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Block placed on email details about Trump hold on Ukraine aid: media

Washington - US officials have cited presidential privilege in withholding details of 24 emails related to President Donald Trump's hold on military assistance to Ukraine, US media reported on Saturday.

Q&A: How businesses can strategize email management better Special

It's estimated there are 269 billion emails sent every day, signalling that this workplace tool isn’t going away anytime soon despite the rise of apps like Slack. How can businesses create a productive way to simplify tasks completed via email?

809 million emails leaked from accessible MongoDB database Special

Last week, security researchers discovered an unprotected, publicly accessible MongoDB database containing 763 million unique email addresses. Chris DeRamus, CTO, DivvyCloud explains more.

Ivanka Trump used personal email for govt business: report

Washington - The US president's daughter and senior advisor Ivanka Trump used a personal email account for government business in violation of federal records rules, The Washington Post reported Monday.

Stephen Harper making 'secret' visit to White House next week

An interesting development has come to light - Former prime minister Stephen Harper of Canada is planning a trip to the White House next week, and hasn’t notified the current Canadian government of his visit.

White House probing use of private email: report

Washington - The White House has launched an internal probe of the use of private email for official business by senior aides to President Donald Trump, news outlet Politico reported Thursday.

Kushner used personal email for WH business: reports

Washington - Jared Kushner used a personal email account to communicate with White House aides in his capacity as a senior adviser to his father-in-law US President Donald Trump, according to reports.

Trump defends eldest son over Russia 'dirt' emails

Washington - Donald Trump defended his eldest son Wednesday over emails showing his embrace of Russian efforts to support the billionaire's presidential campaign in a shock disclosure set to fuel speculation over Moscow's suspected role in the vote.

IBM awarded 'stupid' patent for 'out-of-office' email alerts

IBM has been granted a patent for out-of-office email alerts, despite the messages having existed in email programs for three decades. The filing has been ridiculed by digital rights groups and IBM has since promised it will never use it against a rival.

Gmail doubles email attachment limit to let you send bigger files

Google has announced it is doubling the maximum size of Gmail attachments, letting you send larger files. However, it uses Google Drive as an intermediary. The new cap is larger than that offered by Gmail's primary rivals, Outlook and Yahoo.

Congress has set in motion the destruction of the EPA

The Senate vote on the confirmation of Scott Pruitt as head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) took place this afternoon, in spite of objections from Democrats, environmentalists, and over 800 EPA employees.

Email marketing keeps outperforming most media channels

Email marketing is one of the oldest advertisement channels in the digital era, whose roots go back to the earliest history of the Internet. Despite that, it never stopped evolving alongside the growth and rise of the most modern smart technologies.

FBI reopens probe into Clinton emails

Washington - The FBI told US lawmakers Friday it has reopened its review of White House frontrunner Hillary Clinton's use of a personal email server when she was secretary of state, after discovering new mails "that appear to be pertinent.

Clinton ally on emails: 'They wanted to get away with it'

Washington - An email released by WikiLeaks shows that a top Hillary Clinton adviser was dumbfounded that aides to the White House hopeful failed to disclose her use of a private email server, suggesting "they wanted to get away with it.

Op-Ed: No surprise that some Dems tried to derail Sanders bid

Washington - Does it really come as a surprise to anyone that establishment Democrats tried to derail the upstart presidential primary campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Ver.)?

FBI interviews Clinton aides as email probe advances: report

Washington - Close aides to Hillary Clinton including longtime confidante Huma Abedin have been interviewed by the FBI as part of its investigation into the ex-secretary of state's use of a private email server, CNN reported.

Clinton may be required to testify on emails: U.S. judge

Washington - A federal judge has said Hillary Clinton may be required to testify about her private email system while secretary of state as part of a freedom of information act lawsuit brought by a conservative watchdog group.

Immunity granted to Clinton staffer who set up server: Report

Washington - Hillary Clinton's former staffer who helped set up the controversial private email server she used while secretary of state has been granted immunity in a criminal investigation into the affair, The Washington Post reported.

Dozens of newly released Clinton emails now classified

Washington - A new tranche of 551 email documents from Hillary Clinton's private server released by the State Department on Saturday includes 84 that have been reclassified as "confidential" or "secret.

Pentagon chief Carter used personal email for work: Official

Washington - Defense Secretary Ashton Carter used his personal email for government business in the early part of his tenure, a spokesman said, triggering concerns that hackers would access sensitive information.

Entire police force in S.C. town quits in protest of mayor

North - A dispute with the newly-elected mayor has spurred the police chief and the officers in this town to quit, leaving this small Orangeburg County town with no police force. Police Chief Mark Fallaw handed in his letter of resignation on Nov. 17.

State Dept posts 7th batch of Clinton emails

Washington - The State Department released a new tranche of about 5,000 emails sent or received by Hillary Clinton when she served as top US diplomat and controversially used a private email server.

Teen hackers strike again, leak info from 2,000 govt. employees

Washington - The hackers who breached the CIA director's personal emails are at it again, having published additional data containing names, phone numbers, and email addresses of more than 2,000 law enforcement officers, military officers, and government employees.

State Dept releases latest batch of Hillary Clinton emails

Washington - The State Department released a new batch of 6,300 pages of emails sent or received by Hillary Clinton when she served as top US diplomat and controversially used a private email account.

FIFA will grant access to Valcke emails 'under conditions'

Zurich - Swiss prosecutors said they had received a pledge from FIFA on Thursday to allow them access to the emails of suspended secretary general Jerome Valcke if certain conditions were met.

Clinton apologizes for use of private email account

Washington - Hillary Clinton apologized for using a private email server while secretary of state, calling the decision, which has dogged her Democratic presidential bid, a "mistake.

Can Clinton candidacy unravel over her emails?

Washington - She remains Democrats' best hope -- for now -- to retain the White House, but Hillary Clinton has failed to shake an unremitting email scandal that has dragged down her perceived trustworthiness and upended her campaign.

Dozens of Clinton emails deemed classified: State Dept

Washington - Dozens of emails sent or received by Hillary Clinton during her time as secretary of state, from the 3,500 already made public, have been classified as "confidential," the State Department said Monday.

The Hillary Clinton emails: What's known, what's not

Washington - Questions keep swirling about the electronic correspondence of Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, whose use of a private email account while secretary of state has dogged her on the campaign trail.

State Dept. releases nearly 2,000 Clinton emails

Washington - The State Department released nearly 2,000 emails from Hillary Clinton's time as top US diplomat, following orders from a federal judge.
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