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Erectile dysfunction News

Op-Ed: Kentucky lawmaker wants men to get a note from wife to buy Viagra

Frustrated with lawmakers telling women what they can or can't do with their bodies, a Kentucky legislator has proposed a bill that will place restrictions on men trying to purchase Viagra.

Plans to extend statins use should be scrapped, say doctors

As many as 7 million people in the UK use statins regularly to reduce cholesterol levels and lower the risk of heart attack or stroke. In February, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence called for their use to be extensively widened.

Statins help to address ‘sex problems’

Researchers at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in the U.S. found that cholesterol-lowering drugs may offer added benefit for men with erectile dysfunction.

Study: Middle aged women more satisfied with their sex lives

Women on the 'wrong side of forty' claim they are more satisfied with their sex lives than their male partners, despite the fact that their lovers are bad in bed, and have libido problems.

Man says erectile dysfunction cured after drinking breast milk

A man claims that his erectile dysfunction problem was cured after consuming his wife's breast milk for over a year and a half.

Op-Ed: UCSF should not waste money on erectile dysfunction research

According to findings by NBC Bay Area, the University of California San Francisco had received $1.5 million in federal stimulus that was allocated to the study of erectile dysfunction of overweight middle aged men.

Too many drugs linked to erectile dysfunction

The more medications a man takes, the more likely he is to experience erectile dysfunction (ED). Drugs that are prescribed for common health problems can even lead to severe difficulty obtaining or maintaining an erection.

Can shock therapy improve erectile dysfunction?

Using shock therapy to send sound waves to the penis can help men who have severe erectile dysfunction, a new study found.

Spider venom may contain breakthrough for erectile dysfunction

New research by scientists at a medical college in Georgia have found the venom from a Brazilian wandering spider can cause four-hour long erections.

Claim: Anti-baldness drug affecting men’s sexual health

Some doctors are claiming that a proprietary drug used to combat baldness in men is interfering with their sexual health.

Study: Erectile Dysfunction is a strong predictor of death

German researchers have linked Erectile Dysfunction (ED) as a risk factor of death from heart-related causes. Scientists want ED sufferers to consider it as serious as high blood pressure and problematic cholesterol.

Restless Leg Syndrome Linked to E.D. in Older Men

A recent study finds that older men who suffer from restless leg syndrome may also have higher rates of erectile dysfunction, which is the inability to have or sustain an erection suitable for sexual activity.

Canadian Mounties break up erectile dysfunction drug ring

Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Montreal seized thousands of counterfeit pills intended for the erectile dysfunction market. The illegal sale of prescription and counterfeit drugs online and on the street are on the rise in Canada and elsewhere.

Erectile Dysfunction At 40 Poses Higher Risk of Heart Disease

Men with erectile dysfunction in their 40's have an eighty greater percent risk for having heart disease than men without penile problems.

Older Men's Waist Size Linked To Erectile Dysfunction

Research shows that a large waistline in older men is linked to sexual dysfunction and urinary tract problems.

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