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Former New Zealand PM Bill English resigns

Wellington - Former New Zealand prime minister Bill English announced his retirement Tuesday after failing to retain office in last year's "Jacinda-mania" general election.

The Zombies' Chris White talks Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Special

English musician Chris White, the original founding member and bassist of The Zombies, chatted with Digital Journal about their nomination for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Class of 2018).

Review: German actor Jo Weil posts teaser for new English film 'Sodom'

German actor Jo Weil, best known for his lead role in the soap, "Verbotene Liebe," has released a teaser for his new English film "Sodom."

Review: Howard Jones nostalgic at The Paramount in New York Special

Huntington - On Sept. 2, veteran English musician Howard Jones performed at The Paramount in Huntington, New York, for a great turnout.

Ditch English for Urdu, Pakistan court orders government

Islamabad - Pakistan's Supreme Court has ordered the government to implement Urdu as the country's official language, replacing English in all communications 68 years after gaining independence from Great Britain.

French students just couldn't 'cope' with this English exam

French students taking a baccalaureate English exam have petitioned online after they were stumped by a question that centred around the word "coping" which many did not know. It follows the Edexcel Maths fiasco in the UK earlier this month.

Alleged rape victim speaks no English, court assumes she does

A witness testifying before the Inner Crown London Court as part of a serious criminal trial didn't speak much English, and an entire hour passed before anyone realized it.

Goodbye Latin, hello English for science papers

The International Botanical Congress has decided that for its publications newly discovered species will be named using English rather than the conventional use of Latin words.

Conor Maynard talks single, 'Take Off' book and pop music career Special

English pop star Conor Maynard chatted about his single "R U Crazy," his new book "Take Off" and he discussed his influences and dream duet choices; moreover, he gave advice to hopefuls who wish to go into music.

Offensive and shocking words get added to the Oxford Dictionary

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) adds new terms four times a year, and this week roughly 900 words made their first appearance including "bathroom-break," "bestie", and four adjectives that refer to the highly offensive c-word.

Hospital patient kicked out when requesting service in English

Montreal - A patient entered Verdun General Hospital in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, in an ambulance because of chest pains, but says she was kicked out when requesting that hospital staff speak to her in English, rather than French.

Louisiana lawmaker wants to defund library in favor of new jail

Come Saturday, members of a southern Louisiana community of 97,000 known as Lafourche Parish will vote on a controversial ballot proposal aiming to reallocate $800,000 a year from the local library budget to the funding of a new $25 million jail.

Commuting students: English lessons available on trains in France

Paris - For those in France wishing to improve their English, a new service started up this week. France's rail operator, SNCF, is offering English lessons, literally on the rails, to profitably pass commuters' travel time.

Photo Essay: Boating along the River Thames Special

Henley On Thames - Possibly one of the most picturesque and quaint parts of the River Thames is the stretch between Henley-on-Thames and Marlow.

British band The Heavy offer punk, funk, soul, and rock and roll Special

British funk-rock band The Heavy have been churning out their unique brand of neo-soul rock since 2007. On their third album, they embrace a varied palette of sounds, nodding at the past while embracing the future.

British family of three found shot dead in southern Spain

Mijas - A British couple and their daughter have been found dead in a rented apartment in Mijas, southern Spain. The family was found to have been shot dead and police confirm it is a murder-suicide. (Updated)

Video: Russell Brand reduces US TV anchors to nervous wrecks live

Russell Brand is an English comedian, author and movie star, known for being rather outspoken, especially when interviewed on TV. He completely floored the MSNBC anchors when interviewed about his upcoming world comedy tour.

Englishman wakes up from stroke speaking fluent Welsh

Alun Morgan, 81, suffered a severe stroke and when he came around he was speaking fluent Welsh, although he had never spoken the language before.

Santorum: Puerto Rico must adopt English language for statehood

San Juan - Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum said on Wednesday that he would support Puerto Rico for statehood if only it makes English its main language.

Skype takes English teaching to the next level Special

London - More than a chat and call service, Skype is now being used to teach English at various levels and across any geographic/political boundaries. And it costs a lot less than a traditional English teaching class.

Taliban now publishing English Twitter updates on attacks

Kabul - Since the formation of the Taliban, its members detested modern technology and prohibited its fighters from accessing the Internet. But since using the Internet, including Twitter, to speak to the world, they are now doing it in English.

Debate heats up over English-only bills introduced in Minnesota

Saint Paul - A group of Minnesota Republican State Senators and Representatives have introduced similar legislative bills in the House and the Senate that would make English the official state language. The bills have been called racist and an attack on immigration.

What does it mean to be English?

Just what does it mean to be English? Is there a peculiarly English identity? Academics and filmmakers will gather this week to thrash out this thorny question.

School staff to be instructed in speaking and writing

Havant - Some members of staff at a UK school will be provided with instruction in how to speak and write, after inspectors said they were setting a bad example for students.

Frenchman becomes first limbless person to swim English channel

A Frenchman who had his arms and legs amputated after an electrical accident has become the first limbless person to swim the English Channel.

Study: Why reading Arabic is harder compared to English

Haifa - The brain’s right hemisphere is not involved in the initial processes of reading in Arabic, due to the graphic complexity of Arabic script. Therefore reading acquisition in Arabic is much harder in comparison to English, researchers have concluded.

Quebec politicians say too many English players on hockey team

Montreal - Some Quebec politicians said they feel that there should be more French-speaking players on the Montreal Canadiens hockey team.

Oxford English Dictionary has vault full of rejected words

Millions of rejected words lie in a vault owned by the Oxford University Press. Although they have not been accepted for print, there is still hope for many of them.

Britain declaring war on 'Americanisms'

British journalist Matthew Engel, a columnist on the Financial Times and contributor to the Daily Mail, has incited Britons to speak out against American words and phrases taking over the UK.

Speak English, this is Alabama - learn it or leave

Montgomery - "This is Alabama; we speak English," says gubernatorial candidate Tim James. "If you want to live here, learn it." Requiring Alabama driver’s license tests in English only is a matter of public safety for the people of this state.
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The Heavy s embrace of sonic variety may help explain the wide generational appeal of its fanbase. P...
The Heavy's embrace of sonic variety may help explain the wide generational appeal of its fanbase. Page (far right) says he’s been “struck by how diverse the age range is” at various shows. “There are kids as well as people in their 60s! It’s such a variety. Initially you’re thinking, “Why isn’t it full of young girls?!” -but we’re attracting more people. It’s a broader appeal, so hopefully that means a greater lifespan (for the band) as well.”
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The English Language and Literature Teaching Block at the Thomas Alleyne Academy  Stevenage.
The English Language and Literature Teaching Block at the Thomas Alleyne Academy, Stevenage.
My English textbook.
My English textbook.
English to Arabic translation of No God but Allah
English to Arabic translation of No God but Allah
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Russell Brand
Russell Brand
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A period illustration of the Battle of Crécy. Anglo-Welsh longbowmen figure prominently in the fore...
A period illustration of the Battle of Crécy. Anglo-Welsh longbowmen figure prominently in the foreground on the right, where they are driving away Italian mercenary crossbowmen. (Created in 15th century)
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