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Yes, Virginia, Santa Claus does exist — in all of us

Back in 1897, an 8-year-old girl named Virginia O’Hanlon wrote to a newspaper editor to ask a simple question – does Santa Claus really exist? The answer, printed in the New York Sun, is the most famous editorial ever printed.

Can the editorial team also write sponsored content? Commissioned

Is sponsored content jeopardizing a publication's integrity? Or this trend a trusted revenue source for news outlets across the world?

Op-Ed: What people do not tell you about small business freelancing

Are you incredibly skilled, charismatic and even intelligent? Freelancing may still not be for you. Come read about the other side of being a freelancer.

China should prepare for 'instability' from home-price cooling - editorial

Chinese policymakers must ensure the property market, which has started to show signs of cooling, does not become a source of social and financial instability, the official China Daily said in an editorial published on Wednesday.

Op-Ed: Content marketing is not about manipulation, but about integrity

With digital content marketing executions among news organizations increasing, there has been a parallel increase in concern in some editorial corners that content strategies amount to consumer manipulation. Those corners are in the wrong.

The New York Times endorses secret agreement

In a highly unusual move, the editorial board of The New York Times has endorsed a secret trade treaty among the U.S. and Pacific rim nations that cannot be read by the public or by the NYT editors.

Ecuador’s Correa on Snowden: 'World order unjust and immoral!'

Quito - Ecuador is facing heavy criticism in the US media for potentially granting political asylum to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Ecuador's President Rafael Correa has responded with scalding online remarks.

New York Times: 'Obama administration has lost all credibility'

Washington - The New York Times has published a scathing editorial on recent revelations about the Obama administration's secret surveillance programs. Its June 6 editorial said the "Obama administration has now lost all credibility on this issue."

Op-Ed: How adept is Rob Ford as a mayor?

Toronto - Most of the time when there is a scandal at City Hall it is hidden in the back of the closet not standing on the side lines with a whistle. That was per Rob Ford in Toronto.

Is an AOL merger with Yahoo more than a banker's fantasy?

In the wake of the Yahoo board decision to fire CEO Carol Bartz, rumors have begun circulating among Wall Street bankers that AOL may merge with Yahoo.

Digital Journal announces Global Editorial Meetings

Digital Journal today announced a new community newsroom initiative aimed at widening the scope of news covered globally, and involving the public in the news creation process.

Op-Ed: The web's information highway hums on destinations and ecosystems

A number of careful redefinitions are changing the traditional means in which information is distributed and consumed - forging new business models that have promise for a new field.

Op-Ed: Councilman Joel Burns tells gay teens it gets better

Teenage suicide among young men who are teased and bullied for their sexual orientation is rising. On Tuesday last week a brave councilman in Fort Worth, Texas gave a moving speech about the crisis.

Op-Ed: A top dog look at health care reform

Health care reform is a hot topic these days but what does health mean? The dictionary says health is a noun, a thing, it's the general condition of the body or mind with reference to soundness and vigor.

Big World Magazine launch proves the world is not flat Special

A new multimedia travel magazine launches in a tough economic climate and works to change the way that the category is covered.

Op-Ed: Is Victory Possible In The Middle East?

The Middle East is a land of mystery, oil and war. Since history has been written there has been war in the area. Religion, power, greed all have played an ugly hand in the politics of the land. What makes America think they can change that?

Op-Ed: Could McCain Be Using Bristol As A Means Of Avoiding Issues?

In light of the recent all consuming news over the fact that Sarah Palin's daughter is in the family way and the fact that John McCain knew about before naming Palin as his VP candidate was this a ploy? McCain isn't a dummy. Smart move.

Op-Ed: The Change Is Here Ready Or Not

Is Mother Earth doing a clearing out? 2008 has begun as a very deadly year. Between war, famine and natural disasters thousands have already died this year and it's not even summer yet.

Op-Ed: What Are Human Rights?

Human rights are a big buzz word in today's media. Tibet, China, Iran, Iraq and even the countries of North America have been questioned over their human rights policies. But what exactly are human rights?

Op-Ed: China Vs. The Dalai Lama, It All Depends On Who You Believe

As the Dalai Lama's envoy meets with Chinese officials what is the feeling in China? In the West we hear the side of the Dalai Lama and often not the China's version. The Chinese version is generally the opposite of what is being said in the West.

Op-Ed: Are We In Danger Of Losing The Right To Believe?

Are we beginning to ride a slippery slope to a world where personal beliefs are not tolerated? As insane as that statement appears to be with the current world issues seem to point at religion being used to abuse others.

Op-Ed: No Mothers Allowed

As of Thursday all the children from the Eldorado's Ranch have been taken away from their mothers. Prior to then mothers with children under the age of 5 had been allowed to take care of their own.

Op-Ed: Hush Don't Tell, Bullies and the School Kids Welcome the Combat Zone

The world our children live in is a maze of joy and sadly struggle. Too often bullies mar the way of our 'babies' and turn what should be enjoyable activities such as learning into a nightmare. But has bullying changed since we were kids?

Op-Ed: Do You Really Think An Average American Could Ever Be President?

Children in America are being told that they can grow up and become President of the United States. Really? Sorry to burst your dreams but Bubba really doesn't have much of a chance if he's the average American.

Op-Ed: What If The Shoe Was On The Other Foot?

Oliver Poole is a Western journalist for the BBC who spent almost 5 years in Baghdad. He wrote an article reflecting on the impact of war and the average Iraqi family. Would we feel differently about this war if it was our children being changed forever?

Op-Ed: How Does Blood Soaking the Soil Ever Become Just?

Is war ever just? Does coating the ground in red "save" souls? Do the victors ever really win in the end? If you win does that make your God, beliefs, nation, etc. better? Or does it just mean you have better guns?

Op-Ed: Are You Numb Yet?

Everyday the news brings details of another car bombing, another death from the wars that rage in Afghanistan and Iraq, political unrest. Do you care anymore or has the 21st century already numbed you?

Op-Ed: How Political is Technology in a Newspaper Context?

Newspapers are suspected of being in danger of evaporating into thin air. Whenever an established newspaper includes hyper-modern tools, we tend to think of that change as technology gaining ground. But can technology replace a paper's identity?

Digital Journal Editorial Guidelines

In an effort to strengthen the news reportage found on Digital Journal, here are editorial rules for the type of articles that should be published on our news network. If you're a writer on the site, this is your handbook.

Op-Ed: Why Are There Detention Centers In the US?

Why does the United States have detention camps set up throughout it's mainland? Is the threat of civil unrest so high that these camps are considered a necessary evil? What is going on?
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