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Environment News

Mexico investigates huge fish kill in lagoon

Tlajomulco - Fishermen used shovels, wheel-carts and trucks in western Mexico to pull tons of dead fish out of a lagoon that has been the scene of four fish kills this year.

Dolphin hunting season kicks off in Japan

Tokyo - The controversial six-month dolphin hunting season began on Monday in the infamous town of Taiji, but bad weather would delay any killing, a local official told AFP.

Marina Silva could become the world’s first ‘Green President’

Brazilia - Brazilian presidential candidate Marina Silva threatens the re-election of Dilma Rousseff and the 12-year hegemony of the Workers Party (PT). Her election on October 5 could transform the South American giant relations with the region and the world.

Brazil poll favorite rows back on gay marriage

Rio De Janeiro - Brazilian surprise package Marina Silva, whom polls suggest could oust incumbent Dilma Rousseff in October presidential elections, rowed back on liberal social policy Saturday after dropping a program reference to gay marriage.

Arctic 30 welcome Greenpeace protest ship back to Amsterdam

Amsterdam - Greenpeace's protest vessel, the ice-breaker Arctic Sunrise, docked in Amsterdam, Holland, Saturday, almost a year after Russian authorities seized the ship and arrested its crew during Greenpeace protests against Arctic oil drilling.

Huge, venomous new jellyfish found off of Australian coast

With huge spiders and deadly snakes nature in Australia is already a bit unforgiving. Keesingia gigas is the name of a new type of jellyfish which is adding to the danger with venomous stings.

Studies find that empowering locals helps save the environment

Multiple studies have covered what happens when locals support their own environment instead of the government. According to these reports efficient, stable communities can protect the environment better than the big agencies.

Mining CEO says he would drink contaminated Mt. Polley water

Likely - President of Imperial Metals Brian Kynoch apologized for his company contaminating water around the Mt. Polley Mine. He also says that the water tailing off is "good" and "very close to drinking water quality." So good that he would drink it.

Aston Martin creates solar powered race car

Gaydon - Green energy is a big deal for many today. As such Aston Martin has created a race car powered by the sun and intends to use it in upcoming competitions.

No action from Shell, Nigeria on oil pollution report: Amnesty

Lagos - Nigeria and Shell have done almost nothing to ease oil pollution in the Ogoniland area of the Niger Delta, three years after a landmark UN report called for a $1 billion dollar clean-up, Amnesty International said Monday.

Celebrities join battle to stop Faroe Islands dolphin 'grind'

Copenhagen - Celebrities and animal lovers from around the world are flocking to the Faroe Islands in a bid to stop a controversial dolphin hunt that activists describe as an "archaic mass slaughter".

Sunlight-concentrating tool could cut solar power costs in half

Burlingame - Renewable energy is something that scientists, environmentalists and business people all want to improve. Inventors at the Glint Photonics start-up group claim they have made a breakthrough with a sun-concentrating device.

Malaysia air quality 'unhealthy' as haze obscures skies

Kuala Lumpur - Air quality around Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur and on Borneo island was "unhealthy" on Tuesday, as haze mostly from forest fires in Indonesia, obscured skies.

Goat brigade released to fight poison ivy in Boston

Boston - City officials brought in goats to clean up large patches of poison ivy scattered about Hyde Park. According to reports the animals are fast, clean and efficient in removing these and are not hurt by the ivy at all.

Texas’ emergency herbicide request refused by EPA

Houston - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has denied the emergency use request filed by the state of Texas to use hazardous herbicide propazine to kill superweeds infesting the state’s cotton.

Sponge developed by scientists can turn light into steam energy

Cambridge - Mechanical engineering department head Gang Chen worked with a team to produce a spongy structure which can convert sunlight into steam. Readers who understand how useful steam energy is can understand why this is important.

Firefighters battle wild blazes in Spain

- Spanish firefighters on Saturday battled forest blazes that have destroyed hundreds of hectares of parched land and forced scores of people from their homes, authorities said.

78-year-old Utah woman survives 14 hour quicksand ordeal

Moab - Sharon Brussell was enjoying a relaxing day and leisurely moving down a bike path at a nearby park. This normal circumstance led to her falling in an unexpected pit of quicksand where she was stuck for 14 hours until she was rescued.

World Council of Churches says 'No' to fossil fuel investments

Geneva - The World Council of Churches, representing over half a billion Christians worldwide, announced Thursday their decision to pull all investments from fossil fuel companies. The move is being hailed as a major victory for the earth by climate groups.

Stock market prankster awaits sentencing

In 2012, Australian environmental activist, Jonathan Moylan, sent out a fake press release which caused the share price of a coal company to crash by A$3 million.

Pope Francis calls exploitation of nature 'sin of our times'

Campobasso - During an address at Italy's University of Molise on Saturday, Pope Francis chastised those who exploit and destroy nature, calling such behavior the "sin of our times".

