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New study says dogs can spot human emotions

Science has finally caught up with something many dog owners knew already: man's best friend can tell the difference between happy and angry faces.

New light shed on emotional fear

Bad experiences and unpleasant events can remain etched into the brain for a person’s entire life. A new study has identified the brain processes at work that enable ‘bad thoughts’ to remain.

Woman controls 48 pools of water with her mind

An artist manipulates 48 pools of water with her mind. She is able to manifest her emotions into vibrations and movement with a machine called the Eunioa II.

Scientists map out the 'emotional body'

Liverpool - Scientists examining neurons that respond to gentle touch has shown that people find strokes on another person's back and shoulder more pleasurable than strokes to the forearm and hand. This has led to the creation of an "emotional map" of the human body.

Facebook admits mistake on emotional manipulation study

Social media giant Facebook admitted that it made a mistake in conducting the study, which in June set off a huge furor for manipulating users' emotions on the social site.

Chimps use eyes to show empathy

Amsterdam - New research suggests that Chimpanzees may reinforce social bonds with each other by involuntarily mimicking a fellow chimp’s pupil size.

Can dogs 'feel jealousy?'

Dogs may have the capacity to feel human-like jealousy, according to a study. The study included diverse small dog breeds such as chihuahuas, Yorkshire terriers, and several mutts.

Emotional responses to music vary

Barcelona - Researchers have demonstrated that, in addition to differences in musical aptitude, people vary in their emotional responses to music. They found that between 1 and 5 percent of people simply don't like music.

Emotions like love can affect taste

London - Does it seem like your favorite meal or dessert tastes better now that you're in love? You're not imagining it. A new study shows that a variety of emotions, including love can affect how a variety of food and drinks taste -- even water.

Op-Ed: How to prevent your emotions from ruining your investment

Emotions play a big part in the human society, but sometimes we find them in the way of our own success. What emotional limitations should be observed when investing?

Science Says Musicians Make Appealing Partners in Relationships

Hum that tune, honey? Well, it turns out the fellow or gal can do a lot more than that, science says. They make great partners in relationships. Indeed relationships will hum all by themselves just because a musician has a good sense of emotions.

Study Examines Why Religion May Have Evolved

Religious beliefs and religious behaviors are capable of encouraging people to exercise self-control and to more effectively regulate their emotions and behaviors.

Monkeys experience the joy of giving

A study shows that monkeys also find it pleasurable to share when given a chance. Read to find out more about how all of us are so alike and yet so different.

UK researchers create 'Heart Robot' that displays emotions

Instead of a robot with fixed mechanical movements, researchers in the United Kingdom have created a robot that displays dynamic human emotions.

In 2050, human-robot sex relationships will become a reality?

David Levy, author of the book Love + sex with robots, says robots will be able to respond to human emotion and even have sex with humans within the next four decades.

European's goal is to Make robots that interact with people emotionally is the

Co-ordinator Dr Lola Canamero at the University of Hertfordshire said the aim was to build robots that "learn from humans and respond in a socially and emotionally appropriate manner"


We sometimes build a wall to divide ourselves from what we feel may hurt us.

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