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UN report finds violations of South Sudan arms embargo

New York - A UN panel of experts has found violations of the arms embargo imposed on South Sudan, reporting to the Security Council that there are "alarming levels" of sexual violence, hunger and human rights abuses in the war-scarred country.

UN rejects US bid to criticize Cuba and calls for end to embargo

New York - The UN General Assembly on Thursday called for an end to the decades-old US embargo on Cuba, adopting a resolution by an overwhelming majority and rejecting US moves to criticize Havana's human rights record.

US puts focus on Cuba rights abuses as it faces UN censure

New York - Facing condemnation for its decades-old embargo on Cuba, the United States will on Thursday try to shift the focus at the United Nations to the communist government's human rights record.

US once again opposes UN condemnation of embargo on Cuba

New York - The United States on Wednesday voted against a UN resolution condemning the US embargo on Cuba, in a break from last year's abstention by the former administration that highlighted a thaw in relations.

US expresses frustration over Saudi embargo on Qatar

Washington - The United States declared itself "mystified" on Tuesday that Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies have failed to justify their embargo on Qatar, and urged both sides to resolve the dangerous dispute.

Trump vows revamp of Obama-era Cuba deal

Miami - US President Donald Trump on Friday vowed to roll back his predecessor Barack Obama's deal re-opening trade ties with Havana, in favor of measures to support the Cuban people against what he called their "cruel and brutal" regime.

UN Security Council rejects arms embargo on South Sudan

New York - The UN Security Council on Friday rejected a US-drafted resolution on imposing an arms embargo and sanctions on South Sudan amid divisions over how to pressure leaders to end the three-year war.

US to seek UN Security Council vote on South Sudan arms embargo

New York - The United States will ask the UN Security Council to vote soon on imposing an arms embargo on South Sudan, the US ambassador said Monday."It's extremely important to vote this by the end of the year," said US Ambassador Samantha Power.

US abstains for first time in UN vote against Cuba embargo

New York - The United States on Wednesday abstained for the first time in 25 years from a vote at the United Nations calling for an end to the US embargo against Cuba.

Nespresso announces plans to sell Cuban coffee in United States

Havana - Coffee grown and roasted in Cuba should be available in the United States this year for the first time in five decades, European coffee giant Nespresso announced this week.

EU seeks UN backing to enforce Libya arms embargo

New York - EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini asked the UN Security Council Monday to authorize the EU naval force in the Mediterranean to enforce the arms embargo on Libya.

UN overwhelmingly calls for end to US embargo on Cuba

New York - The UN General Assembly on Tuesday called for an end to the decades-long US embargo on Cuba in a resolution adopted by a near-unanimous vote, three months after US-Cuba diplomatic ties were restored.

Obama, Castro call for end to Cuba embargo at UN

New York - US President Barack Obama and Cuban leader Raul Castro both called for an end to the US embargo on Havana at the United Nations Monday, on the eve of their scheduled meeting in New York.

Obama, at UN, calls for lifting Cuba embargo

New York - President Barack Obama on Monday called for ending the decades-old US embargo on Cuba, in his address to the UN General Assembly.

Russian farmers not reaping benefits from Western produce embargo

Russia - Milking a stubborn goat at her farm just outside Moscow, Larisa Sukhanova says she's worried about the future of her milk business as a year-old embargo on Western foodstuffs fails to yield a promised bonanza for local farmers.

U.S.-Cuba thaw could spell end for island's iconic cars

Havana - Cuba's iconic stock of refurbished vintage American sedans from the 1950s may be facing their last trips to the garage soon, following the historic thawing of ties between Havana and Washington.

Easing embargo would boost Cuba's moribund economy

Havana - Easing the 54-year-old US trade embargo would be breath of fresh air for communist Cuba's moribund economy, giving greater life to recent reforms by the island's communist regime.

Plea agreement reached by global financial institution Special

BNP Paribas S.A. (BNPP) is a global financial institution headquartered in Paris. BNP Paribas admitted that majority of illegal payments were made on behalf of sanctioned countries like Sudan.

Report: United Nations to ease embargo on Ivory Coast diamonds

Abidjan - A decade-long embargo on diamonds from the Ivory Coast could be partially lifted this week, several United Nations diplomats said Friday.

Cuban president Raul Castro proposes better relations with U.S.

Havana - On Saturday, Cuban president Raul Castro called on the United States to work with his regime in improving relations between the two nations while addressing the Cuban parliament.

China accused of halting rare earth minerals to U.S. and Europe

After stopping exports of rare earth metals and minerals to Japan, China is now accused of halting exports of the same critical products to markets in the United States and Europe.

Ukrainian Company Sends Tanks To Sudan Violates UN Embargo

A Ukrainian weapons company is supplying arms to Sudanese rebels, according to a new report. UN Security Council resolutions 1556 and 1591 prohibit the sale of arms to warring parties in the Darfur region.

UAE seizes illegal arms shipment from North Korea to Iran

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has discovered and seized a ship said to have been carrying an illegal cargo of North Korean weapons destined for Iran. The shipment is a violation of a UN embargo.

Biden Says No to Lifting Cuba Embargo, but is it Time?

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden says no to lifting the embargo on Cuba, though Latin American governments say lifting the embargo is crucial. Is it time to open up to Cuba?

Bush Vows To Maintain Cuba Embargo

As long as Havana keeps a “monopoly” of power in Cuba, United States President George W. Bush said that he will continue to keep the trade embargo on Cuba. That is the ultimatum George W. Bush has made to Cuba.

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Rough diamonds are shown in this photograph from 2013.
Rough diamonds are shown in this photograph from 2013.
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