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Enron News

Op-Ed: Private arbitration — Corporate crime on the rampage, again

New York - The sad, senile, ineffectual and arguably impotent force known as US law has scored another own goal – The rise of private arbitration clauses in consumer and employment contracts. It’s a catastrophic defeat for consumers and workers. Or is it?

Op-Ed: The GFC, Wall Street vermin and how corruption is the norm

Washington D.c. - You’ll know some of the story about the Great Financial Crisis. The shoddy subprime mortgages, the “too big to fail” clichés, etc. are now part of history. What you may not know is that Washington actively supported massive criminal fraud.

'Iceland' thaws out relationships with money and each other Special

Toronto - 'Iceland' is a Canadian play that premiered last summer to much acclaim. It presents three monologues that examine the banking crisis, revealing our own attitudes to money, opportunity, wealth, and success in the process.

Mubarak and Egypt described as Ken Lay 'Enron Moment’

Cleveland - "The reality is that the personality of a dictator is the same – whether he or she is running a company, or running a country." This is how leadership expert, Jeff Christian, begins his description of Egypt’s ‘Enron moment.’

More 9/11 conspiracy theory from Rosie O'Donnell

Rosie O'Donnell, a co-host of ABC's morning talk show "The View," writes on her blog dated March 15 about 9/11 being a government conspiracy to cover up fraud evidence of U.S. corporations like Enron.

Kenneth Lay alive?

Why else would a judge clear his record, columnist asks.

enron CEO gets 24yrs

CEO gets 25yrs in jail

Prosecutors Obtain First Criminal Convictions In Enron Collapse

WASHINGTON (voa) - A former executive of the Enron Corporation, Michael Kopper, has pleaded guilty to criminal charges related to the financial collapse of the giant energy company. Mr. Kopper is the first person to be convicted in the aftermath of the...

In Aftermath Of Scandal, A New Opportunity For Ethics

LOS ANGELES (dpa) - For Clark Aldrich, the co-founder of a computer learning company, the recent rash of corporate scandals is proving the old Chinese adage that every great problem also represents a great opportunity.Aldrich's company SimuLearn has ju...

US Corporate Responsibility Official Heads Company Accused Of Fraud

WASHINGTON (voa) - President Bush's top official on corporate crime and responsibility was a director of a credit card company that paid more than $400 million to settle allegations of consumer and securities fraud. The news about deputy attorney ge...

US Officials Call For Cleanup Of Corporate America

WASHINGTON (voa) - As more corporate scandals come to light and send shock waves through Wall Street, two prominent figures in the U.S. business world called Sunday for a thorough housecleaning of corporate America. Securities and Exchange Commissi...

Bush Says He Did Nothing Wrong In Past Business Deals

WASHINGTON (voa) - President Bush is defending his past dealings in the private business sector as he prepares to deliver a major speech on corporate responsibility. There are lingering questions about the way he handled a stock sale more than a decade...

WorldCom May Not Have To Declare Bankruptcy

WASHINGTON (voa) - The chief executive of WorldCom, the second biggest U.S. based phone company that is at the center of an accounting scandal, said it is not yet certain whether the company will have to declare bankruptcy. John Sidgmore said World...

Will More Corporate Transparency Result From WorldCom Scandal?

WASHINGTON (voa) - What pushed the U.S. telecommunications giant, WorldCom, to the brink of bankruptcy and what ramifications will the WorldCom scandal have on national rules of corporate governance? Those are questions many want answered as the compan...

Enron Board Tells Senate Execs Hid Info

WASHINGTON (voa) - Directors of the board at the bankrupt energy trader Enron told a Senate committee, Tuesday, top executives of the company hid information from them about the firm's debt and its risky accounting practices. One director, Herbert ...

''No More Enrons'' Day Of Action Events Nationwide

WASHINGTON - Former Enron employees, elected officials and concerned citizens from across the United States will participate in "National Day of Action" events in over 30 states on Wednesday, April 3 calling on the Bush administration to make cer...

Arthur Andersen Indicted In Enron Case

HOUSTON (voa) - The accounting firm Arthur Andersen has been indicted for obstruction of justice in the case of the bankrupt energy trader Enron. The indictment was issued Thursday by a grand jury in Houston, Texas. It says Arthur Andersen destroye...

Senators Question Top Enron Execs

WASHINGTON (voa) - The former CEO of Enron, Jeffrey Skilling, has blamed other parties, including the Federal Reserve Board, for the company's demise. Mr. Skilling told U.S. Senators he believes rules are inadequate to protect indebted companies fro...

GAO Sues Vice President Dick Cheney

WASHINGTON (voa) - Congressional investigators have sued Vice President Dick Cheney as part of an investigation that could reveal details of the administration's ties to the failed energy corporation Enron. The General Accounting Office, the invest...

Former Enron Chairman Sold Stock Ahead Of Collapse

WASHINGTON (voa) - Former Enron corporation chairman Kenneth Lay sold at least $70 million in company stock last year before the energy trading giant went bankrupt. The sales were disclosed by the company on Friday. The sales included up to $20 mil...

Subpoena Forthcoming For Former Enron Chairman

WASHINGTON (voa) - The U.S. Senate Commerce Committee is expected to formally summon former Enron chairman Kenneth Lay to testify about the collapse of the giant energy trading firm. The committee is to meet Tuesday to vote on whether to issue a sub...

Justice Department Orders White House To Preserve Enron Documents

WASHINGTON (voa) - The U.S. Department of Justice has ordered the White House to preserve all documents relating to the bankrupt energy trader Enron since January 1999. White House officials say they will comply with the order, which includes all writt...

Lawmakers Probe Enron Executives

NEW YORK (voa) - U.S. lawmakers are investigating the profits made by executives of the Enron Corporation just before the giant energy company filed for bankruptcy in early December. The New York Times says company executives convinced employees an...

Enron Faces US Criminal Probe

WASHINGTON (voa) President Bush has promised a full investigation into the circumstances surrounding last year's bankruptcy of energy-trading giant, Enron, which is headed by a leading Bush supporter and fundraiser. Speaking at the White House after...

Another Congressional Probe Into Enron

WASHINGTON (voa) - Another congressional committee has announced a probe into the bankrupt Texas-based energy giant Enron. Democratic Senator Joseph Lieberman said Wednesday the Government Affairs Committee will subpoena key documents from Enron's ...

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