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Electricity News

Fighting arthritic pain with the vagus nerve

The majority of nerves run from the body to the brain. The vagus nerve, however, goes in the opposite direction, running from the brain to the body. Scientists think they can exploit this for pain management.

State of emergency in Crimea after power lines blown up

Sevastopol - Crimea declared a state of emergency on Sunday after its main electricity lines from Ukraine were blown up, leaving the Russian-annexed peninsula in darkness after the second such attack in as many days.More than 1.

Evidence for a ‘sixth sense’ revealed

Do animals possess a ‘sixth sense’? Well possibly, but it has nothing to do with supernatural powers. Biologists have been studying the ability to sense electrical fields.

Carbon nanotube processors could be 1000x faster than silicon

A new method of engineering the processors that power computers could result in chips with 1000 times the performance of today's best offerings, according to a group of researchers.

Iraqis protest over poor services, salty tap water

Basra - Hundreds of Iraqis demonstrated Saturday in the sweltering southern cities of Basra and Karbala as protests over the poor quality of water and electricity supply spread across the country.

Deploying graphene in warships aids performance

Washington - The U.S. Navy is looking into graphene to see how the carbon-based material can help drive an improved performance in terms of power.

Russia cuts off power supplies to Ukraine rebels: Kiev

Kiev - Kiev said Tuesday that Russia had cut off electricity to Ukraine's rebel-run regions in what appears to be another sign that Moscow is losing interest in plans to splinter its neighbour.

Major power outage sweeps Washington region

Washington - A power outage swept the Washington area, hitting the White House, the Capitol and the State Department and knocking out electricity for thousands around the US capital.

Turkey in the dark over mega power cut

Ankara - The causes of Turkey's biggest power cut in over 15 years that deprived most of the country of electricity remained shrouded in mystery Wednesday, with the government under pressure to give answers ahead of June 7 legislative elections.

Nationwide power cut paralyses Turkey

Istanbul - A massive power cut caused chaos and shut down public transport across Turkey on Tuesday, with the government refusing to rule out that the electricity system had been the victim of an attack.

Power supply restored after cut at Amsterdam Schipol airport

Den Haag - A massive power cut caused chaos in and around the Dutch capital Amsterdam on Friday, including temporarily halting all flights at Schiphol International Airport, an airport spokeswoman and news reports said.

Unlikely allies fight for solar energy in Florida

Miami - Florida is widely known as the Sunshine State but when it comes to harnessing solar power, lots of customers find it just doesn't pay because electricity is already cheap and there is little incentive to make the change from fossil fuels.

China's wind farms produce more energy than all U.S. nuclear plants

China now has enough wind farms to produce more energy renewably than all that is made by America's nuclear plants as the growing nation expands its power generation to fuel its new mega-cities.

Wirelessly charge your phone on your desk with new IKEA furniture

The Swedish furniture giant Ikea has announced that it is launching a new range of household furniture items with wireless charging functionality built in, making it easy to add power to your devices.

Police reveal details of mysterious tunnel in Toronto

Police in Toronto are seeking the help of the public to find out who is responsible for digging a huge 33-feet long, six-feet high tunnel in the grounds of the Toronto's York University.

Human muscle that contracts is made in laboratory

Scientists have successfully grown a human skeletal muscle that contracts and responds similarly to natural body tissue to electrical pulses. The laboratory development is designed to help researchers study new drugs.

Extraordinary bacteria use energy in its purest form (video)

Bacteria to survive on a variety of energy sources. Nonetheless, scientists were surprised recently to discover new species of bacteria that can survive and function on electricity alone.

English pub spends £1000 a week on power for Christmas lights

At this festive time of the year, sparkling lights adorn many neighborhoods across the globe. A standard display doesn't cost a lot to run across the season but one village pub in England is spending £1000 ($1700) a week on power to keep its array alight

New technique offers spray-on solar power

A team has created a new way to harvest solar power by spraying solar cells onto flexible surfaces, representing a step towards easy and cheap solar electricity by simply spraying a surface.

