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Endangered species News

Green Thumbs Up: Saving sturgeon while producing 'desert caviar'

Abu Dhabi - When we think of caviar, we picture wild sturgeon found in the cold waters of the Caspian Sea, parts of Europe and the United States. But a company in Abu Dhabi is changing that perception.

Extinction of species: humans are speeding up evolution

Vancouver - Scientists at the University of British Columbia (UBC) claim human actions are responsible for accelerating the evolutionary process by causing the extinction of “younger” species.

Where are the humpbacks? — Hawaii still waiting for winter return

Hawaii have been anticipating the return of the Humpback whales since December, the usual start of the season, but some experts are wondering why the world's largest whales are taking so long to reach their winter breeding grounds.

New form of contagious cancer found in Tasmanian devils

About 20 years ago, the first case of devil facial tumor disease was found. Since that time, the contagious cancer has threatened to push the Tasmanian devil to the brink of extinction. Scientists have now discovered a second transmissible cancer.

Die-off of 337 sei whales in Chile is largest known to science

The carcasses and skeletal remains of over 330 endangered sei whales have been found in a remote inlet in Patagonia in southern Chile. The die-off is the largest ever recorded.

Caring when convenient? A conservation controversy

It takes more than declining population numbers to “threaten” a species. After a lengthy debate U.S. federal authorities determined not to change the status of the greater sage grouse to threatened or endangered.

Tasmanian devils could solve Australia’s feral cat problem

In July, Australia announced its plan to cull nearly two million feral cats by the year 2020. Ecologists have come up with a plan to reintroduce the Tasmanian devil to the mainland, letting the devils take care of the problem.

Link between climate change and species extinction

A loss of the world's species is expected to increase dramatically climatologists warn. This is tied to a build-up of greenhouse gases. A new study draws on computer models and argues that climate change will result in disappearing animals.

Endangered sei whales found beached on Chilean coast

A group of foreign scientists made a gruesome discovery along Chile's southern coast on the Gulf of Penas on April 21. Over two dozen dead sei whales, averaging 33 feet in length, had washed up along the beach.

Adani's coal mine could be trashed if a little bird triumphs

Plans for the largest coal mine in Australia are being challenged in court this week, pitting India's Adani Group against one of Australia's many endangered species, the four-inch southern Black-throated Finch.

Monarch butterfly may be designated an endangered species

A group of 52 members of the U.S. Congress are looking to save the beautiful Monarch butterfly. To help do so the politicians sent a letter to Pres. Obama last week asking him to put the iconic insect on the endangered species list.

World's most popular Christmas tree is also home to a tarantula

Without a doubt, the most popular Christmas tree is the Fraser fir. With its distinctive blue-green color and pleasant scent, along with needles that retain their freshness during the whole of the holiday season, it is the perfect tree in all respects.

Endangered status sought for the Eastern hellbender

Albany - They may be so ugly that only a mother could love them. The Eastern hellbender is an aquatic salamander indigenous to Eastern North America, They play an important role in their ecosystem, both as predator and prey. But now, they need our protection.

A step forward in shark conservation

All trade in five named species of sharks is to be regulated. This means that fishing for the sharks is restricted and to do so without a permit will be illegal across most parts the world.

Increase in California blue whale numbers

San Francisco - Biologists have calculated that the numbers of California blue whales has risen. This means that the population is returning to sustainable levels.

Scientists study Amazon turtles that ‘talk,’ take care of young

A team of scientists studying the Giant River Turtles of the Amazon River have found the species uses various sounds to communicate with each other, even one for newly-hatched nestlings, a previously unknown parenting behavior.

Bird’s eye view: Bird threat zones revealed

Scientists have produced detailed maps revealing the areas in the world where bird populations are in decline. The majority of regions are in South America.

Iranian and U.N. officials attempt to save the Asiatic cheetah

Tehran - At first glance protecting an endangered cheetah seems straightforward. However the situation in Iran is more complicated than any casual observer could realize.

Op-Ed: The high cost of being an attractive and enamoured male

Chachapoyas - Many animal features have evolved in order to enhance survival and reproductive success. In some cases being attractive may bring success in finding a mate, but it may also have adverse effect on survival. Such is the case for a Peruvian hummingbird.

Tiny java mouse deer born in Bioparc Fuengirola (Video)

Fuengirola - About the size of a hamster at birth, this little guy will reach the approximate size of a rabbit when fully grown. Considered to be an endangered species, the birth of the new baby delighted all involved.

California redwoods being poached as a source for drug money

Criminals and drug users are entering the California National and State parks at night and poaching redwood burls and other knotty growths from the world's tallest trees, some nearly 2,000-years old.

