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TransAsia plane crash probe focuses on engine failure

Taipei - One engine failed on the TransAsia plane that crashed in Taiwan this week with the loss of at least 35 lives, and the pilots may have inexplicably shut down the other, investigators and experts said Friday.

Op-Ed: Finding your way through SEO in 2014

It is about half way through 2014 and Google has been slapping all the SEO abusers with its Penguin update 3.0, which actually is the 6th update.

WordPress SEO plugin hijacked, search ratings could be affected

A popular WordPress plugin, All in One SEO Pack, downloaded around 19 million times has received emergency patches to dangerous vulnerabilities that could have allowed hackers to inject malicious code into pages and lower the search ratings for the site.

Video: Airbus A330 jet engine explodes just prior to take off

Manchester - Passengers on this Airbus A330 heading for the Dominican Republic were rather lucky that the engine exploded prior to takeoff at Manchester Airport in the UK.

Lickable ‘Jaffa Cake’ lift goes up in London

London - McVitie’s has unveiled a new art installation that consists of an elevator with walls adorned with Jaffa Cake-flavoured stickers that people can lick on their way up and down a London office block.

270,000 Toyota vehicles to be recalled due to faulty engines

At least 270,000 vehicles with potentially defective engines will be recalled. Around 180,000 of the total vehicles with defective engines were sold overseas and the remaining in Japan. The models affected were the Crown and Lexus.

Russia planning to build new spaceship with nuclear engine

The Chief of the Russian Federal Space Agency announced his agency's plans to build a manned spacecraft with a nuclear power source.

Yahoo prepares to launch new-look home page

Yahoo is preparing to launch its new look Home Page design the Wall Street Journal says, almost two months earlier than expected. It's expected to slowly become available across the globe starting tomorrow.

Vote for the most iconic invention at London's Science Museum

Curators at the Science Museum in London, England, have picked ten of the most significant breakthroughs in history from the museum's collection and are asking you to vote for the most iconic of these inventions.

Hands on with Bing, Microsoft's new 'decision engine' Special

After taking the new Bing search engine for a pre-release test ride, I'm amazed at what I see. But is it enough to keep Microsoft in the search game?

Microsoft rolls out ‘Decision engine’

Microsoft has looked into its arsenal and produced a new kind of search engine to compete with giants such as Google and Yahoo

Car company promises 100 mile per gallon engine

A private car company claims it can produce cars that will give 100 miles per gallon by the year 2011. This is following another announcement from a diesel engine company which says it can produce the same.

Search Engine Smackdown

Ever wondered who was going to win the search engine wars? Well now you can compete in a pseudo-wresting ring match against one of your competitors for supremacy.

Tractor with VW Engine Hilarious

A tractor is replaced with a VW Engine, hilarity ensues.

Calgary girl dies after getting caught in power window

There are many reasons to turn your engine off. Two small children were left in a running vehicle, the 2 year old girl died after getting her neck caught in the power window.

Xerox Launching Search Engine To Rival Google

New "natural language processing" search engine technology allows users to search like they speak

Boeing 777 Engine Failure on Takeoff

A Boeing 777 Engine Failure on Takeoff in Malaysia.

MIT engine: high efficiency, low cost

Another great idea if it works...

345 horsepower, 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 engine powered Barbeque

Inspired by "Tim Allen" I'm sure but why did he build one first?...

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Picture of a cat
Picture of a cat
An old train engine
An old train engine
The jet engine of an Airbus A330 exploded just prior to takeoff at Manchester Airport on June 24  20...
The jet engine of an Airbus A330 exploded just prior to takeoff at Manchester Airport on June 24, 2013.