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Energy News

Climate change more important than partisan politics: Schwarzenegger

Paris - Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger urged people from both ends of the political spectrum to join a "crusade" to save the planet, after a Friday meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron.

Trump's new idea — a 'solar wall' on Mexican border

Washington - US President Donald Trump pitched a new concept to his supporters for the wall he intends to erect on the Mexican border: cover it with solar panels -- and use the energy to cover construction costs.

DRCongo seeks joint Chinese-Spanish offer to build dam

Kinshasa - The Democratic Republic of Congo said Tuesday it has asked Chinese and Spanish bidders of a colossal dam project to join forces and submit a joint bid.

Japan court clears way for nuclear reactor restarts

Toukyo - A Japanese court Tuesday gave the green light to switch on two more nuclear reactors despite heavy public opposition, in the latest victory for the government's pro-atomic push.

Floating solar farm reflects China's clean energy ambitions

Bejing - As the United States was withdrawing from the Paris climate pact, China's clean energy ambitions were being reflected in the launch of the world's largest floating solar farm.

Renewables now provide more than half UK electricity

London - The first week in June has seen renewables provide more than half U.K. electricity for first time. This sees the U.K.'s reliance upon fossil fuels decline significantly.

Nuclear-wary Japan restarts another atomic reactor

Toukyo - A Japanese utility switched on another nuclear reactor Tuesday in a small victory for the government's pro-atomic push, despite strong public opposition after the 2011 Fukushima meltdown.The restart of the No.

Bloomberg leads mass coalition declaring support for Paris climate deal

New York - Former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg led nearly 1,000 business and government officials declaring they would honor the Paris climate accord on Monday, days after US President Donald Trump announced a US exit from the 190-plus nation pact.

Low-cost and ultra-stable perovskite solar cell developed

Technological improvements have made it possible to increase the power conversion efficiency of perovskite solar cells to over 22 percent recently, however, a low-cost, stable 2D/3D hybrid perovskite solar cell has now been developed.

Trump saw Paris climate pact as economic straitjacket

Washington - By exiting the Paris climate agreement, President Donald Trump says he sought to escape an economic straitjacket that would hinder him from making good on his populist campaign promises and pro-growth agenda.

Improved electricity storage leads to innovation

A study from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee demonstrates how improved electrical storage technology spurs innovation and boosts the efficiency across the entire electricity sector.

Climate: The Paris Agreement at a glance

Paris - The 2015 Paris Agreement, from which Donald Trump is considering withdrawing the United States, was the first pact to commit all nations to limiting global warming caused by emissions from burning coal, oil and gas.

Syrian hospital saves lives by going solar

Birut - Neo-natal wards and emergency rooms in a northern Syrian hospital will from Tuesday have uninterrupted electricity for the first time in years thanks to new solar panels, a charity said.

Swiss to vote on gradual nuclear phaseout, energy makeover

Geneva - The Swiss will vote in a referendum Sunday on a planned overhaul of the country's energy system by gradually replacing the power from its ageing nuclear reactors with renewable sources.

Smartwatches could be charged by wrist motion

It may be possible to charge smart watches simply through body motions, such as tilting the wrist to view the face of the watch, a new technology study suggests. This is possible through the use of triboelectric nanogenerators.

Zuma ally returns to head S.Africa power utility

Johanesburg - The former chief executive of South Africa's state-owned power utility is to return to the post, officials said Friday, less than five months after he resigned over a corruption scandal that rocked the government.

US cities, states mobilize against climate change without Trump

Washington - Even as President Donald Trump steers the United States away from actively fighting climate change, a number of American cities and states are continuing to pursue renewable energies to reduce their carbon footprint.

Stratospheric solar plane makes first test flight

Payerne - The first solar plane aimed at reaching the stratosphere made an initial low-altitude test flight over Switzerland Friday.

Iceland drills 4.7 km down into volcano to tap clean energy

Reykjav - It's named after a Nordic god and drills deep into the heart of a volcano: "Thor" is a rig that symbolises Iceland's leading-edge efforts to produce powerful clean energy.

US Supreme Court hands Venezuela a win on expropriations

Washington - Crisis-ridden Venezuela received a bit of good news Monday when the US Supreme Court ruled against an American oil firm whose equipment was expropriated under late president Hugo Chavez.

