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Employment News

Digital transformation will impact on employment

Digital transformation will change employment. However, the full impact is uncertain in terms of the loss of jobs. What is certain is that many traditional occupations will need reskilling.

Why the workforce needs to change for digital transformation: Q&A Special

The future of work is no longer just about filling today's open needs; it is about re-evaluating the work and the workforce of tomorrow. Michael Gretczko, of Deloitte explains what is needed for the future.

Cuba reauthorizes private sector, but with tighter controls

Havana - Cuba on Tuesday reauthorized private businesses after a year-long freeze, but with tighter controls than before on a segment of the economy that now makes up 13 percent of the Communist island's workforce.

Cuba reauthorizes private sector, but with tighter controls

Havana - Cuba on Tuesday reauthorized private businesses after a year-long freeze, but with tighter controls than before on a segment of the economy that now makes up 13 percent of the island's workforce.

Q&A: How Freelancer is helping transform business relations Special

Freelancer, the global crowdsourcing marketplace website, continues to reshape business and employment contracts, including the way firms seek specialisms for digital transformation. Sebastián Siseles of outlines the history and strategy.

Downside of DX? Manulife cuts jobs to make space for technology

Toronto - The process of digital transformation will lead to the creation of new jobs, but other jobs will inevitably fall by the wayside. As an example of the latter, Manulife Financial Corp., based in Canada, is cutting 700 jobs.

GM becomes first automobile company to have two female leaders

General Motors has become the first automobile manufacturer in history to appoint two women into senior executive positions. Women now occupy the CEO and CFO roles.

'Pregnancy rotas' add to Japan working women's woes

Apo - Sayako had been trying to conceive a second child for two years when her boss at a Japanese daycare centre suggested she stop because she had missed her "turn".

Automation impacting the future workforce

The world of work is changing and both employers and current and future workers need to adapt. A disruptor to traditional forms of employment is automation, and new report assesses the impact.

Poland looks east to plug manpower gap

Warsaw - From behind the wheel of his new Mercedes, a Polish entrepreneur eyes the bus in front of him. It features an ad from an employment agency boasting "Builders, welders: workers from Ukraine and Bangladesh".

Key requirements for remote working success

Employees are engaged in remote working projects at an increased frequency and, given the popularity of this form of employment with millennials, many businesses are adapting to this form of work. The task management software Trello provides some tips.

Companies must rethink their recruitment strategy: Interview Special

Millennials have become the largest part of the U.S. workforce, and by 2025 will make up three-fourths of a workplace that will be over 40 percent mobile. This means Companies have to rethink their assumptions about what matters most to employees.

Thousands rally in Bangladesh after 100 injured in student protest

Dhaka - Thousands of students across Bangladesh staged protests and sit-ins Monday after clashes at the country's top university left at least 100 people injured.

The five 'super skills' that today’s workforce needs: Interview Special

New research from the Institute for the Future has uncovered a knowledge gap highlighting five “super skills” that could change the future of work. To understand these skills further, Digital Journal spoke with Steven Kramer, CEO of WorkJam.

Five tips for getting the most out of remote working

Remote working is becoming more common with many businesses, aided by new technologies and it is a style of working that is attractive to many millennials. A business analyst discusses how to manage remote working employees.

Interview: Helping recruiters engage with candidates Special

With 65 percent of Gen Z and Millennials communicating with others more digitally than in person, the use of new technology needs to be considered by recruiters in order to obtain the best talent.

G7 nations agree on a 'common vision' for AI

Montr - Group of Seven countries have agreed to a "common vision" for the development of artificial intelligence, a Canadian minister said Wednesday.

Swedish companies decry deportations of skilled workers

Stockholm - The heads of Sweden's largest companies, including clothing giant H&M and telecoms maker Ericsson, denounced Friday deportations of highly-skilled workers as the nation's technology sector suffers a shortage of staff.

Cisco reorgnization reflects the changing nature of work

The nature of work is changing and flexible working is a core part of the so-termed ‘Gig Economy’. To what extent is this impacting on more established forms of working. Recent office closes by Cisco could signal one future direction.

Advertising companies facing talent shortfall

Publishers and brands are spending more on branded content in order to beat out competition. The main problem now facing advertisers is finding people with the right skills.

Work among the penguins? France is looking for candidates

Brest - Fancy a job at the North or South Pole? A French research institute is looking for you.

El Salvador urges Qatar to employ nationals facing US deportation

Doha - El Salvador wants some of its 200,000 nationals facing potential deportation from the United States to be recruited by Qatar, the central American country's foreign minister said on Tuesday.

Digital transformation should be about service improvement

The Australian government has been criticized for using digital transformation purely as a vehicle for cutting jobs rather than seeking to improve services for the public good.

Brexit could cost nearly 500,000 UK jobs: study

London - Brexit could cost the UK nearly 500,000 jobs in a worst-case scenario, according to a study published Thursday which was commissioned by the mayor of London.

New types of workplace stress in the digital era

Digital technologies are not only altering the way that business is conducted, technologies are changing working conditions and the relationship that people have with their work. One downside is with a rise in cases of 'technostress'.

German union steps up fight for 'modern' 28-hour week

Frankfurt Am Main - Germany's largest union is bracing for a combative start to the new year as it presses demands for a 28-hour working week, warning employers to expect mass strikes in the battle for a better work-life balance.

Machine learning will change jobs

Machine learning is likely to herald a new type of economy in which many traditional jobs will disappear, according to analysts.

Rapid growth forecast for insurtech in 2018

London - If there’s a technology sector to get into then this appears to be insurtech. Insurtech jobs are increasing 22 times faster than the rest of the U.K. market, as an example of rapid developments in the sector.

Robots can ‘set us free’ and keep jobs

London - A leading British politician has weighed in on the debate over robots and human labour, stating that job losses are unlikely and the advances in automation being adopted by businesses are for the greater good.

Artificial intelligence solution for human resources: Interview Special

Employment Foresight software is an artificial intelligence solution for HR professionals, in-house general counsel, and labor-employment law firms. To understand how the application can aid businesses, we spoke with the software company Blue J Legal.
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A "help wanted" ad in a newspaper
Andrew Neil of the BBC interviewing  Mark Beatson  chief economist from the Chartered Institute of P...
Andrew Neil of the BBC interviewing Mark Beatson, chief economist from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, about its research into so-called "zero hour contracts"
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Several young women at a Project Wildfire workshop
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