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Electronics News

Impacts of TX snowstorm on electronics supply chain Special

The unexepdcted storms impact on semiconductor fabrication plants in the lone star state have not received as much attention as the impact on people, yet going forwards the economic impact upon this sector will be considerable.

Transforming electronic waste into new coating for metals

Technologists have a found a means to collect electronic waste and extract the necessary materials that can be used to create a protective, tough outer coating for different types of metals.

Samsung to deploy software patch after Galaxy S10 fingerprint flaw found

Seoul - A flaw with Samsung's top-end Galaxy S10 fingerprint system that allows the smartphone to be opened by a third party will soon be fixed, the tech giant said Thursday.

Essential Science: First circular pure carbon molecule created

Carbon atoms are of great importance for science, being able to form a variety of three-dimensional configurations. These allotropes are structurally different and have several key industrial uses.

Creating tunable graphene for next-gen electronics

Much has been spoken about graphene and its remarkable properties. With electronics, to be truly useful graphene would need to carry an electric current that switches on and off, as with silicon. Researchers are devising a laser-method to do just that.

Spray-on plasmonics create tunable colours at video speeds

Researchers have leveraged plasmonics to create stable colors. The colors can be electrically tuned across different wavelengths, at video-fast speeds. This can be used for next-generation display screens.

New material discovered to power electronics in new ways

The functionality of electronics are set to improve due to the discovery of a new material. The material can function in two different ways, simplifying the number of materials required to be used in electronic devices.

Breakthrough made with organic electronics

Organic electronics are set to become more important, they provide the basis for flexible solar cells for example or future electronic paper. A new breakthrough doubles the power.

European Union invests €1.75 billion in microelectronics research

The European Union has committed to making a major tranche of investment in micro-electronic research and development, pledging to fund the industry to the tune of €1.75 billion.

China tech factory conditions fuel suicides: study

Bejing - Difficult working conditions including punishment for minor offences and high staff turnover in Chinese factories that feed the global electronics supply chain contribute to employee suicides, a study published on Wednesday said.

Time to move on from silicon based electronics?

Silicon has served the electronics sector well, but is it time to move beyond the abundant element and to consider other materials as technology advances? A research paper investigates new organometallic materials.

Q&A: Merging 3D printing and printed electronics innovations Special

Imagine a world where printed smart objects are part of our everyday lives? This type of technological innovation is getting closer, according to Dr. Paul Smith of the Xerox Research Centre of Canada. He discusses how with Digital Journal.

Op-Ed: Farmers lose 'right to repair' their John Deere equipment

The "right to repair" movement suffered a serious setback this month when the California Farm Bureau Federation let the state's farmers down by signing a watered-down agreement with John Deere lobbyists.

Improving the efficiency of wearable tech clothing

Boston - Wearable technology as a form of clothing has been a little slow to take off. This is partially due to the ‘chunkiness’ of the clothes and due to a lack of consumer excitement with the functionality. A new advance could change this.

Tunable graphene can aid future electronic devices

Cambridge - Graphene, the material with many useful properties, including strength, transparency and conductivity, can be ‘tuned’ and this new ability has a potential use with next-generation electronic devices.

Altering electrons for improved quantum computing

Two new ways to manipulate electron interactions, from Purdue University, open up new possibilities for the design and scaling up of quantum computing devices.

Controlling the speed limit of smart technology gadgets

Understanding why there is a speed limit on how fast the properties of light can be changed is the way forward for the next generation of consumer electronics including smart watches, screens and glasses, according to new research.

New way to create energy-saving electronics

Scientists have discovered an alternate way of conducting electricity between transistors without energy loss. This could spur developments in energy-saving electronics and quantum computing.

Rare element helps develop high speed electronics

A rare Earth element can provide a better starting material for the development of high-speed electronics, which can be used in communication devices.

New form of electronic matter discovered

Chicago - The existence of new form of electronic matter has been reported by scientists. This new phase is called called quadrupole topological insulators, previously predicted as part of theoretical physics.

Oxide and semiconductors herald new electronic devices

New Haven - A science team has shown how bringing together an oxide and a semiconductor into a unique combination holds promise for the creation of a new generation of electronic devices.

Next generation of power electronics proposed

What will the next generation of power electronics be like and what are the key features required? One feature of interest is with reducing power loss. Aalto University researchers have a solution.

Sony revives robot pet dog

Toukyo - Japanese electronics giant Sony is marking the year of the dog by bringing back to life its robot canine -- packed with artificial intelligence and internet capability.

Improving electrical switches with a pinch of salt

Scientists have developed an atypical means to make electrical switches more effective. This process involves the application of salt. The reason is to improve electronics at the nano-scale.

Wild graphene 'tamed' for new electronic devices

A new discovery concerning the controlling of electrons in the 'super'- material graphene could lead to the future production of novel electronic devices.

Toshiba says sells chip unit to Bain Capital for around $18 bn

Toukyo - Toshiba said Wednesday it would sell its memory chip business to a group led by US investor Bain Capital, in a deal worth around $18 billion and seen as crucial to keeping the Japanese conglomerate afloat.

Disposing of unwanted electronics, with vinegar

The continual innovations with digital technology lead to a similar continual problem — the disposal of obsolescent items. Researchers have come up with a novel method, and it uses vinegar.

Holography will be the next big thing in electronics

Digital device development never stands still and the next big thing with devices could be the integrated of 3D holography. This area is attracting considerable interest from tech developers and with research centers.

Quantum technology helps prevent counterfeit electronics

Researchers have taken a major step in terms of preventing counterfeiting. This is through generating unique atomic-scale identifiers based on the irregularities found in 2-D materials such as graphene.

Thinner semiconductors from IBM help with the digital revolution

Researchers are developing a new method for creating thinner semiconductors through modifications to crystals. This promises to help ease in new generation of solar power.
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Electronics Image

Close up of a silicon chip
Close up of a silicon chip
Ioan Sameli (CC BY-SA 2.0)
TV and Computer Monitor Recycling Pen This pen is at the Gravel Pit Lane recycling facility.The chan...
TV and Computer Monitor Recycling Pen This pen is at the Gravel Pit Lane recycling facility.The change from CRT to Flat Panel technology is responsible for an enormous amount of electronic waste.
David Wright (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Tony Thompson shows his hand made robot.
Tony Thompson shows his hand made robot.
A single circuit board  foreground  that when joined with others forms the experimental array of the...
A single circuit board, foreground, that when joined with others forms the experimental array of the quadrupole topological insulator.
L. Brian Stauffer / University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Throngs of people come over to CES every year
Throngs of people come over to CES every year
Wikimedia Commons
Best Buy
Best Buy
Clive Darra
Engineering in action. One of the exhibits on show at the Craft & Graft exhibition.
Engineering in action. One of the exhibits on show at the Craft & Graft exhibition.
The front of Carbon Computing  an electronics store in Toronto
The front of Carbon Computing, an electronics store in Toronto
Courtesy Carbon Computing
A Raspberry Pi computer
A Raspberry Pi computer
The friendly new electrode is comfortable and accessible  allowing users to carry on as usual with t...
The friendly new electrode is comfortable and accessible, allowing users to carry on as usual with their daily routines, while monitoring their muscle activity for many hours, for a range of medical and other purposes.
Prof. Yael Hanein, Tel Aviv University
A Radio Shack store is seen at the West Valley Mall in Tracy  Calif.  60 miles east of San Francisco...
A Radio Shack store is seen at the West Valley Mall in Tracy, Calif., 60 miles east of San Francisco.
Davidcaballero864/Wikimedia Commons
Button batteries
Button batteries
James Bowe

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