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Conservatives purposely making pickup trucks spew black smoke

Conservative pickup truck drivers in the United States have launched a new protest movement aimed at environmentalists, hybrid and foreign car drivers and President Barack Obama.

Op-Ed: Farley Mowat never let facts get in the way of a good story

Farley Mowat was a passionate promoter of environmentalism before it was at all fashionable as well as promoting the conservation of wild life and calling attention to the problems of aboriginal people in Canada. He died today at 92.

Eco-sex activists 'F*ck for Forest' use porn to save the earth

A group of 'eco-sex activists' is making and selling online access to amateur 'ecoporn' to raise money for and awareness of the earth's endangered rain forests.

France: Wolves to be 'educated' not to kill sheep

With French farmers and environmentalists at odds over increasing numbers of wolves killing more sheep, a plan to capture and tag problem predators, 'educating' the beasts into avoidance or identifying them for quicker elimination, is up for discussion.

Video: Greenpeace goes anime for its Detox campaign

The environmental activist organization known as Greenpeace has tapped into the popularity of Japanese anime for its "Detox Campaign."

Canadian Resources Minister calls enviros 'radical groups'

Ottawa - Joe Oliver, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, has called opponents of the country’s energy markets “radical groups” who threaten its energy market with their “radical ideological agenda.”

CEO of Gibson Guitar says Fed raid cost company up to $3 million

When dozens of federal agents raided two Gibson guitar factories – one in Nashville and one in Memphis – and seized several pallets of wood they cost the company a lot of dough, according to Gibson's CEO.

Op-Ed: The Liberal Manifesto

Blessed are the ineffectual, the verbose and the mindlessly politically correct. Let no form of actual achievement scar our noble cause. Let human misery continue until we figure out how to form a committee to deal with it.

Inside the 'Save Trestles' Campaign

For those of you that don't live in California you wouldn't be familiar with the "Save Trestles" campaign. Trestles is a Southern California Surf Spot locate at the San Onofre State Beach near San Clemente California. Here's why it needs to be "saved."

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