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Enviroment News

Review: ‘Just Eat It’ shows the danger of society’s love affair with food Special

‘Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story’ chronicles one couple’s vow to quit grocery shopping and survive only on discarded food – a pledge that leads to jaw-dropping findings.

Only 1 hybrid in the 'Green Car of the Year' candidates for 2014

The 2014 green car of the year finalists were announced this month. You thought it would be a list of hybrids or electric cars? Think again. The improvements in the combustion engine have come a long way.

Op-Ed: Environmental degradation and modern slavery

Human trafficking and the spread of human slavery in todays world, can often be linked to environmental degradation and global warming. As the environment becomes more polluted, dry, and deforested, people become unable to look after their basic needs.

Op-Ed: Canada losing ground in the fight for women’s equality

The 100th anniversary of International women’s Day occurred today March 8, 2011, making it a good time to reflect on the current state of women’s rights in Canada.

Stewardship groups discuss issues in Athabasca River Basin Special

People from the Athabasca River Basin meet with stewardship groups, to share their environmental concerns. The Athabasca River Basin is heavily impacted by industrial development.

Poll: Harper out of step with Canadians on climate change

When it comes to climate change the Harper Government and the people of Canada are on different sides of the issue, according to an Environics Research poll.

Mardi Tindal's 'Spirit Express' reaches Canadians Special

Athabasca - Mardi Tindal, Moderator of the United Church of Canada, reaches out to grassroots communities for their perspective concerning global climate change and environmental issues.

Feds indict two for slaying multiple Whitetail and Mule deer

Wichita - Federal grand jury indicts a pair of brothers for operating a guided hunting service that specialized in the illegal hunting and killing of white-tailed deer and mule deer in Comanche County, Kansas in violation of the federal Lacey Act.

Alberta Transportation Flexes its Muscles Special

Athabasca - Local residents of Athabasca, Alberta fight Alberta Transportations plans to straighten a section of the Tawatinaw River.

Study suggests that global warming affects the size of sheep

LONDON, UK – A study funded by Britain's Natural Environment Research Council suggest that global warming provides an direct effect on sheep.

Canada's Premiers Reach Agreement on Labour Migration

As the meeting of Canada's Premiers – provincial leaders – drew to a close, there was little progress on issues of environmental leadership and the lagging economy. Although, an agreement was reached on issues of inter-provincial labour migration.

Are You Up For the Nature Challenge?

Are you up for a challenge? To help save the planet we call Earth? David Suzuki is asking for Canadians to join up and help. Every ONE person makes a difference. By improving nature we improve our own lives. It's a WIN, WIN.

Bad News! Your shrimp cocktail is killing the environment

Gourmet magazine cites farmed shrimp as one the most environmentally damaging ways humans produce food.

Do gamers consider enviroment when buying console?

I doubt many of you think of the enviroment when buying clothing, food, car and many other things. But what about your gaming console? This gamer does.

Running Your Car On Corn, But Its Not Ethanol

This corncob “sponge” will allow for the storage of methane, a natural gas derived from rotting bio-waste. With this new technology comes the possibility of using waste methane from cow manure, food waste, heck even human waste to power your car.

Sweet pea the sea horse finds a new home.

Sweet Pea is a juvenile seahorse female shown being introduced to her new home. And there's a bit of a surprise later on (wink, wink), lets just say that a few of them were a little busy with the lady.

5 nations to propose at UNEP int'l treaty on heavy-metal pollution+

Five countries are set to propose creating an international treaty to combat worldwide heavy-metal pollution at a U.N. Environment Program board meeting beginning Monday in Nairobi.

Ladies Save Tree on Coldest Day of the Year in Toronto

For Patricia, it was a bittersweet partial victory. "At least the whole tree is still going to be thriving," she muses. "And maybe it will sprout out some new branches."

Put your words into Action says David Suzuki

"Environment Minister John Baird has gotten off to a good start, simply because he acknowledges global warming is a reality that has to be dealt with but he needs to go further".

Eight Rescued from Colorado Avalanche

Way to GO...Great Job People for the Rescue of Eight that were Rescued from Colorado Avalanche

Ex-Rocker Peter Garrett Gets Climate Change Portfolio

Nice to see Peter Garrett along with other "Rockers" and "Actors" get into the Political Arenas to try their best and make the changes in the world that need to be made... I liked Midnight Oil's Songs and the messages in them...

Unsafe At Any Speed

We're surrounded by poisons everyday. They're in our air and water and food. Here's a list of the ones you should avoid even in small quanitites.

Global warming or natural cycle

US Northeast may be much warmer by 2100

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