States of a Russian national for conspiring to influence US politics, saying it was intended to undermine the "positive results" of a summit between the US and Russian leaders.

US arrests Russian agent for conspiring to influence US politics

Washington - A 29-year-old Russian woman has been arrested for conspiring to influence US politics by cultivating ties with political groups including the National Rifle Association, the powerful gun rights lobby.

Trump blames bad Russia ties on FBI 'witch hunt'

Apo - US President Donald Trump set the scene for his summit with Vladimir Putin on Monday by blaming the chill in relations with Moscow on the investigation into Russian interference in his election victory.

From Russian spy poisoning to British death: the Novichok affair

London - A British woman has died after being exposed to the same nerve agent that poisoned a Russian ex-spy and his daughter four months ago, a case that caused a major diplomatic fallout between Moscow and the West.

From Russian spy poisoning to diplomatic fallout

Paris - Two people found in a critical condition in southwestern Britain were exposed to the same nerve agent that poisoned an ex-Russian spy and his daughter earlier this year, police have said, although they have not established a link between the two incide...

Not up to US to decide on Assange asylum, Ecuador says

Quito - It's not up to Washington to decide the fate of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, Ecuador's top diplomat said Friday, following the visit of US Vice President Mike Pence.

Timor bugging whistleblower faces Australia criminal charges

Sydney - Criminal charges have been filed against a spy-turned-whistleblower who exposed a secret Australian bugging operation in East Timor, parliament heard Thursday, in what one MP called an "insane development".

Ex-CIA officer charged over damaging leak to WikiLeaks

Washington - A former employee in the CIA's cyber-spying operation was indicted Monday on charges of leaking hacking tools to WikiLeaks in one of the most damaging of the agency's breaches in recent years.

Belgium may probe whether Spain spied on Catalan leader

Apo - Belgian authorities faced calls Wednesday to investigate whether the Spanish secret services monitored former Catalan separatist leader Carles Puigdemont in Belgium without telling Brussels.
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