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Ereader News

Australian Government provides grant to enhance digital literacy

Australian Turnbull Government granted a $4 million fund to schools to enhance digital literacy. The new grant is a part of the National Innovation and Science Agenda, a program that aims at helping students and teachers to embrace the digital age.

Amazon's Kindle Oasis is a premium e-reader for regular bookworms

Amazon has unveiled an all-new Kindle e-reader. The Kindle Oasis the company's lightest and thinnest Kindle ever, featuring a unique design that places the device's centre of gravity in the palm of the hand for perfectly balanced comfortable reading.

Kindle owners urged to update their device to keep using it

Amazon has warned owners of older models of its Kindle e-reader that they need to install an important software update today or face the device becoming unusable online from later this week. From March 22, Kindle services will be inaccessible.

Google lets you write your own ebooks with new Google Docs update

Google has updated its online office suite, Google Docs, with a new export option that will benefit owners of ebook readers. Documents can now be converted directly to EPUB ebooks from within Google Docs, letting users write their own ebooks.

Amazon announces surprisingly capable $50 Fire tablet

Amazon has unveiled a new 7-inch Fire tablet that will retail for just $50. It features modest but respectable hardware specifications and the option of purchasing a family-equipping six-pack at reduced cost.

Nokia's mysterious 'Reader' device unearthed from 2013

Images have appeared online of an unreleased Nokia product from before the company's devices division was acquired by Microsoft. Details are scant but the device is called 'Reader', suggesting that the company was working on a dedicated e-reader.

Put away that e-reader at bedtime

A new study suggests that people who read from light-emitting electronic devices before bedtime may suffer poorer-quality sleep.

Bedtime reading on an eReader may keep you awake

University Park - Reading on an eReader at bedtime, rather than flicking the pages of one of those old-fangled, cuboid contraptions called books, may encourage alertness, a new study has found.

Waterproof E-reader can be used while in the bath

The company Kobo, based in Canada, says that they are selling the world's first premium "E Ink e-reader" designed to be waterproof for up to 30 minutes in about three feet of water.

Ambassador takes her oath of office on a tablet

Washington - The ambassador to Switzerland, who started her job on Monday, took her oath of office on an e-reader. Long an advocate to technology and education, this event is the culmination of a long and illustrious career.

FCC grants waiver of accessibility rules to e-readers

Chicago - Devices to read electronic books have been a new way to consume information or enjoy a vast fantasy novel but to the blind and visually impaired they have been inaccessible, with few improvements.

Why American children read little on e-readers, tablets

Washington - Two-thirds of young children in the United States now have access to an e-reader or tablet, but only half of them actually use the device to read, a research institute said in a study published Friday.

Privacy campaign started against Google Glass

A group called "Stop the Cyborgs" have launched a campaign against Google Glass and other augmented reality gadgets. The campaign is based upon a 'loss of privacy'.

Review: Reading in the glow Special

The Kobo Glo is a great eReader and a great way to pack a lot of books for a week of reading in the dark — or in the bright tropical sun

Amazon launches Kindle ebook store in China

Amazon has operated in China for quite some time now and they are finally entering the ebook market with a mixture of paid and free ebooks with a cost range of $0 to $7 USD.

Op-Ed: Apple Losing Market Share With iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Launch

Despite the tension and amazement generated during the latest two Apple launches, consumers are quick to realize and lose interest in what Apple has to offer.

'The Casual Vacancy' eBook fails to work

EBook copies of the new J.K. Rowling novel have failed to work in the U.S. due to a technical glitch, leaving thousands of disappointed consumers.

New Kindle Fire about to be launched

This week Amazon will launch two new models of its popular tablet computer / e-reader Kindle Fire. Tech rumors indicate that the devices will have a radical new design.

Op-Ed: Do you have it in technologically coded format?

Is the e-reader revolution set to kill our old friend the paper book? Technological imperialism must be stopped before it's too late.

Op-Ed: Reading in the age of electronic content

Toronto - A plethora of e-readers and numerous applications to explore electronic reading content may revolutionize the way in which we think about that oldest source of knowledge - the book. But then again - it might not.

Google enters eReader market with iriver Story

Tech giant Google has released their first eReader and will match the prices of both the Amazon Kindle and Nook Simple Touch Reader at a major retailer.

Op-Ed: Kobo eReader is simple, affordable but no touchscreen Special

Kobo, the latest eReader to compete against the Kindle, nook and Sony Reader, launches April 30 in Canada at an affordable $150. Read's review to find out why next-gen bookworms might clamour to this eReader.

Barnes & Noble Releases Info about New Nook eReader

Barnes & Noble has just released details about its addition to the growing digital reader market. Their e-reader, named Nook, is designed to compete directly with the Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader. It is set to debut in late November.

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Ereader Image

The Nokia Reader  revealed by @evleaks on 12/09/2015
The Nokia Reader, revealed by @evleaks on 12/09/2015
Evan Blass, @evleaks
The Amazon Kindle Oasis
The Amazon Kindle Oasis
The Amazon Kindle Oasis
The Amazon Kindle Oasis
The Kobo eReader  available April 30 in Canada. It costs $150
The Kobo eReader, available April 30 in Canada. It costs $150
Courtesy Kobo
Managing editor David Silverberg holding the Kobo eReader  displaying eInk technology. - Via iPhone ...
Managing editor David Silverberg holding the Kobo eReader, displaying eInk technology. - Via iPhone 3Gs
The Amazon Kindle Oasis
The Amazon Kindle Oasis
Lack of demand dictated Sony s withdrawal from the e-reader market  spurred on by strong competition
Lack of demand dictated Sony's withdrawal from the e-reader market, spurred on by strong competition
Julie Jenson Bennett
Kobo has launched its lineup of four e-readers
Kobo has launched its lineup of four e-readers
Kobo handout
Amazon s Kindle Paperwhite e-Reader
Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite e-Reader, Inc.