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Embryos News

Essential Science: First U.S. case of human embryo gene editing

U.S. researchers based in Oregon have performed of gene editing on human embryos. The researchers corrected defective genes responsible for inherited diseases in several embryos using the gene editing technology CRISPR.

Chinese scientists engineering human embryos defy ethics again?

For the second time in one year, a team of Chinese researchers engineered human embryos by altering their genome with partially successful results. The world's scientific community is concerned about potential ethical issues.

NIH joins in on embryo research revelation

As Digital Journal has reported, scientists in China have used new technology to edit human embryos. In the wake of this, and public concerns, the U.S. National Institutes of Health has declared that it will not fund this type of study.

Mixed reactions to work on human embryos

News that researchers have undertaken human genome editing using embryos has sparked mixed reactions among the world's scientific community.

Should human germline modification be halted? Special

Following recent reports about experiments on embryos, the Center for Genetics and Society is calling for a halt to experiments aimed at the creation of genetically modified human beings.

Stem cells directed towards embryo development

Cambridge - Embryonic stem cells can form any tissue. However, scientists have struggled to develop a properly organized embryo. This appears to have changed with some recent research.

Scientists allegedly control evolution with embryonic experiments

According to a Nature report with contributions from scientists stationed around the world, researchers were able to regress the teeth of some mice in the embryonic stages.

First spinal injury patient gets stem cells from embryos

A patient with a spinal cord injury has become the first to be injected with stem cells from an embryo in an attempt to enable them to walk again.

Frozen Embryos Ordered Destroyed By Court

Six frozen embryos have been ordered destroyed by the Oregon Court of Appeals Wednesday after being ruled there is a contractual right to determine the fate of these embryos, since they can be treated as personal property in the case of divorce.

British Scientists Have Created Cow-Human Hybrid Embryos

A month before the House of Commons votes on new laws regulating such matters, a team of scientists has already successfully created human-animal embryos in a lab at Newcastle University in Britain. These new embryos are known as "admixed embryos".

Scientists Create Embryo with DNA from Three People

Scientists in London say they have created human embryos using the DNA from two women and one man. The procedure is one that scientists hope will eventually lead to producing embryos free of inherited disease.

Human-Animal Embryos OK'd by U.K.

Britain cleared the way for scientists to conduct experiments using hybrid animal-human embryos.

Embryos for sale with the best of credentials

"It's like you're ordering a computer from Dell." her emphasis is on well-educated, good-looking contributors of sperm and eggs, she said, "Who wants an ugly, stupid kid?"

Stem cells fill in for liver in mouse experiment

More grown body part from Stem Cells

Scientists Make Stem Cells From Unfertilized Eggs

MASSACHUSETTS (voa) - Researchers say they have found a new way to make stem cells, basic cells that could revolutionize treatment of injury and disease. Friday's issue of the journal, Science, says a laboratory in the northeastern U.S. state of Ma...

Health Minister Allan Rock To Call For Ban On Human Cloning

OTTAWA — Human cloning and fusion of genetic material to create human-animal hybrids would be outlawed under draft legislation to be proposed Thursday by Health Minister Allan Rock. Government sources say the proposals would ban other practices, in..

Report Endorses Embryonic Stem Cell Research, But Not Human Cloning

OTTAWA — Canada should allow the use of human embryos for stem cell research but human cloning should remain off limits, says a draft report by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. The discussion paper, prepared by a 10-member panel and rele..

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