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Egyptian News

Egypt Church curtails Easter celebrations after bombings

Cairo - Egypt's Coptic Church announced on Wednesday that it would cut back Easter celebrations to a simple mass after twin bombings killed 45 worshippers last weekend.

Egyptian strawberries linked to Hepatitis A recalled nationwide

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is urging foodservice operators, including schools and restaurants nationwide, to check freezers for recalled Egyptian strawberries that may be contaminated with Hepatitis A.

European DNA comes from Egyptians who migrated out of Africa

"Walk like an Egyptian" say the words of the song, and it seems that Europeans and Asians did just that, when they migrated north from Africa tens of thousands of years ago.

Two new species of the scarab beetle found in Africa

In ancient Egypt, scarab beetles were revered and considered sacred. They were a symbol of hope and the restoration of life. Their images could be found on amulets, funerary objects and seals. The discovery of two new species are important finds.

Former activist in Egypt speaks to protesters in Turkey (video)

Mihalis Eleftheriou, former activist in the Occupy Buffer Zone movement in Cyprus who was also involved in the Egyptian Revolution in Tahrir Square, sent a message of both solidarity and warning to activists in Turkey.

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood condemns Boston terrorist attack

The Egyptian ruling Muslim Brotherhood party has come out in strong condemnation against the terrorist attack in Boston yesterday.

Egyptians hold protests in Tahrir Square against military

Protestors in Egypt have once again converged on Tahrir Square in Cairo to protest against the military generals who are seizing powers.

Julian Assange 'The World Tomorrow' — Ep. 7: Occupy movement

London - "There's nothing that terrifies the U.S. government more than the threat of democracy breaking out in America." Julian Assange interviews representatives from OWS and Occupy London.

Egyptian husband shocked to see wife in porn film

An Egyptian man who decided to watch a porn film for the first time got a big surprise because he ended up seeing his wife performing.

New Egyptian Monuments Discovered at Karnak Temple in Luxor

Cairo - Archaeologists have discovered new ancient treasures in Egypt near Karnak Temple in Luxor on Sunday, according to the ministry of antiquities.

Egyptian couple name newborn child 'Facebook'

Ibrah - The name "Facebook" was given by an Egyptian couple to their newborn daughter in honor of the role the social networking website played in the protests that led to longtime president, Hosni Mubarak, stepping down.

Court Upholds 4-year Sentence Given To Egyptian Blogger

A 22-year-old former student at Cairo's Al-Azhar University has his conviction upheld by the Appeals Court in Alexandria, Egypt.

Egyptian Blogger Gets Four Years Of Prison

Egypt's first blogging trial is now over and it has sentenced a blogger to four years of prison time.

Egyptian man held by Ottawa since 2000 ordered released

"I am satisfied that Mr. Mahjoub ... will not pose a danger to national security or to the safety of any person if released under the terms and conditions that I consider appropriate,'' Justice Richard Mosley said in a decision released today.

Egypt to dig up pharaonic tombs

Bulldozers have moved in to demolish houses in the Egyptian village of Qurna which sits on top of dozens of pharaonic tombs in Luxor.

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Egyptian Image

Ahmed Samir Assem  Egyptian Photojournalist  captures the moment of his own death on video.
Ahmed Samir Assem, Egyptian Photojournalist, captures the moment of his own death on video.
Video screengrab
Debod Egyptian Temple in Madrid (Spain).
Debod Egyptian Temple in Madrid (Spain).
Fernando García Redondo
Adly Mansour  president of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt  sworn in as interim president ...
Adly Mansour, president of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt, sworn in as interim president replacing Mohamed Morsi
Genetic information from Ethiopians and Egyptians point to a Northern exit out of Africa as the most...
Genetic information from Ethiopians and Egyptians point to a Northern exit out of Africa as the most likely route by the ancestors of all Eurasians. Image credit: Luca Pagani.
Luca Pagani