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Egg News

Australian PM egged on campaign trail

Sydney - Australia's election became a little more raucous on Tuesday when a protestor tried -- but failed -- to crack an egg on Prime Minister Scott Morrison's head.

World's oldest seabird, Wisdom, expecting again at 66

A 66-year-old albatross named Wisdom, first tagged in 1956 and believed to be the oldest known tracked bird in the wild, has returned with a mate to a large nesting colony on Midway Atoll to lay an egg.

Lab-grown milk, eggs and meat could hit store shelves in 5 years

Meat, eggs and milk could be produced in lab without killing or harming animals thanks to microbe cultures. The future of food as we know it may be forever changed, allowing even vegetarians and vegans to eat hamburgers and milkshakes again.

Man finds egg worth more than $30 million

A Midwest scrap metal dealer came across a rare Faberge egg at a sale, and he decided to pay $13,000 for it. The man, who has not been identified, sensed that the golden egg was worth more than that.

Older dads increase risk of autism and mental illness in children

A landmark study has determined that the older a man is when he has a child, the greater the risk of passing on genetic mutations that can cause autism and schizophrenia.

Woman finds double egg, egg within egg

Abilene - A Texas woman made an interesting discovery in her chicken coop yesterday when she found a massive-sized egg inside one of the nests.

Op-Ed: Lady Gaga egged for wheelchair entrance in Sydney gay club

Sydney - Pop sensation Lady Gaga was at the center of controversy this week, as the 25-year-old star was egged by furious activists in Sydney, Australia.

Scientists could resurrect mammoths in five years

Kyoto - A team of scientists say they now have developed a process that will enable them to clone the mammoth and that the creature which has been extinct for 10,000 years may well walk the earth again in five years.

Eggs worse than Double Down for cholesterol

One egg is worse than a KFC Double Down when it comes to cholesterol. This is one conclusion to be drawn from a recent review by Canadian researchers of cholesterol studies involving eggs. The important words here are cholesterol and eggs.

Man sentenced to 30 months for egg smuggling attempt

Warwick - A man was sentenced to 30 months in prison after admitting attempting to smuggle peregrine falcon eggs out of the UK. He was caught with 14 eggs which were valued at £70,000 on the black market.

British scientists crack the chicken vs. egg mystery

British scientists have discovered that egg formation is only possible by a protein found in chickens' ovaries. That means eggs must be formed in chickens first, which now solves that age-old question.

Ouch! Harriet might have laid the world's largest egg

Harriet the hen laid an egg three times the normal size. The egg weighed 5.75 ounces and was 9.1 inches in diameter and 4.5 inches long.

China: hen produces soft-shelled egg shaped like a figure eight

Hebei - After hearing a terrible ruckus outside, Mrs Dong went to investigate, finding that her hen had laid an egg shaped like a figure eight.

Mystery find was an EGGaggerated joke to fool a relative

Case cracked! Mystery solved. A giant egg found by a hunter in the woods of West Virginia turned out to not be such a mystery after all.

Allergy Alert on Undeclared Egg in Smoked Salmon Spread

Sau-Sea foods, Inc, of Water Mill NY is recalling all tubs of SMOKED SALMON Spread with the sell by dates as follows: 072308, 082708, 092408, 1 12508, 03 1309.

Allergy Alert: Undeclared Egg In Some Fresh Chicken Breast Products

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and Sofina Foods Inc. are warning people with allergies to egg protein not to consume various fresh chicken breast products.

London Bus Helps 55 Year Old Woman To Conceive

After 14 years of trying for a baby, an advert was slapped on the side of a bus in the south of the UK for an egg donor. Since then the 55 year old woman who desperately wanted a baby has now given birth to a beautiful and healthy daughter

Student Throws Eggs At Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in Hungary

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s C.E.O., was making a presentation to Hungarian University students, when he got eggs thrown at him by an angry student. The student was upset about high software costs.

Gecko Found in Chicken Egg

Which came first, the gecko or the egg? That is one of the questions being pondered by a group of Australian scientists who made an unusual discovery.

Baby Born from Frozen Sperm & Egg

A California woman has given birth to the first baby ever conceived in the US from frozen sperm and a frozen egg.

Easter's Pagan Roots and Other Facts You Didn't Know

From 500-year-old Easter Eggs to the Pagan connection with the Christian holiday, here are some interesting facts on the origins of Easter.

California Condor Lays First Egg in Mexico Since 1930s

In the 1980s, there were only 28 California Condors left in the world. Now, new hope comes with the rare discovery of an egg in Mexico.

Man Jailed for egging judge who wrongly jailed him before

A man who was sent to jail in what he deemed as a "sorry story of administrative and judicial errors" is now in jail after throwing eggs at the judge who put him in jail the first time.

What's In Your Easter Basket? Hopefully Not A Cadbury Egg!

Are you busy putting together your Easter Basket for this year? Looking over the candy assortments on the shelves? You might want to reconsider the Cadbury Egg. Why You Ask? Let me tell you...........

Fears over false egg labels

Over one million battery eggs are purposely being labelled free-range or organic as often as every week in the UK.

It Toasts, It Boils, It Warms Up Meat--Meet the Multitasking Breakfast Appliance

Thanks to Windows, we have become accustomed to multitasking on our PCs. But how would you like to be able to cook 4 eggs, toast up to 2 slices of bread and warm up leftover sausages at the same time without sprouting an additional pair of arms and hands?

The Most Expensive Breakfast he's ever had

A British teenager had a full English breakfast tattooed onto his head -- including bacon, eggs, sausages, beans, and a full set of cutlery.

Princeton Global Consciousness "Egg" Project

Can it predict global events?

Food Bourne Illness Strikes Again.

Egg Salad Recalled in 17 States

Wiltshire inventor perfects egg boiling sans water

I like mine overeasy or scrambled but I'm sure someone out there will want one of these.
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Egg Image

The baby chick.
The baby chick.
Juegos Olimpicos (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Leatherback sea turtle egg
Leatherback sea turtle egg
Massive 245 grams egg laid by Franciscana  a hen from a Colombian chicken farm.(Screengrab from YouT...
Massive 245 grams egg laid by Franciscana, a hen from a Colombian chicken farm.(Screengrab from YouTube video).
The Sun
The giant egg s 1 foot long  more than 2 feet in circumference. The egg s volume is equivalent to th...
The giant egg s 1 foot long, more than 2 feet in circumference. The egg's volume is equivalent to that of about 150 chicken eggs.
Buffalo Museum of Science
The full English breakfast includes bacon  eggs  sausages  beans and fried potatoes
The full English breakfast includes bacon, eggs, sausages, beans and fried potatoes
Ready for a trip to be X-rayed.
Ready for a trip to be X-rayed.
Buffalo Museum of Science

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