Solar cell world efficiency record broken

Investment, in terms of time, money and scientific endeavor continues to rush into solar power as the push for renewable energy continues. In terms of scientific progress, a new record has been set for solar cell efficiency

Elon Musk teases future plans at TED talk

Vancouver - Elon Musk paused while chatting about his series of potentially world-changing endeavors to say he isn't in it to provide salvation.

Ukraine clings to nuclear power despite Chernobyl trauma

Kiev - Ukraine is still suffering from the trauma of the world's worst civil nuclear accident at Chernobyl but has nonetheless turned the hazardous fuel into the backbone of its energy portfolio.

Trump moves to lift bans on Arctic drilling

Washington - US President Donald Trump signed an executive order aimed at lifting bans on drilling for oil and gas in offshore Arctic and Atlantic areas, saying it would pull in "billions of dollars" for America and create jobs.

US may stay in Paris climate accord, with caveats

Washington - Signs are mounting that US President Donald Trump's administration may stay in the landmark Paris climate change accord of 2015, under pressure from big business and public support for the agreement.

13 big businesses urge Trump to stay in Paris deal

Miami - Thirteen big businesses, including oil giant Shell and retailer Walmart, on Wednesday urged US President Donald Trump to keep the United States in the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Essential Science: Making more efficient biofuels

Are biofuels the answer to the world’s energy needs or do the problems, including diverting food crops for fuel, carry an unnecessary level of social and economic problems? If biofuels are the answer, how can they be made for efficient?

Croatian rivers face hydroelectric peril

Karlovac - Swans glide peacefully over green river waters in the central Croatian area of Karlovac, a tranquil spot popular with fishermen and swimmers that environmentalists fear could be devastated by hydropower projects.

World oil market 'close to balance' despite OPEC cuts: IEA

Paris - Supply and demand in the oil market are close to matching up, the IEA said Thursday, as landmark OPEC-led production cuts are mitigated by rising US supply and slipping worldwide demand growth.

France enshrines decision to close oldest nuclear plant

Paris - The French government on Sunday published a decree for closing the country's oldest nuclear plant, fulfilling a campaign-trail pledge made by President Francois Hollande who is now in the final weeks of office.
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Energy Image

Tidal electricity generator awaiting installation  July 9  2007.
Tidal electricity generator awaiting installation, July 9, 2007.
An electricity prepayment meter key in Britain
An electricity prepayment meter key in Britain
Lydiashiningbrightly on Flick'r
The floating turbine offshore of the Goto Islands.
Photo: 09/21/2012
The floating turbine offshore of the Goto Islands. Photo: 09/21/2012
Japanese Ministry of Environment
The Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant in Eurajoki  Finland  which uses a French-designed European Pressu...
The Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant in Eurajoki, Finland, which uses a French-designed European Pressure Reactor (EPR)
An oil refinery in Long Beach  CA
An oil refinery in Long Beach, CA
Neil Armstrong2
A power plant with the nuclear sign superimposed over top of it
A power plant with the nuclear sign superimposed over top of it
A wind farm in Scotland
A wind farm in Scotland
Mike Beltzner
Configuration of components in a fuel cell vehicle (FCV).
Configuration of components in a fuel cell vehicle (FCV).
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
German-American Energy Conference 2010
German-American Energy Conference 2010
Correct the Record
The Peterhead Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project in  Aberdeenshire   UK.
The Peterhead Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project in Aberdeenshire, UK.
Penn Energy
Reactors 3 and 4 at Oi Nuclear Power Station  Japan. Power-down of reactor 4 on September 15  2013 c...
Reactors 3 and 4 at Oi Nuclear Power Station, Japan. Power-down of reactor 4 on September 15, 2013 could mark the end for nuclear power in Japan.
Wikimedia Commons
Workers connect the turbines’ power and data systems to an existing 16MW subsea export cable at th...
Workers connect the turbines’ power and data systems to an existing 16MW subsea export cable at the Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE). This cable is connected to the onshore substation.
Cape Sharp Tidal
Wind turbines at a wind farm in California s Altamont Pass.
Wind turbines at a wind farm in California's Altamont Pass.
Coastergeekperson04 / Wikimedia Commons
Getting ready to deploy the giant turbine into the Bay of Fundy.
Getting ready to deploy the giant turbine into the Bay of Fundy.
Cape Sharp Tidal