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France's Fillon apologises for 'error' of hiring wife

Paris - French presidential candidate Francois Fillon on Monday apologised for the "error" he made in hiring his wife as a parliamentary aide while denying she was paid for a fake job.

False megaquake alert shakes Tokyo

Toukyo - A false warning of a megaquake about to strike Tokyo was issued by Japan's weather agency and quickly cancelled on Monday, but not before terrifying users of a smartphone app who received it.

'Pull up!': Russian TV airs final words of flydubai jet crash pilots

Moscow - Russian state television has aired the final words of the pilots of the flydubai passenger jet that crashed in Rostov-on-Don last week killing 62 people, suggesting pilot error could be to blame.

Software bug grants early release to over 3,200 U.S. prisoners

Seattle - At least 3,200 prisoners were mistakenly released too early from state prisons in Washington due to an ongoing software glitch that began as early as 2002. The error caused sentence reductions the prisoners received for good behavior to be miscalculated.

Pressing backspace 28 times will unlock most Linux PCs

A strange bug has been discovered in the Linux operating system that gives hackers an easy way into computers if they have physical access. Pressing the backspace key 28 times while on the login screen will override the need for a password.

Telling Siri to charge your phone results in a call to the police

News of a bug in Apple's digital assistant, Siri, has been circulating online recently. Asking Siri to charge your iPhone leads to a call to the emergency services in what is presumably an unintended quirk.

Google lets schoolboy run up £3000 bill as app purchases bounce

An 11-year-old school student ran up a bill of over £3000 on his mother's card after a series of app and game purchases were charged repetitively by Google despite the payments failing. Google made hundreds of transactions in just a few days.

Gmail recovers from Easter outages affecting 'majority' of users

An issue with security certificates meant that Gmail was unusable for many over the Easter weekend. People were confronted with a slew of error messages and safety warnings as Google's SSL certificate for the service expired without being renewed.

Bank error gives Georgia teen $31k, who then promptly spends it

Hull - A bank in Hull, Ga., mistakenly deposited $31,000 into an 18-year-old's bank account. The teen then went on a shopping spree, and now could face prosecution.

Man becomes quadrillionaire after PayPal makes an error

A man in the United States became an instant quadrillionaire after PayPal made a mistake and deposited 17-figures into his account.

Google Earth update removes 'Atlantis' grid pattern

Google Earth, in its latest bathymetry update, has removed a gridlike pattern that appeared in the previous version of its Google Ocean program. The pattern had sparked rumors that the legendary underwater city of Atlantis had been discovered.

Royal College made grading error in psychiatry exam

Everyone makes a mistake from time to time including The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. The school found that there was an inaccuracy in the results of the psychiatry that affected the grades of 15 testers.

French TV mixes up Sweden, Finland on Europe map

French television gives viewers a geography lesson by mixing up Sweden and Finland on a map of Europe during a prime time news report.

Errant text message leads to arrest of 3 suspected drug dealers

Three suspects were nabbed by police after they, mistakenly sent a text message to a potential buyer, which led to their arrest, police said.

Bureaucratic blunder results in costly mistake to school district

The residents of Pasadena, California, voted themselves a parcel tax to aid their public schools, but bureaucratic blundering failed to put the increase on annual property tax bills.

It’s now legal to sell violent video games to minors in the UK

England is the only country where it’s now 100% legal for anyone, regardless of age to buy pornography, violent video games and media content that was previously banned.

Tired Of Your Hormonal Teen? Abandonment Law In Nebraska Fails To Provide Age Limit

Tired of those hormone-driven teens? A new law in Nebraska intended for "safe-haven" drop-offs may have opened the door for all minors whose parents are simply fed up with parenting. This potentially includes children with disabilities.

Error in Arkansas law allows kids to marry

We all make mistakes, right? Sometimes small ones and sometimes large ones. Accidents happen. No big deal, really. That is, unless you pass a law that allows infants to get married. oops.

Human Error Blamed For Loss Of $154 million Mar's Probe

NASA says human error and a battery failure doomed the Mars Global Surveyor.

The $61 Billion Dollar PayPal Error

An Apple iPod dock extender sells for $61 billion dollars due to a Paypal error

Error In Dispensing Medication Results In Baby's Death

When you read statistics about medical errors causing death you almost choke on the numbers. The IMO reports that those deaths total more than the ones from vehicle acccidents,breat cancer and AIDS.

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