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Engineers need to use tech to make humans more powerful

James Heppelmann, CEO of PTC, gave the convocation speech to Boston University's College of Engineering and talks about how engineers can create better machines and tools for humans, rather than just focusing on robots that put humans out of work.

Spanish engineer claims he has solved the Princess Diana mystery

Francisco Javier Carretero López, an engineer from Málaga in Spain, wishes to claim a $20 million reward for information proving that the death of Princess Diana was not an accident.

A Spaniard built the first 'mobile phone' 100 years ago

Piedrabuena - A new book tells the story of how Mónico Sánchez emigrated from Madrid to New York in 1903. He then built an x-ray machine which saved many lives, before starting work on the world's very first mobile phone.

Train engineer caught on video reading newspaper on moving train

New York - A train engineer in New York has been suspended after being caught on video reading a newspaper while his train is in motion. The video made on the Metro-North line was brought to the attention of the agency by a commuter.

Nasra Agil: A Canadian civil engineer rises to next level Special

Toronto - Breaking into civil engineering, a profession considered the exclusive preserve of men, maybe a tall order for many women including those in western nations.

Thomas Cook airlines passenger saves the day

It's a good thing there was an engineer on board the Thomas Cook flight TCX964L Saturday for the other passengers. The pilot announced that the flight would be delayed up to eight hours because of a technical problem.

Purdue University Gets Four-Star Review On Its Inefficient Burger Assembly Machine

Purdue University won the annual national Rube Goldberg Machine Contest today, where university level engineers compete by assembling machines to complete assigned tasks. This years task? Making a hamburger.

Scientists Engineer World's First Schizophrenic Mice

Scientists have created the world’s first schizophrenic mice. They created these mice to get a better understanding of the illness and also test various medications on it before testing it on humans.

Flying home in a Fisker

Wheels' chief auto reviewer gets us to the show on time in a standout car

Mexican navy joins search for missing Microsoft engineer

Jim Gray, a Microsoft engineer and an avid sailor, disappeared mysteriously while on a solo cruise out to the Farallon Islands to scatter the ashes of his 97-year-old mother.

NASA engineer is also Texans Cheerleader

Who says beauty and brains don't go together? Summer Williams proves everyone wrong as it's the space station during the week and pom poms on Sunday

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A former slave fort in Keta  Ghana
A former slave fort in Keta, Ghana
Mumbai based Harikumar Pillai  film sound  is the subject of a profile by Dhaka based Jamuna Televis...
Mumbai based Harikumar Pillai, film sound, is the subject of a profile by Dhaka based Jamuna Television released in June 2014. His next feature, 'The Letters', the story of Mother Teresa, will be released to movie theaters in North America early December. (Photo: Jamuna TV)
Photo: Jamuna TV, Bangladesh
Chief Engineer Lieutenant Yannick Gabard explains the link between the engine room and the bridge. T...
Chief Engineer Lieutenant Yannick Gabard explains the link between the engine room and the bridge. The lights of Cape Town can faintly be seen in the back.
U.S. Navy Master Chief Petty Officer Glenn Niemitalo  an engineer with the Paktika Provincial Recons...
U.S. Navy Master Chief Petty Officer Glenn Niemitalo, an engineer with the Paktika Provincial Reconstruction Team, talks to a village elder with the assistance of an interpreter
US Department of Defense
Rex Edeckor engineer
Rex Edeckor engineer

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