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Elderly News

Italy doctors warn of 'bio bombs' from patients sent to care homes

Rome - Italian doctors and unions have warned that a government policy to send patients discharged from hospital but still positive for coronavirus to care homes is like priming "biological bombs".

In Europe, retirement homes at risk from virus 'timebomb'

Madrid - In Italy, Spain and France, old people's homes have been ravaged by coronavirus with the elderly and the infirm taking the brunt of the epidemic as it spreads like wildfire across Europe.

103-year-old Iran woman survives coronavirus: report

Tehran - A 103-year-old woman in Iran has recovered after being infected with the new coronavirus, state media reported, despite overwhelming evidence the elderly are most at risk from the disease.

Canada declares COVID-19 outbreak at a long-term care home

Canadian officials on Saturday declared an outbreak of the new coronavirus at a long-term care home in North Vancouver, British Columbia after health officials said two elderly residents were diagnosed with the illness.

Hong Kong's grandpa protesters speak softly but carry a stick

Hong Kong - "Grandpa Wong" holds a cane above his head as he pleads with riot police to stop firing tear gas -- an 85-year-old shielding protesters on the front lines of Hong Kong's fight for democracy.

Artificial intelligence predicts disease risk in aging seniors

Edmonton - Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd. and Health City – a non-profit economic development initiative for the Edmonton region – are to collaborate on a project that uses artificial intelligence to help predict frailty in older adults.

How to train a robot to feed you dinner

Washington - A new robot has been developed to assist people with eating. The robot can pass food to people who are ill, injured or elderly, or otherwise require support. The robot has an algorithm that guides to selecting the required food item.

Spain police find elderly held in 'house of horrors'

Madrid - Spanish police said Thursday they rescued an elderly man and woman locked up in a house, allegedly drugged and fed via a tube by a couple whose other "wards" died mysteriously.

'World's oldest man' dies in Japan at 113

Apo - "World's oldest man" Masazo Nonaka, who was born just two years after the Wright brothers launched humanity's first powered flight, died on Sunday aged 113, Japanese media said.

Heatwave death threat soars for elderly, city dwellers

Paris - More than 150 million vulnerable people worldwide were exposed to potentially life-threatening heatwaves last year, scientists said Thursday, warning that climate change posed an unprecedented global health risk.

Work key to long life, says Mexican who may be world's oldest man

Juarez - You wouldn't know it watching him take care of his chickens on the family farm, but according to his birth certificate and official Mexican ID, Manuel Garcia Hernandez is 121 years old.

Three tax-savings ideas to help seniors

One major expenditure awaiting a large percentage of U.S. citizens near the end of their lives is long-term care. Expenses extend to assisted living facilities or nursing homes. A new guide gives advice.

New e-health solution helps people to live independent lives

It has long been recognized that the longer elderly people can live independently for the better it is for their well-being. Independent living carries risks and to assist with risk avoidance, a new sensor has been developed.

Five suspicious deaths at Australia aged care facility probed

Sydney - A doctor has been reported to health authorities and three nurses fired over the suspicious deaths of five people at a Baptist-run aged care facility in Australia, authorities said Thursday.

Artificial intelligence disrupts assisted living facilities

The care home and assisted living concepts are altering through the use of artificial intelligence; this is leading to a safer environment for elderly people and others who require assisted support.

Elderly Japanese cons reoffending faster than young criminals

Toukyo - Elderly criminals in Japan are more likely to be sent back to jail than younger cons, a government report said Friday, with ageing crooks increasingly likely to reoffend.Almost one quarter (23.

Dying days: ailing photographer documents fellow patients

Singapore - Looking frail in a wheelchair and breathing with the aid of an oxygen tank, photographer Alan Lee grasps the camera that he used to take pictures of his fellow patients at a Singapore hospice.

Three on trial for murder, abuse at German care home

Frankfurt Am Main - Three care home workers went on trial Monday in Germany accused of killing two elderly residents and abusing a string of others, with prosecutors saying they acted "out of boredom".

As Germany ages, 'grey vote' has younger generations worried

Berlin - Save for pensioners or invest in young people?

Can artificial intelligence aid human age-reversal?

Combating the human aging process, either for health reasons or reasons more attuned to simply living for longer, has occupied considerable amounts of scientific inquiry. The solution to combating cell aging may lie with artificial intelligence.

Chinese auntie enforcers jailed after reign of grey terror

Shanghai - Members of a Chinese "auntie gang" of debt-collectors have been jailed over a reign of grey terror in which they menaced victims and even stripped naked to get them to cough up, state media said on Tuesday.

'Twilight Villa': Home of Myanmar's abandoned elderly

Yangon - Paralysed on one side by a stroke and barely able to speak, Tin Hlaing was left to die at the side of a road -- by her own children.

Essential Science: Methylene Blue as an anti-aging treatment

Aging is inevitable for living organisms and part of the course of life. With modern medicine life expectancy can be extended and there are various ‘tricks’ to give the appearance of not aging. But is true slowing down of aging possible?

No hurry as India's inspirational centenarian wins gold

Auckland - With a jaunty victory dance, 101-year-old Man Kaur celebrated winning the 100 metres sprint at the World Masters Games in Auckland on Monday, the 17th gold medal in the Indian athlete's remarkable late-blooming career.

Daily tea consumption protects against cognitive decline

Does the regular consumption of tea help to off-set cognitive decline? A new study indicates tea drinking reduces the risk of cognitive impairment in older people by 50 per cent.

Ten tips for handling prescription medications safely

There have been several stories reported on in the past few years about the risks associated with prescription medications, especially around misuse and overuse. A leading medic has provided Digital Journal with some important advice.

Smart stuffed animal toys used to help patients

A new ‘smart’ toy has been devised to give to Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. The toy is designed to ‘smooth’ the patients and the smart functionality adds therapeutic capabilities.

A tattoo in your 80s? Yes, says Judi Dench

Guildford - Things to do as you get older: Dame Judi Dench has got her first tattoo, just in time for her 81st birthday. The tattoo was a present from her daughter Finty Williams.

Canada drafts law to allow assisted suicide

Montreal - Canada seems set to allow people with certain illnesses to end their lives, with support from a registered medic. The draft law contains several excluded categories.

Elizabethkingia infection turns up in another state

The mysterious blood infection caused by Elizabethkingia bacteria — that sickened 54 people in Wisconsin and took the lives of 17 — has moved into Michigan, killing an elderly adult with underlying health problems.
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At least 7 million elderly Americans are food insecure.
At least 7 million elderly Americans are food insecure.
: Elderly man drinking coffee at Fosnes Nursing Home in Norway at Christmas Time.
: Elderly man drinking coffee at Fosnes Nursing Home in Norway at Christmas Time.
Thomas Bjørkan
Smart carpet will report if the elderly should fall.
Smart carpet will report if the elderly should fall.
Video screen capture
TOWERING: Photo shows the Zhongxian Yangtze River Bridge in Chongqing municipality  China.
TOWERING: Photo shows the Zhongxian Yangtze River Bridge in Chongqing municipality, China.
Glabb/Wikimedia Commons
Life expectancy is not just about living longer. It also includes being healthy enough to enjoy the ...
Life expectancy is not just about living longer. It also includes being healthy enough to enjoy the extra years.
CBS Sunday Morning

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