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Epidemic News

Four more dead from Ebola in DR Congo

Beni - Four more people have died from Ebola in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, two weeks after another outbreak that killed 33 people in the northwest was declared over, the Congolese health ministry has said.

Ebola outbreak in DR Congo believed to have killed 33: health ministry

Apo - A new outbreak of the Ebola virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo is believed to have killed 33 people in the east of the country, the health ministry said Saturday.

Nigeria struggles to contain dramatic spread of deadly Lassa fever

- Nigeria is battling on two fronts against an unprecedented outbreak of Lassa fever, a cousin of Ebola, that has already killed 110 people this year.

Ransomware cybercrime soars globally - Has become an 'epidemic'

A Europol report warns of the increasingly professional nature of cybercrime and how the likes of WannaCry demonstrates how ransomware is eclipsing most other online crimes.

Where will the next major infectious disease outbreak occur?

Copenhage - Macroecologists are altering the health and medical community over a serious lack of data on the worldwide distribution of disease-causing organisms. This paucity of information will happen responses to the next global epidemic.

UN calls on Haiti government to step up

Port-au-prince - The UN Security Council on Saturday urged Haiti's government to take on a more active role in the country's development, as international peacekeepers prepare to pull out after a 13-year mission.

UN Security Council visits Haiti ahead of peacekeeper departure

Port-au-prince - The United Nations Security Council began a visit to Haiti on Thursday to assess the poorest country in the Americas three months before ending its 13-year peacekeeping mission there.

WHO warns of measles outbreak across Europe

Stockholm - The World Health Organization warned Tuesday of large measles outbreaks in countries where immunisation has dropped, after more than 500 cases of the highly contagious disease were reported across Europe in January.

Rio de Janeiro announces mass yellow fever vaccination

Rio De Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro said Saturday it plans to vaccinate the state's entire population against yellow fever in response to an outbreak that has killed at least 113 people around Brazil.

ZMapp drug shows further Ebola promise

The results of a new clinical trial for Ebola Virus Disease have been published. The trial results indicate the medication was well-tolerated by patients and shows promise for tackling the virus.

Op-Ed: Talk about disgusting — Viral video of couple OD'ed on heroin

Memphis - A live video posted on Facebook and YouTube showing a couple passed out on a Memphis, Tennessee street after snorting heroin has gone viral on social media and on many local television stations.

Haiti cholera victims protest against UN

Port-au-prince - Around 100 Haitian cholera victims protested Monday in front of the presidential palace demanding that the government obtain damages from the United Nations, whose peacekeepers are blamed for the epidemic.

2.6 billion people in Zika risk areas in Africa, Asia: study

Paris - At least 2.6 billion people, over a third of the global population, live in parts of Africa, Asia and the Pacific where Zika could gain a new foothold, researchers warned Friday, with 1.2 billion at risk in India alone.

Russia anthrax outbreak infects 21

Moscow - Russia on Tuesday confirmed 21 cases of anthrax, including one fatality, after an unusual heatwave melted permafrost in its remote far north, releasing potentially lethal spores from the soil.

Anthrax outbreak kills boy in northern Russia

Moscow - A 12-year-old boy has died in an anthrax outbreak in remote far northern Russia while dozens have been hospitalised on suspicion of infection, the region's governor said Monday.

AIDS epidemic is no longer a public health issue in Australia

Australia's top scientists have declared the end of AIDS as a public health issue. The country now joins a few other countries that have beaten the AIDS epidemic.

More than 1,000 swine flu deaths so far this year: Brazil

Rio De Janeiro - Amid economic woes, political crisis and a Zika outbreak, Brazil's health minister on Wednesday announced yet another concern -- a resurgence of swine flu that has killed more than 1,000 people since the start of the year.

WHO to better respond to emergencies

Geneva - Member states of the World Health Organization have agreed a long-awaited reform of the agency so that it responds more quickly and effectively to emergency situations.

World on brink of global crisis as yellow fever threat grows

In response to the severity of the yellow fever epidemic in Angola, other African countries and China, the WHO convened an emergency session to address the global health threat on May 19. But some experts say WHO has not gone far enough.

California battles killer drug epidemic

Los Angeles - Ten people have died in northern California and scores more have overdosed as an epidemic of street drugs laced with a powerful painkiller sweeps the region.

'Black Box' warning is now required on all painkillers says FDA

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced on Tuesday that immediate-release opioid painkillers such as Oxycontin and fentanyl will now be required to carry a "black box" warning about the risk of abuse, addiction, overdose and death.

Birth defect risk 1-in-100 for Zika-infected pregnant women: study

Paris - A woman infected by the Zika virus during the first three months of pregnancy faces a one-in-100 chance her child will suffer severe brain damage, according to a study released Wednesday.

Experiments show link between Zika and foetal brain damage

Paris - Scientists said they had found the first evidence of a biological link between the Zika virus sweeping Latin America and microcephaly, a severe deformation of the brain among newborns.

Ebola vaccine could be a reality? Research moves a step forward

A new study shed some light on the Ebola virus infection mechanism. Thanks to this discovery, researchers can now engineer an Ebola vaccine in the near future.

Microcephaly: What is happening to the babies?

Paris - Pregnant women are being urged to think twice before travelling to Latin American and Caribbean countries battling a rise in cases of microcephaly -- a rare but brutal condition that shrinks the brains of unborn babies.

Brazil urges joint Zika fight, airlines offer refunds

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil urged its neighbors to unite in fighting the Zika virus, blamed for a surge in brain-damaged babies, as airlines offered refunds to pregnant mothers afraid to travel to the region.

Zika pregnancy panic a loaded issue for Latin America

Sansalvador - Don't get pregnant for the next two years.That is the warning El Salvador's government has issued women as Zika, a tropical virus blamed for causing severe birth defects, sweeps Latin America and the Caribbean.

Zika virus expected to spread throughout Americas: WHO

Ginebra - The Zika virus, a mosquito-borne disease suspected of causing serious birth defects, is expected to spread to all countries in the Americas except Canada and Chile, the World Health Organization said.

Dominican Republic confirms 10 cases of Zika virus

Santo Domingo - The Dominican Republic said it has 10 confirmed cases of the mosquito-borne Zika virus, the ailment suspected of causing serious birth defects in newborns.

Birth defects in Latin America spark Zika virus panic

S - Alarm over thousands of birth defects blamed on mosquito-borne virus Zika spread Friday, as the United States expanded a travel warning for pregnant women over the illness.
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Vaccines need to be empowered as Liberia gears up for yet another stint with Ebola
Vaccines need to be empowered as Liberia gears up for yet another stint with Ebola
European Commission DG ECHO
Source: World Health Organization. Graphic by Annie Daniel and Emily Chow. Updated Sep 6  2014.
Source: World Health Organization. Graphic by Annie Daniel and Emily Chow. Updated Sep 6, 2014.
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