Op-Ed: Reflections on zoos and euthanasia

The slaughter of giraffe Marius at a Copenhagen zoo has prompted interest in just how many healthy animals are actually slaughtered by zoos in Europe and worldwide. It seems numbers are unknown, however scientific thought is that slaughters are necessary

Hundreds of dead animals found at S.A. airport

Madagascar is the world's fourth largest island and is considered a "biological hotspot." Over 90 percent of its wildlife are found nowhere else on the planet. Man's threat to the island's diverse ecosystems, and unusual wildlife is a real concern.

Bill seeks to remove federal protection for endangered species

Washington - The Endangered Species Management Self-Determination Act, currently in committee in the Senate, seeks to leave protection of endangered species up to the Governors of each state and automatically remove protections for animals after five years.

Auction winner of rhino hunt fears he's the endangered species

Chris Knowlton looks forward to facing and becoming intimately involved with a black rhino. He's the lucky winner of an auction that gives him a permit to legally shoot one of the endangered beasts. Now he fears for his life, right in his own backyard.

Norway attempts to catalog every species

In 2009 Norway announced that it was setting out to catalog every species contained within its borders. To date this had led to over 1,000 new species being discovered.

Humpback whales could be dropped as an endangered species

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has launched a review of whether it should take North Pacific humpback whales off the endangered species list.

Plan to save Maui's dolphins

Only 55 adult Maui's dolphins are known to survive off the coast of New Zealand. A plan has been launched to try and save the few dolphins that are left.

Reward for information about endangered wolf killings

Six endangered red wolves have been shot in the last month in North Carolina, prompting the federal government to advertise a reward made up of contributions from conservationist organizations.

German zoo forced to change name of Fidel, the Cuban crocodile

Hoyerswerda - One of seven endangered Cuban crocodiles hatched at the Hoyerswerda Zoo was given the name "Fidel". Apparently his name has caused some problems due to associations with the Communist revolutionary, Fidel Castro, and has had to be changed.
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Endangered species

Endangered species Image

With permission by The Center for Whale Research
Hairy-nosed wombat
Hairy-nosed wombat
Eva Hejda
A male sage grouse making his mating display.
A male sage grouse making his mating display.
Polar bears face multiple risks said the coalition s report  from global warming  oil development an...
Polar bears face multiple risks said the coalition's report, from global warming, oil development and habitat loss.
Ansgar Walk
Researchers from Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center (NSU-OC) believe the scalloped ha...
Researchers from Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center (NSU-OC) believe the scalloped hammerhead is under threat from a new "look-a-like" species.
Barry Peters
Jungle animals in Edinburgh
Jungle animals in Edinburgh
Photo by Ken Balcomb
Photo by Ken Balcomb
With permission by The Center for Whale Research
Oregon Chub
Oregon Chub
Polar bear in Wager Bay (Ukkusiksalik National Park  Nunavut  Canada). Bears may require supplementa...
Polar bear in Wager Bay (Ukkusiksalik National Park, Nunavut, Canada). Bears may require supplemental feeding scientists suggest.
Ansgar Walk
The swamp wallaby is the only living representative of the genus Wallabia. They are preyed upon by f...
The swamp wallaby is the only living representative of the genus Wallabia. They are preyed upon by feral cats and foxes.
The Oriental Reed Warbler (Acrocephalus orientalis)  photographed in Kolkata  West Bengal  India.  T...
The Oriental Reed Warbler (Acrocephalus orientalis), photographed in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. The Large-billed Reed Warbler is similar in appearance.
J.M. Garg
Jungle animals in Edinburgh
Jungle animals in Edinburgh
As interest in Earth s changing climate heats up  a tiny dark particle is stepping into the limeligh...
As interest in Earth's changing climate heats up, a tiny dark particle is stepping into the limelight: black carbon. Commonly known as soot, black carbon enters the air when fossil fuels and biofuels, such as coal, wood, and diesel are burned. Black carbon is found worldwide, but its presence and impact are particularly strong in Asia.
Jungle animals in Edinburgh
Jungle animals in Edinburgh
Tim Vickers
Already endangered  Kemp’s ridley sea turtles  have declined primarily due to human activities say...
Already endangered, Kemp’s ridley sea turtles, have declined primarily due to human activities says report.
United States Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS)
With permission by The Center for Whale Research
Two species of endangered stickleback fish quickly became extinct in Enos Lake on Vancouver Island  ...
Two species of endangered stickleback fish quickly became extinct in Enos Lake on Vancouver Island, Canada after the introduction of crayfish.
Ernie Cooper / UBC
Jungle animals in Edinburgh
Jungle animals in Edinburgh
Jungle animals in Edinburgh
Jungle animals in Edinburgh

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