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Electronics News

Next generation tech needs a diamond at the heart

Diamonds have many useful properties, aside from being prized jewels. One such application is as semiconductors and, as a new application, they could become the basis of a new generation of electronic devices.

Apple recycled $40 million worth of gold last year

Apple has announced it recycled over a ton of gold last year, or $40 million worth of the metal. Devices like smartphones contain relatively high amounts of gold as it is very electrically conductive and doesn't corrode easily, ideal for circuits.

Graphene paired with 'white graphene' for new electronics

So-called "white graphene" (hexagonal boron nitride) can be paired with graphene to create ultra-thin electronics in preparation for a new generation of electronic devices.

Carbon nanotube processors could be 1000x faster than silicon

A new method of engineering the processors that power computers could result in chips with 1000 times the performance of today's best offerings, according to a group of researchers.

Keeping electronics chilled with white graphene

New York - An important step in building more advanced electronic systems is keeping circuits and devices cool to avoid over-heating. This has proved complex, although the answer could be boron nitride (so-called "white graphene").

Review: The television keeps getting smarter and prettier

Smart TVs are becoming loaded with new features that further converge computer technology with America's box of wires and flickering lights. Screens get better too making images almost real-life quality.

Moore's Law continues as IBM announces new smaller computer chips

IBM has announced that it has successfully halved the size of the smallest components on today's computer chips to create the fastest processor ever seen using a circuit of the same area. The development continues Moore's infamous law.

Researchers develop light-emitting paper for flexible displays

Chinese researchers have successfully created a sheet of light-emitting, transparent and flexible paper with a new eco-friendly manufacturing technique. The paper could be used to create truly flexible displays for bendable gadgets of the future.

Graphene yields the world’s smallest crack

A new method, designed to create more powerful and faster nanoscale devices, has led to fabricated nanostructures with atomic sized gaps. These "cracks" are reportedly the smallest ever.

Christmas day sales to hit $690k a minute online

A new study has shown that rather than taking part in the festivities or helping with the cooking this Christmas, many will be taking to their phones to participate in an online shopping frenzy as the sales open throughout the big day.

Apple suppliers accused of poor treatment of workers

London - Workers in Chinese factories making Apple products are poorly treated, with exhausted employees falling asleep on their 12-hour shifts, British broadcaster the BBC found in an investigation broadcast.

Back from the edge — Radio Shack gets new financing offer

New York City - Ubiquitous US electronics retailer RadioShack Corp. reportedly has received an offer of nearly $600 million in financing that could enable it to avoid bankruptcy.

Phosphorus could make an ideal semiconductor

Houston - Phosphorus is an ideal candidate for nano-electronic applications that require stable properties, according to a new study.

Graphene sandwich bites for next-gen electronics

Manchester - Researchers have discovered that sandwiching layers of grey graphene with white graphene together could produce materials capable of creating high-frequency electronic devices.

Australia follows EU, U.S. in allowing mobile devices in-flight

Sydney - Passengers on Qantas and Virgin Australia from Tuesday will be allowed to use mobile electronic devices in-flight with limited restrictions after a relaxation of the rules by the country's aviation authority.

Ferroelectric materials show promise

Electronic devices with unprecedented efficiency and data storage may someday run on ferroelectrics - remarkable materials that use built-in electric polarizations to read and write digital information.

Panasonic revolutionizes agri-tech in growing vegetables

Electronics giant Panasonic is well-known for televisions and home theater systems. But Singaporeans got a surprise last week when a unit of the corporation started selling fresh radishes and lettuce to a chain of Japanese restaurants in Singapore.

World's cheapest computer, Raspberry Pi, undergoes redesign

Cardiff - A new version of the Raspberry Pi, a basic computer system, has been released. Named the B+, the updated version uses less power than its predecessors and will cost about $35.

Woman dies in Australia using cheap USB-style charger

Sydney - Australian authorities issued a warning about cheap, non-compliant USB-style chargers Friday after a young woman died from apparent electrocution while using a laptop and possibly a smart phone.

Samsung plans to launch Tizen smartphone in Russia and India

The much talked about Tizen brewed by Samsung Electronics is becoming a reality. Samsung is preparing the launch of an Tizen based smartphone to two countries.

Scientists makes graphene breakthrough

Researchers have made a key development in relation to the commercialization of grapheme. Graphene is a unique material ideally suited for electronic devices.

Scientists develop self-destructing electronics

"This message will destruct in 10 seconds" is your typical Mission Impossible movie phrase. Only now, this is a reality.

Japan chipmaker Renesas soars on Apple talks report

Tokyo - Shares in Japan's Renesas Electronics surged in Tokyo Wednesday following a report it is in talks with Apple to sell the US giant its stake in a unit that designs microchips for liquid crystal displays.

Japan Display shares plunge on Tokyo debut

Tokyo - Shares in Japan Display -- the world's biggest maker of screens for smartphones and tablets and a key Apple supplier -- plunged on their Tokyo debut Wednesday, following a $3.2 billion initial public offering.The stock, which at one stage lost more tha...

Japan Display shares plunge from IPO price

Tokyo - Shares in Japan Display -- the world's biggest maker of screens for smartphones and tablets and a key Apple supplier -- lost almost a quarter of its value on its debut Wednesday, following a $3.2 billion initial public offering.The firm slumped to 706 ...

Noise from electronic gadgets can cause some serious headaches

When you hear the word “noise,” you probably think of screeching, banging, humming, screaming or maybe Def Leopard. But to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), “noise” has a whole different meaning.

Japan LCD screen giant raises $3.2 bn in share sale

Tokyo - Japan Display, the world's biggest maker of screens for smartphones and tablets and a key supplier to Apple, said Monday it had raised $3.2 billion in an initial public offering ahead of a listing later this month.An official filing said its offering w...

Loss-saddled Sony to sell its Tokyo 'birthplace'

Tokyo - Sony said Friday it would sell properties at a prestigious Tokyo site where it had its headquarters for six decades, as the once-world beating firm struggles to repair its bottom line.The company's 16.1 billion yen ($157 million) deal to sell the real ...

In a driverless future, drivers will do anything else

Geneva - Brew an espresso, watch a movie on a large screen, surf the Internet or simply sit and chat with friends?As automakers and technology firms steer towards a future of driverless cars, a Swiss think tank is at the Geneva Motor Show this week showing off ...

Japan LCD screen giant plans $4.0 bn share sale

Tokyo - Japan Display, the world's biggest maker of screens for smartphones and tablet computers, on Monday announced details of a share offering that could raise up to $4.0 billion.The firm, which counts Apple and Sony as customers, said it would list its sha...
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Human brain.
Human brain.
National Institute of Mental Health
Close up of a silicon chip
Close up of a silicon chip
Ioan Sameli
The front of Carbon Computing  an electronics store in Toronto
The front of Carbon Computing, an electronics store in Toronto
Courtesy Carbon Computing
Home Automation Setup with a Built-In Controller
Home Automation Setup with a Built-In Controller
A Radio Shack store is seen at the West Valley Mall in Tracy  Calif.  60 miles east of San Francisco...
A Radio Shack store is seen at the West Valley Mall in Tracy, Calif., 60 miles east of San Francisco.
Davidcaballero864/Wikimedia Commons
Tony Thompson shows his hand made robot.
Tony Thompson shows his hand made robot.
A Raspberry Pi computer
A Raspberry Pi computer
Throngs of people come over to CES every year
Throngs of people come over to CES every year
Wikimedia Commons
Best Buy
Best Buy
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Button batteries
Button batteries
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