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Chimps use eyes to show empathy

Amsterdam - New research suggests that Chimpanzees may reinforce social bonds with each other by involuntarily mimicking a fellow chimp’s pupil size.

Power robs the brain of empathy

Researchers have some new insights into how power diminishes a person's capacity for empathy. According to scientists, a sense of power shuts down a part of the brain that helps us connect with others.

Op-Ed: Why I'm a Democrat — The champions of civil rights

As a rape survivor and member of the black community, watching the GOP push voter ID laws to suppress the minority vote and forcing a woman to carry a rapist's baby to term, the question "Why am I a Democrat?" seems like a punch-line to a very bad joke.

Study shows how to tell if that man in your life has caring genes

Toronto - This information is strictly for ladies. A new study explains how to sort the jerks from the gentlemen. Studies in the past have shown that women fare better in relationships with caring men, but how can a lady tell if the man proposing is a caring man?

Study Finds Empathy may be Hard-Wired into Brain

A study indicates that people with certain types of brain damage show less aversion to hurting others.

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