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Op-Ed: Maduro has 'mismanaged' Venezuela into a country with no future

Venezuelans have been flocking to petition sites all week in the hopes of initiating a recall referendum of President Nicholas Maduro. In recent weeks, things have gotten so bad that the oil-rich country is now teetering on the edge of collapse.

Venezuela is now down to a two-day work week

In order to save on energy needs, Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro announced this week that public sector workers will only report for work two days a week for the next two weeks.

Sao Paulo drought worsens — Rationing may be next

Brazil's Sao Paulo state is experiencing their third year of drought, with soaring temperatures and rainfall averages well below normal. With the country's economy in a slump, about the only people doing a brisk business are the water tankers.

India power outage: Time to consider renewable sources of energy? Special

New Delhi - Considering India's status as an aspiring economic superpower, it came as a shock to many people across the world when hundreds of millions of people were left without electricity in northern and eastern India last week, after a massive power failure.

Gates tells WIRED crowd ‘cute’ is not the answer to energy crisis

New York - In a keynote speech at the WIRED Business Conference, Microsoft founder Bill Gates said more money needs to be spent on research and development in the field of energy innovation rather than old technologies, making it affordable for developing nations.

Research group: The world can free itself from oil in 25 years

In a recent report, the respected Institute for Policy Research and Development (IPRD) concluded that the world can avoid the growing energy crisis and runaway climate change and transition fully to renewable energy in 25 years, if only we have the will.

Secret German analysis warns of peak oil and coming energy crisis

Recently economically dominant governments have been turning their attention to studying the future of energy, trying to calculate when there might be an energy crisis.

US Military warns energy crisis might happen as soon as 2012

Suffolk - In a report released to the public on March 15th, the United States Joint Operating Command released its outlook on future trends.

Speaker Wants Energy Crisis Solved Without Emergency Power

MANILA - House Speaker Prospero C. Nograles is not amenable to giving President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo an emergency power to solve the Mindanao energy crisis but to avail of other remedies allowed under the Electric Power Industry Reform Act of 2001.

Researchers Create Polymer Solar Cells with Higher Efficiency Levels

UCLA researchers describe the design and synthesis of a new polymer, or plastic, for use in solar cells that has significantly greater sunlight absorption and conversion capabilities than previous polymers.

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Venezuela s Guri Dam  one of the largest hydroelectric dams in the country.
Venezuela's Guri Dam, one of the largest hydroelectric dams in the country.
: Enrique Rodriguez Bencomo/Wikimedia Commons