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Employment News

El Salvador urges Qatar to employ nationals facing US deportation

Doha - El Salvador wants some of its 200,000 nationals facing potential deportation from the United States to be recruited by Qatar, the central American country's foreign minister said on Tuesday.

Digital transformation should be about service improvement

The Australian government has been criticized for using digital transformation purely as a vehicle for cutting jobs rather than seeking to improve services for the public good.

Brexit could cost nearly 500,000 UK jobs: study

London - Brexit could cost the UK nearly 500,000 jobs in a worst-case scenario, according to a study published Thursday which was commissioned by the mayor of London.

New types of workplace stress in the digital era

Digital technologies are not only altering the way that business is conducted, technologies are changing working conditions and the relationship that people have with their work. One downside is with a rise in cases of 'technostress'.

German union steps up fight for 'modern' 28-hour week

Frankfurt Am Main - Germany's largest union is bracing for a combative start to the new year as it presses demands for a 28-hour working week, warning employers to expect mass strikes in the battle for a better work-life balance.

Machine learning will change jobs

Machine learning is likely to herald a new type of economy in which many traditional jobs will disappear, according to analysts.

Rapid growth forecast for insurtech in 2018

London - If there’s a technology sector to get into then this appears to be insurtech. Insurtech jobs are increasing 22 times faster than the rest of the U.K. market, as an example of rapid developments in the sector.

Robots can ‘set us free’ and keep jobs

London - A leading British politician has weighed in on the debate over robots and human labour, stating that job losses are unlikely and the advances in automation being adopted by businesses are for the greater good.

Artificial intelligence solution for human resources: Interview Special

Employment Foresight software is an artificial intelligence solution for HR professionals, in-house general counsel, and labor-employment law firms. To understand how the application can aid businesses, we spoke with the software company Blue J Legal.

Google Analytics aids workplace recruitment

Human resources professionals are making use of Google Analytics as a tool for recruitment. This is a reflection of the majority of hiring now being via digital channels and the need for employers to reflect the needs of potential hires.

Op-Ed: How should we react to robots taking our jobs?

There's no doubting the employment trajectory: robots will replace humans for many different tasks at the workplace. Will this lead to new forms of work and new opportunities or will it lead to greater societal polarization?

Automation is not eating jobs, states Gartner

AI will have created more jobs than it's destroyed within the next three years, according to leading research firm Gartner. The company has found that AI will push 1.8 million people out of work by 2020 but end up creating over 2.3 million new roles.

Nigeria hit by labour disputes over unpaid salaries

Lagos - Kenneth Madiebo isn't seeking global recognition for helping to stop the spread of Ebola in Nigeria in 2014 -- he just wants to be paid.

Technology is altering the work-life balance

Technology is not a neutral force. How it is used and applied has much to do with the intention of those who operate it. One area that causes consternation is how technology affects the work-life balance.

Spanish airline Iberia drops pregnancy tests after fine

Madrid - Spanish airline Iberia said Monday it will stop asking new employees to take pregnancy tests after it was slapped with a fine of 25,000 euros ($29,000) for discrimination.

Spain's labour reform delivers jobs but at a cost

Madrid - Spain's labour market reform has helped bring down sky-high unemployment but critics complain the bulk of the jobs it created offer lower salaries and less security.

India's last water men fight tide of history

New Delhi - Shakeel Ahmad wanders the cramped alleyways of Old Delhi offering water from a goat hide canteen slung over his shoulder, a centuries-old service welcomed by thirsty vendors toiling under the baking Indian sun.

India's last water men fight tide of history

New Delhi - Shakeel Ahmad wanders the cramped alleyways of Old Delhi offering water from a goat hide canteen slung over his shoulder, a centuries-old service welcomed by thirsty vendors toiling under the baking Indian sun.

India's last water men fight tide of history

New Delhi - Shakeel Ahmad wanders the cramped alleyways of Old Delhi offering water from a goat hide canteen slung over his shoulder, a centuries-old service welcomed by thirsty vendors toiling under the baking Indian sun.

Greek unions protest against Sunday trading

Atenas - Hundreds of people gatheredin central Athens to protest against plans to increase Sunday trading hours in a rally organised by unions and communist groups.

US unemployment falls to 10-year low in April

Washington - Unemployment in the world's largest economy fell to the lowest rate in 10 years due to a strong rebound in job creation in April, bringing relief to Donald Trump after disappointing economic data early in his presidency.

Hungary PM calls 'ethnic homogeneity' a key to success

Budapest - Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Tuesday that "ethnic homogeneity" was vital for the country's economic success, in a fresh tirade against importing workers to solve labour shortages.

Facebook's new job board means you don't have to use LinkedIn

Facebook has taken aim at business-oriented social network LinkedIn by announcing a new feature that lets you find and apply for jobs without leaving its app. It directly connects prospective employers and employees, cutting down the time spent searching.

The business world falls under Trump's thumb

Washington - With his carrot-and-stick manhandling of the US business community, President-elect Donald Trump has major companies falling over themselves to offer goodwill gestures and promises to create US jobs.

Op-Ed: Employment problems in Asia and Eastern Europe

A review of employment in Asia and Eastern Europe has shown that a third of the working population are in ‘informal or vulnerable jobs’, a state generally referred to as precarious employment.

Trump factory jobs sent to China may never come back

Kuanchengchen - US presidential candidate Donald Trump has pledged to bring long lost American manufacturing jobs back from China. But he may be too late -- even for products that bear his family name.

Ghanaian women look to drive stereotypes off the road

Accra - Faith Lawson carefully backs a large silver pick-up truck through cones placed on the red soil of a military camp in Ghana's capital, Accra.As she checks her mirrors and slowly reverses, 14 young women standing in military formation look on.

Is free pizza more motivational than money?

New research suggests that employees work harder if they are given free pizza rather than extra cash. The study touches on the way people respond to different levels of reward.

Kazakhstan cafe kicks stigma with mentally disabled staff

Almaty - With its simple menu and casual atmosphere, the Training Cafe looks like many other local eateries in Kazakhstan's largest city Almaty.But unlike the others, its 40-person staff is exclusively composed of patients from local psychiatric institutions.

EU to map future minus Britain at upcoming summit: Merkel

Prague - EU leaders will tackle security and migration policy as well as economic growth at a key September summit in Slovakia to plot the bloc's future without Britain, Angela Merkel said Thursday.
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Andrew Neil of the BBC interviewing Mark Beatson, chief economist from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, about its research into so-called "zero hour contracts"
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Several young women at a Project Wildfire workshop
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