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Op-Ed: Warren asks federal agencies for answers about algorithmic bias

Washington - For a long time now, lenders have given African American and Latino families fewer loans and at inferior terms than white borrowers in similar circumstances. One might think that the use of tech such as algorithms would be able to solve these problems.

Senator Warren says life insurers admit to offering kickbacks

Senator Elizabeth Warren, of Massachusetts, said that 12 major life insurers in the United States admitted to using incentives that could encourage agents to put their own interests ahead of the interests of their clients.

Republican strategist labels Scott Walker 'a dumb A** '

On February 26, 2015, Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker told the 2015 CPAC, "that he has the guts and experience to take on the Islamic State (ISIS) because he faced down public employee unions in his home state (2012)."

Op-Ed: Walker compares unions to ISIS, gets well-deserved slap by Warren

Madison - One thing is becoming very clear about Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker: Either he is a bumbling fool or he needs to fire his speech writer. When Walker compared unions to ISIS, Sen. Warren handed his cluelessness back to him on a rhetorical platter.

Op-Ed: Herding the liberal sheep into the Democratic fold

Washington - The United States is a two-party system consisting of Republicans and Democrats. While other parties exist, and independents as well, they do not have sufficient funds or support to challenge the two main parties.

Op-Ed: Senate Republicans vote 'no' on equal pay, fueling 'War on Women'

Washington - The Paycheck Fairness Act, S. 2199, failed to move in the United States Senate yesterday by a vote of 52-40. The measure is aimed at bridging the differences in pay between men and women. The bill needed to overcome the 60-vote procedural hurdle.

Bill Maher wishes Elizabeth Warren would take on Hillary Clinton

Washington - The host of HBO's popular show, "Real Time with Bill Maher," has been promoting his show's season premier this week and caused a stir. Maher told Charlie Rose he wants Sen. Elizabeth Warren to run and defeat Hillary Clinton, among other taboo subjects.

Op-Ed: Elizabeth Warren popular but would struggle as president

Despite the entrenched power of Hillary Clinton, rookie senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts may be looking to snatch the 2016 Democratic nomination for president by hooking in from the left as a populist. But she might struggle as chief executive...

Will Sen. Elizabeth Warren pass Hillary on road to nomination?

Detroit - Presumed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton may want to look in the rear-view mirror at some point during her media-anointed cruise to the Democratic Party nomination in 2016.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants post office to offer banking services

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren proposed that post offices should offer non-bank financial services to help the underserved.

CNN/IRC poll: It's Clinton and Christie in 2016 White House race

According to the latest CNN / ORC International poll on the possible candidates for the 2016 presidential election, the contest may be between Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie.

Scott Brown could make Governor's run instead of US Senate run

While Scott Brown could have a shot at being a US Senator again, there is the possibility of him not running and waiting to run for state governor in 2014.

Does Scott Brown have a second shot at the US Senate?

Leaving the US Senate, after his loss to new US Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Scott Brown (R-MA) could have a second shot at running for the US Senate soon.

Senator-Elect Warren tapped to be in Senate Banking Committee

Senator-Elect Elizabeth Warren, who defeated GOP incumbent Scott Brown in the Massachusetts US Senate Race, is being tapped to be part of the Senate Banking Committee.

Elizabeth Warren — Her impact for women and politics

Voters have changed the status quo of the U.S. government by voting in a more feminine political viewpoint for American women for the first time in history. One such win was the powerful Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts.

Elizabeth Warren beats Scott Brown in Massachusetts senate race

Democrat Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard law professor, has defeated Republican Scott Brown tonight in the Massachusetts Senate race.

Warren victorious, Massachusetts US Senate seat turns blue again

In the US Senate Race in Massachusetts has ended with the victory of Elizabeth Warren. Warren's victory makes her the state's first female US Senator. Her victory allows Democrats to reclaim the state's US Senate seat.

Sen. Scott Brown edges Elizabeth Warren in Globe poll

Sen. Scott Brown has taken a small lead over opponent Elizabeth Warren in a key Massachusetts Senate race, according to a Boston Globe survey that reversed its September results.

Elizabeth Warren outraises Scott Brown in tight MA Senate race

Boston - In one of the most contentious senate races in the United States, a new report finds that Harvard professor and Democratic senate candidate Elizabeth Warren outraised incumbent Republican Senator Scott Brown in the third quarter.

Did Democrat Elizabeth Warren practice law without a license?

Boston - Elizabeth Warren, the embattled senate candidate from Massachusetts, never applied for a license to practice law, even though she was paid $212,000 for a case defending big corporations against thousands of asbestos victims.

Democrat Elizabeth Warren challenged on minority status

Democratic Party Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren (MA) is coming under increasing pressure to explain allegations that she claimed to be Native American on her law school applications.

Elizabeth Warren announces US Senate bid

Washington - Seeking a grassroots campaign, Harvard law professor Elizabeth Warren announced Wednesday she is running for the US Senate against Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) in the 2012 general election, a move expected to gain her frontrunner status.

U.S. Treasury Has No Idea How Bailout Bucks are Being Spent

The next time someone from the bank calls you during dinner, asking if you intend to make a payment, you may want to ask them how they spent their bailout bucks. Chances are good, they won’t have an answer.

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U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison meets with Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren.
U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison meets with Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren.
Rep. Keith Ellison
Scott Brown vs. Elizabeth Warren - MA Senate 2012
Scott Brown vs. Elizabeth Warren - MA Senate 2012
Senior United States Senator from Massachusetts and a member of the Democratic Party.
Senior United States Senator from Massachusetts and a member of the Democratic Party.
Harvard law professor Elizabeth Warren.
Harvard law professor Elizabeth Warren.

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