Power partly restored in Bangladesh after nationwide blackout

Dhaka - Power was restored in most parts of Bangladesh late Saturday, some 12 hours after a massive nationwide electricity blackout hit the country, plunging Dhaka and other cities into total darkness.

Nationwide blackout hits Bangladesh

Dhaka - A massive nationwide power blackout hit Bangladesh on Saturday after a transmission line failed, leaving homes, businesses and shops in the densely-populated country without electricity.

Drones spotted over seven French nuclear sites, says EDF

Paris - France's state-run power firm EDF on Wednesday said unidentified drones had flown over seven nuclear plants this month, leading it to file a complaint with the police.

Wind power proposed to supply Los Angeles by 2023

Wheatland - It's going to take imagination and innovation to tackle bringing clean energy to the world, and doing it in a big way. A group of four companies is doing just that, proposing an $8 billion project to supply Los Angeles with large amounts of electricity.

New way of assessing the purity of graphene

The environment surrounding graphene can influence its electronic performance. To check the material purity researchers have come up with a simple way to spot contaminants.

Hemp nanosheets rival graphene for conductivity

Scientists have reported that fibers from hemp can pack as much energy and power as graphene, which is known as the "wonder" model material for making supercapacitors.

Advancements with graphene for conductivity

Researchers have discovered that the conductivity at the edges of graphene devices is different to the central material.

'Liter of Light' — Lighting up homes with a 1-liter water bottle

"Liter of Light," an inspiring project that aims to provide sustainable, green lighting in impoverished homes using just a 1-liter bottle of water, is now present in 15 countries, including India, Kenya and the Philippines.

Coal stocks run dangerously low at India power stations

New Delhi - Nearly half of India's coal-fired power stations only have enough stocks to last a week, as the country struggles to meet growing seasonal demand for electricity, the power minister said Thursday.

Scientists find a way to ‘tune’ graphene

Researchers continue to work on the wonder material of the age: graphene. Part of this involves ‘fine tuning’ the material in preparation to make a new generation of ‘superconductors’.

Alternative to silicon semiconductors

Time to re-name 'Silicon Valley'? Researchers have announced silicon alternatives for semiconductors to be used in future computers and next-generation electronics.
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Cat® Dealer  Mantrac Africa  partners with Wentworth Natural Resources to bring new power and prosp...
Cat® Dealer, Mantrac Africa, partners with Wentworth Natural Resources to bring new power and prosperity to Mnazi Bay and City of Mtwara, Tanzania.
CAT Products
The ideal crystalline structure of graphene is a hexagonal grid
The ideal crystalline structure of graphene is a hexagonal grid
Work outs at theclub in Bristol produce electricity.
Work outs at theclub in Bristol produce electricity.
An electricity prepayment meter key in Britain
An electricity prepayment meter key in Britain
Lydiashiningbrightly on Flick'r
A fairly big number of fish species  including eels and sharks  has the ability to generate and disc...
A fairly big number of fish species, including eels and sharks, has the ability to generate and discharge electrical currents in the water around.
Wikimedia Commons
Clothes being washed from a well dug in a dry riverbed.
Somalia  2013.
Clothes being washed from a well dug in a dry riverbed. Somalia, 2013.
UN Photo/Jeffrey Foxx
Ngong Hills Wind Project  Kenya
Ngong Hills Wind Project, Kenya
Work outs at theclub in Bristol produce electricity.
Work outs at theclub in Bristol produce electricity.
Power generators are now on the site
Power generators are now on the site
Imperial Palace  Tokyo  Japan
Imperial Palace, Tokyo, Japan
Toontown Whitefox
Some of the reduced electricity usage in a  busy part of Tokyo  Japan
Some of the reduced electricity usage in a busy part of Tokyo, Japan

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