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The company that asks employees to start work at 9:06 a.m.

What is the ideal company to work for? What types of benefits have the greatest effect? How about a later starting time or a free breakfast? One company has been pioneering different work practices to apparent success.

World's most employable graduates are from Caltech

The world's most employable graduates went to the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), according to new figures assessing graduate employability.

Twitter plans to layoff hundreds of employees

Twitter is reportedly planning to layoff as much as eight percent of its staff, or around 300 employees. The news comes after Twitter failed to find a potential buyer.

Healthier workplaces are better for business

A new study suggests that a successful business is built both upon a safe working environment and a healthy workforce. The study makes recommendations for employers and says such measures pay dividends in the long-run.

Fewer perks for employees could be new normal in Silicon Valley

San Francisco - Okay, the $100,000 chrome panda stays. But a lot of the lavish perks that made internet file-sharing startup Dropbox one of the most sought-after places to work are being cut or eliminated.

Reviewers on Yelp are not employees, says Federal judge

A Federal judge has decided that reviewers on Yelp, a site that allows customers to review businesses, are not employees of Yelp.

Microsoft lays off hundreds more employees in restructuring plan

Microsoft has laid off hundreds more employees amid its continuing "restructuring" plan started last summer by CEO Satya Nadella. It is unknown exactly how many have been affected by the latest round of cuts.

Mobile rewards platform Freecharge raises $80m in funding

Mobile transactions firm Freecharge has raised $80 million from new investors to help fuel its growth. The company enables users to get free rewards such as food or entertainment by simply paying phone bills through its mobile app.

Sweden's six-hour workday experiment

Gothenburg - In hopes that it will cut down on sick leave, boost efficiency, and ultimately save Sweden money, municipal staff in Gothenburg will experiment with six-hour full-pay workdays.

Former Madoff associates found guilty of fraud

Five former aides to investment manager Bernard Madoff were convicted on Monday of charges that they helped their boss conceal his multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme for years.

That work and life balance thing just got easier Special

These days finding the time for everything seems like a challenge, especially for those who have children, or are in need of adult or elder care. An interview with Imagine That Family Care Service reveals details on this trend.

Five months later, jurors face tough task in Madoff aides' trial

Like Bernard Madoff's Ponzi scheme itself, the trial of five of his former aides has been virtually unprecedented in its scope.

Defense for Madoff aides claims ignorance of fraud in closing arguments

Attorneys for five former aides of convicted swindler Bernard Madoff wrapped up nearly 20 hours of closing arguments on Wednesday, capping their courtroom campaign to convince a federal jury that their cli...

Madoff aides used 'avalanche of lies' to hide fraud: Prosecutor

Five former aides of infamous swindler Bernard Madoff used an "avalanche of lies" to help him carry out his decades-long Ponzi scheme, each with a specific role to ensure that investors, auditors and regul...

Ex-Madoff aide pleads ignorance, naivete at U.S. fraud trial

Ponzi scheme. Treasury bond. The Standard & Poor's 500 index. The collapse of Lehman Brothers.

Second Madoff aide testifies at trial, denies knowledge of fraud

Longtime Bernard Madoff assistant Annette Bongiorno on Monday testified that she had no idea her boss was operating a vast Ponzi scheme, despite the decades she spent helping run the trading business where...

Ex-Madoff aide on trial in N.Y. wins dismissal of two counts

One of five former Bernard Madoff aides on trial for abetting his massive Ponzi scheme will face two fewer counts when the case goes to a jury, after a judge agreed to throw out charges that he arranged fo...

Ex-Madoff aide testifies at own trial, denies he knew of fraud

Only minutes into the prosecution's questioning of former Bernard Madoff aide Daniel Bonventre at trial on Wednesday, it was clear he was in for a long day. Assistant U.S.

Former Madoff aides get their day in court

Four months into a criminal trial for five former employees of Bernard L.

McDonald's takes down website due to ridicule and bad feedback

Oak Brook - On Thursday, McDonald's confirmed that it had suspended its McResources employee website due to all of the negative feedback and bad press that the site has brought to the fast food giant.

Yahoo no longer allows employees to work from home

On Friday, Yahoo sent out a memo that announced that all employees who work from home will have to start reporting to the office by June.

Oscar statuette maker lays off 95 employees

The Chicago company that makes the gold-plated Oscar statues will be laying off almost 100 employees, but some workers may be rehired.

Video: Walmart employees record themselves throwing iPads

A video of Walmart employees throwing around boxes of iPads across a stockroom is going viral on YouTube. The video was not a "caught on tape" type, as it was purportedly filmed by the employees themselves.

Bill proposed to ban bosses from asking for Facebook passwords

There has been much concern about potential employers requesting Facebook passwords from job applicants at interviews. Now gradually bills are being introduced to put an end to this idea.

Whole Foods employee's resignation letter goes viral

Toronto - In a scathing resignation letter, a disgruntled Whole Foods employee wrote spending several years on the job was like "falling down a really long, spiky hill." A hill lined with fire and acid, to be more specific.

Survey: On average 50 days tells if new hires are good fit

Employers in advertising and marketing say it takes on average 10 weeks to tell if a new employee will work out according to a Canadian survey.

No Perfume, Deodorant for Detroit City Employees

Detroit - Detroit officials will be placing placards in three city buildings warning of various scented products to avoid from now on after a 2008 federal lawsuit filed by a city planner was settled last month.

Op-Ed: The other side of Toronto's transit employees Special

Toronto - Picture working an eight to nine hour shift with only one 10-minute break. During those hours imagine you are being screamed at and having things thrown at you.

Revenue Canada employees suspected in tax avoidance scheme

It's alleged that at least one Revenue Canada employee may have falsified a tax audit to help two inactive companies hide millions of dollars that were funnelled from major construction firms in Quebec.

Topsy-turvy: Union Employees Picket Their Own Union Bosses

Proving that unions aren‘t immune from union problems, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) in Washington, D.C., gave their bosses a dose of “on the other sided of the picket line” medicine by picketing them.
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UPS shooting scene in Birmingham, Alabama.
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