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What do employees really think about remote working?

Working from home presents many challenges and there are scores of articles looking into the technical aspects. But what do employees themselves really think about the process and the impact on work-life balance?

Q&A: How apps can help to minimize employee stress Special

Can wellness apps help to reduce workplace stress and to help promote mental health and wellness in the workplace? Paul O'Reilly-Hyland discusses the technology with Digital Journal.

Q&A: Super Bowl — How to avoid the inevitable productivity slump Special

Whatever you call it -- the Budweiser Flu, the Super Bowl Fever -- workplace productivity is undoubtedly lower during Super Bowl season. James Carroll, VP of Global Sales at TetraVX provides some tips for employers.

Q&A: For Stress Awareness Day, how can managers help? Special

Data suggests the leading causes of stress for adults are money and work. Adults are consumed by work and it impacts their emotional wellness. What can managers do about this? Business guru Shane Metcalf offers some answers.

Virtual learning can improve employee safety

Nottigham - A new report suggests that virtual reality training could improve employee safety in the workplace. New technology has been tested out using fire evacuation scenarios, using VR as a training alternative.

Why businesses need to be concerned about staff retention

HR analysis suggests the next two weeks will be the busiest of the year for people unhappy in the current workplace. This means businesses need to develop retention strategies.

Unfair performance reviews prompt employees to consider quitting

New research from Reflektive finds that 85 percent of U.S. professionals would at least consider leaving a job after an unfair job review; more than half are either “very likely” or “extremely likely” to do so.

Q&A: Technology is tracking employee dynamics to retain talent Special

With the employment market in the balance of the potential employee, organizations need to focus on their employee engagement tactics in order to avoid losing the best talent. Carley Childress of Macorva explains more.

California cracks down on the gig economy

The U.S. state of California has put in place measures to crack down on the gig economy. This takes the form of rules which will make in more difficult for companies to label its workers as 'independent contractors' instead of employees.

Q&A: How to control access to IoT data Special

IoT is responsible for driving the biggest quantity of data into data lakes for businesses to analyze and leverage for analytics. With so much data at stake, companies must control who can and cannot access that data.

Landlords may throw wrench into Tesla's planned store closings

Elon Musk's cost-savings plan to save money by closing most of its retail stores may have back-fired on him. Besides blindsiding many employees - Landlords are asking how Tesla plans to get out of its lease contracts.

Q&A: Startup aims to kill off the performance review Special

15Five, a fast-growing startup that is on a mission to kill off the annual performance review, has announced a Series A investment round that includes participation from several prominent venture firms.

Google employees ready to strike over China censorship deal

A number of Google employees are building up a strike fund in preparation for industrial action should Google continue to push ahead with a search engine for China that will be equipped with censorship features requested by the Chinese government.

Q&A: Why employee resistance hampers change programs Special

Many change programs fail to achieve their goals, in large part due to employee resistance. However, this can be overcome by incorporating ITIL into the change management process, according to Michael Mazyar.

Amazon investigating claims of employees leaking data for bribes said on Monday it was investigating suspected internal leaks of confidential information by its employees for bribes to give sellers a leg up in the $1 trillion dollar company's marketplace.

Insider threats are inherent to every organization

All businesses are at risk from cyberattacks. While much attention is focused externally, a considerable risk exists internally, as new report from LogRhythm indicates.

Customer engagement is needed for digital transformation success

Digital transformation is not simply about implementing new technology. It requires customer engagement and a committed team of employees. A new report outlines seven points for success.

Why Businesses need to assess impact of Industry 4.0

London - The disruption causes by digital technologies is making many C-level executives nervous. To ride this out, a PwC report recommends businesses need to get the right people with the right skills to apply the necessary digital changes.

How businesses can protect their organizations from within

In 63 per cent of cases, current and former employees are the source of cybersecurity incidents within businesses, according to a new report. A suitable method for not only controlling digital access, but also monitoring it, is essential.

Employees need to become digital change agents

A new report shows how digital transformation efforts are being implemented relatively slowly in many businesses. This can be overcome, however, if employees start to act as digital change agents, sharing the new digital values enterprise-wide.

How to stop employees stealing and selling data: Interview Special

All companies are at risk from insider threats, be they from disgruntled employees stealing and selling data or taking contact lists. Cybersecurity expert Kurt Long provides some advice to companies so they can take measures to protect themselves.

ConnectMe, a digital workplace for employees: Interview Special

Employee disengagement is a looming issue and it affects everything from company productivity to profitability. To help businesses with this issue, Deloitte created ConnectMe, a digital workplace. We spoke with Michael Gretczko, the general manager.

Interview: time-tracking software saves healthcare time Special

Boomr builds innovative time-tracking software to save businesses time and money. The company has recently expanded out into healthcare. To find out how time-trackers work, we spoke with company co-founder Matt Bowersox.

How voluntary benefits outsourcing helps businesses: Interview Special

Technology, through the application of voluntary benefits outsourcing, can increase efficiency and accessibility for HR professionals during open enrollment season. To find out more we spoke with Peter Marcia, the CEO of YouDecide.

Melinda Gates: U.S. must stop demanding we all be workaholics

On Wednesday, Melinda Gates joined LinkedIn (now owned by Microsoft) and penned her first column. In it she argued that corporate America's workaholic culture is one of the main obstructions to diversity, causing women and minorities to lean out.

Employers are using workforce analytics to hire the best

Human resources managers are turning to innovative software that allow for detailed workforce analytics to be undertaken. These new tools are helping companies become more inclusive, and create value for all their stakeholders.

The company that asks employees to start work at 9:06 a.m.

What is the ideal company to work for? What types of benefits have the greatest effect? How about a later starting time or a free breakfast? One company has been pioneering different work practices to apparent success.

World's most employable graduates are from Caltech

The world's most employable graduates went to the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), according to new figures assessing graduate employability.

Twitter plans to layoff hundreds of employees

Twitter is reportedly planning to layoff as much as eight percent of its staff, or around 300 employees. The news comes after Twitter failed to find a potential buyer.

Healthier workplaces are better for business

A new study suggests that a successful business is built both upon a safe working environment and a healthy workforce. The study makes recommendations for employers and says such measures pay dividends in the long-run.
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