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Energy collecting windows edge closer to reality

Imagine if the windows in your home were able to collect energy and covert this into power to run your heating or home appliances, leading to annual energy cost savings. Such a technological feat is becoming closer. We take a look at the latest research.

New battery designed to last for a decade

A new type of flow battery has been designed. The battery stores energy in organic molecules dissolved in neutral pH water. The novel chemistry gives the battery an exceptionally long lifetime.

Race for kilowatts empties Bosnian lake

Konjic - Bosnia's fisheries watchdog gazes over an expanse of sand and mud, a space once occupied by a large thriving lake but recently emptied in the race for electricity production.

Efficient microbial fuel cell made from paper

Fuel cells are one of the renewable sources of energy being actively worked on by scientists. The basis of many fuel cells are specific bacteria, and a new breakthrough has been made using a paper-based system.

Why home solar power should not be stored

Austin - For homes with solar power it might seem like a good idea to store the energy collected that isn’t needed for later use. However, a new report finds that storing solar energy for night-time use increases both energy consumption and emissions.

Hydrogen production advanced through electron spinning

Hydrogen is one of the potential renewable energy sources and part of the strategy to reduce the use of fossil fuels. One of the problems is dealing with the generation of the chemical hydrogen peroxide. A new method overcomes this.

New wind power generator uses trees as inspiration

Scientists have developed a system that is based on the branches and leaves of a cottonwood tree. The device produces energy as its artificial leaves sway in the breeze, harnessing wind power to generate electricity.

Manufacturing inexpensive solar cells through new technology

One of the leading renewable energy solutions is solar power. The application is hampered by energy conversion efficiency and restricted by where panels can be positioned. Organic superconductors address the efficiency issue.

IEA urges Poland to curb reliance on coal

Varsovia - Poland should rethink its dependence on heavily polluting coal and focus instead on developing cleaner energy sources, the International Energy Agency said Wednesday.

Bacteria powered battery built on sheet of paper

New York - In the quest to find new and efficient means of generating power a research group have developed a battery, resembling a thin sheet of paper, which is powered by microorganisms.

Trump could enact sweeping changes to environment policy: experts

Miami - President-elect Donald Trump could enact sweeping changes to environmental policy in the beginning days of his administration, with far-reaching effects both in the United States and around the world, experts say.

EU clears French rescue of troubled nuclear firm Areva

Brussels - EU anti-trust regulators on Tuesday cleared the French government's massive restructuring of troubled state-owned nuclear reactor builder Areva.

East Timor and Australia to tear up sea border treaty

Sydney - A contentious maritime border treaty between East Timor and Australia which cuts through lucrative oil and gas fields in the Timor Sea is to be torn up, the two sides said Monday.

Protests, Trump threats: A rocky New Year for Mexico

Mexico - Mexico is already having a year to forget.Mexicans woke up from their New Year celebrations on January 1 with the highest increase in gasoline prices in years that sparked daily protests and looting that left at least three people dead.

U.S. set to become a net energy exporter

By 2026 the U.S. is expected to become a net exporter of energy. By then the U.S. economy will be producing 20 percent more energy than today, with demand only having risen by five percent.

Death toll in Mexico protests rises to three

Mexico - The death toll in protests against a gasoline price increase in Mexico rose to three on Friday as two men died of gunshot wounds after a clash with police.

Police clash with Mexico gas protesters, gunfire erupts

Mexico - Gunfire erupted as protesters clashed with police in Mexico during another day of looting and demonstrations against a gasoline price increase that has infuriated the population.

Looting erupts amid Mexico gas price protests

Mexico - Looting broke out at dozens of stores in Mexico on the sidelines of protests against a steep gasoline price increase as authorities detained more than 200 people.

More protests in Mexico over gasoline price hike

Mexico - Mexicans angry over a steep hike in gasoline prices blocked roads around the country, but the government refused to budge on the energy reform behind the increase.

Ukraine slashes gas use as subsidies phased out

Kiev - Ukraine on Monday reported a one-third drop in its use of natural gas and general energy savings that will be cheered by its financial backers from the International Monetary Fund.