Pacific nation evacuates to Fiji in response to rising sea levels

The land has been bought and preparations are being made. The island nation of Kiribati is slowly being drowned by rising sea levels and they are planning to escape shortly.

Mexican operators recycled 350,000 phones in a year

A program formed collectively by the Mexican mobile phone operators in October 2013 has enabled the recycling of nearly 350,000 used mobile phones in the country to date, it has emerged today.

Exploding tourism numbers threaten the environment of Antarctica

According to reports from scientists studying Antarctica the large increase in tourism there is a threat to the natural environment. The area hosts a wealth of scientific information that may be damaged by tourism.

Obama mocks foes who brand climate change a 'liberal plot'

Washington - US President Barack Obama mocked Republicans who reject global warming as a "liberal plot," as he pumped up a crowd of environmental activists in Washington.

UN report puts multi-billlion-dollar costs on environmental crime

A new report from the UN places the value of environmental crimes between $70 billion and $213 billion across the world. Funds mostly go to criminal groups, militias and terrorist groups according to the findings.

Recycling in the home to save money and the environment

The sheer quantity of garbage in this world is horrendous. Landfills, covered in glass, plastic, food leftovers and more, blight our landscapes. What we need to do is recycle our trash, not only to save the environment, but also to save a few bucks.

Op-Ed: Obama institutes world's largest marine sanctuary

Washington - U.S. President Barack Obama ignored the concerns of Congress and put together an area of land that was nearly 800,000 sq miles across for marine life. Fishing there will be off-limits for any commercial interests.

U.S. joins bid to create vast Pacific marine reserve

Washington - The United States joined forces with other nations to declare a vast swath of the Pacific Ocean a marine sanctuary and take "historic" steps to combat illegal fishing.

Study: The Manitoban treasure trove

Winnipeg - Around $117 billion in carbon offsets is no small amount of money for just about anyone. The forest regions of Manitoba may just be worth that to those who can acquire the rights.
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Centre for Science and Environment
screen shots from the movie  Home  by Yann Arthus-Bertrand
screen shots from the movie "Home" by Yann Arthus-Bertrand
Yann Arthus-Bertrand
 Chronic pain associated with poor dental health can lead to destructive behaviors such as grinding ...
"Chronic pain associated with poor dental health can lead to destructive behaviors such as grinding down the jaw itself" said The Orca Project.
Voice of the Orcas
Poster  Dr. Jane Goodall.
Poster, Dr. Jane Goodall.
Tourism in Antarctica has steadily increased over the years  to an estimated 35 000 people in 2013.
Tourism in Antarctica has steadily increased over the years, to an estimated 35,000 people in 2013.
Christopher Michel
Earth Day celebrations in Edmonton.
Earth Day celebrations in Edmonton.
Cécile Duflot (screenshot from BFM TV interview)
Cécile Duflot (screenshot from BFM TV interview)
Information about the Project on Colony Farm  Port Coquitlam  BC.
Information about the Project on Colony Farm, Port Coquitlam, BC.
This rhino at Whipsnade Zoo in the UK  could be under threat of being poached for its horn warns Eng...
This rhino at Whipsnade Zoo in the UK, could be under threat of being poached for its horn warns England's, National Wildlife Crime Unit (NWCU).
The  Journey
The Journey
The Amazon floodplain  Brazil
The Amazon floodplain, Brazil
Local food products vendor.
Local food products vendor.
President Barack Obama seen here in 2009   remarks on investments in clean energy and new technology...
President Barack Obama seen here in 2009, remarks on investments in clean energy and new technology. Environmental Defense Fund called Obama's budget proposal a "big net plus" for the environment.
Lawrence Jackson.
The extent of Arctic sea ice on Aug. 26  2012  the day the sea ice dipped to its previous smallest e...
The extent of Arctic sea ice on Aug. 26, 2012, the day the sea ice dipped to its previous smallest extent before the release of the data for September 2012.The line on the image shows the average minimum extent from the period covering 1979-2010, as measured by satellites. Every summer the Arctic ice cap melts down to what scientists call its “minimum” before colder weather builds the ice cover back up.
Scientific Visualization Studio, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
A bin of discarded hummus discovered during  Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story
A bin of discarded hummus discovered during 'Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story'
Hot Docs
Fellow Dutch sympathizer and action star  Rutger Hauer asks for  common sense  in the trial of Sea S...
Fellow Dutch sympathizer and action star, Rutger Hauer asks for "common sense" in the trial of Sea Shepherd acitvist, Erwin Vermeulen.
A small picture of the beautiful Webb Island in Antarctica. Scientists caution that tourism could da...
A small picture of the beautiful Webb Island in Antarctica. Scientists caution that tourism could damage many of these beautiful areas.
Vincent van Zeijst
Barry Robinson  Ecojustice lawyer
Barry Robinson, Ecojustice lawyer
Kim Shearon, Ecojustice
The DoNation team
The DoNation team
Photo courtesy of Hermione Taylor

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