Mexicans march to protest rise in gasoline prices

Mexico - Hundreds of irate Mexicans marched in Mexico City to protest a steep rise in gasoline prices.

Turkmenistan halts gas flow to Iran in arrears row

Tehran - Turkmenistan halted gas supplies to Iran Sunday amid tensions between the two countries over arrears, the Iranian National Gas Company was quoted by oil ministry news agency Shana as saying.

Mexicans plan protests over New Year fuel price hike

Mexico - Mexicans are bracing to kickstart the New Year on a sour note, with protests planned against the government's huge hike in gasoline prices.

Gazprom says Russia supplied nearly one-third of EU gas

Moscow - Russia supplied nearly a third of Europe's gas needs in 2016, a record amount despite tensions with the European Union and a desire by the bloc to reduce its dependence on Russian supplies.

Choking smog clears from northern China

Bejing - Smoggy skies turned clear in parts of China Thursday after nearly a full week of severe pollution which saw scores of flights cancelled and forced the closure of schools in some areas.

Huge solar plant beams power, hope to rural Uganda

Soroti - When power goes out in the rural town of Soroti in eastern Uganda, store manager Hussein Samsudin can only hope it won't go on so long it spoils his fresh goods.

Scientists drill into volcano to obtain energy

In an impressive technological feat, scientists and engineers have succeeded in drilling a borehole into a volcano in Iceland with the aim of using the intense heat as an energy source.

Trump taps ex-Texas governor Perry as energy secretary

Washington - President-elect Donald Trump tapped former Texas governor Rick Perry, who once famously said he would abolish the Energy Department, to serve as its secretary Wednesday.

Trump to name ex-Texas governor Rick Perry as energy secretary: US media

Washington - Rick Perry, the former governor of oil-rich Texas who once vowed to eradicate the Energy Department if elected president, is Donald Trump's pick for energy secretary, US media reported.

World's largest cold energy storage plant commissioned

Manchester - The world's largest cold energy storage facility has been commissioned. The plant will be located at a site near Manchester, England.
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Energy Image

A wind farm in Scotland
A wind farm in Scotland
Mike Beltzner
Correct the Record
An electricity prepayment meter key in Britain
An electricity prepayment meter key in Britain
Lydiashiningbrightly on Flick'r
Workers connect the turbines’ power and data systems to an existing 16MW subsea export cable at th...
Workers connect the turbines’ power and data systems to an existing 16MW subsea export cable at the Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE). This cable is connected to the onshore substation.
Cape Sharp Tidal
A power plant with the nuclear sign superimposed over top of it
A power plant with the nuclear sign superimposed over top of it
An oil refinery in Long Beach  CA
An oil refinery in Long Beach, CA
Neil Armstrong2
The floating turbine offshore of the Goto Islands.
Photo: 09/21/2012
The floating turbine offshore of the Goto Islands. Photo: 09/21/2012
Japanese Ministry of Environment
Tidal electricity generator awaiting installation  July 9  2007.
Tidal electricity generator awaiting installation, July 9, 2007.
The Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant in Eurajoki  Finland  which uses a French-designed European Pressu...
The Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant in Eurajoki, Finland, which uses a French-designed European Pressure Reactor (EPR)
Getting ready to deploy the giant turbine into the Bay of Fundy.
Getting ready to deploy the giant turbine into the Bay of Fundy.
Cape Sharp Tidal
Wind turbines at a wind farm in California s Altamont Pass.
Wind turbines at a wind farm in California's Altamont Pass.
Coastergeekperson04 / Wikimedia Commons
German-American Energy Conference 2010
German-American Energy Conference 2010
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Reactors 3 and 4 at Oi Nuclear Power Station  Japan. Power-down of reactor 4 on September 15  2013 c...
Reactors 3 and 4 at Oi Nuclear Power Station, Japan. Power-down of reactor 4 on September 15, 2013 could mark the end for nuclear power in Japan.
Wikimedia Commons

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