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Op-Ed: The UK needs a government reboot and Miliband is the man to do it

London - Much has been made of a ground-shift towards a new era of multi party politics, based on coalitions, compromises and alliances, but the reality still remains that two main parties will dominate this election – the Conservative party and the Labour party

Op-Ed: UK Elections 2015 — Campaign receives boost from Russell Brand

London - “You’ve got to vote Labour, you’ve got to get the Conservative party out of government in this country so that we can begin community lead activism, so that we can be heard continually.”

Op-Ed: Debating science and medicine in run up to U.K. poll

London Colney - On May 7, the U.K. faces a general election. As the parties attempt to garner votes, wave hands and kiss babies, science and medical issues feature barely in policy manifestos. This is misguided and will damage the economy in the long-term.

UK Labour Party to cancel annual conference if Scotland votes Yes

The Labour Party is understood to be preparing to cancel its annual party conference — due to be held next week — if Scotland votes “Yes” in tomorrow’s independence vote.

Speculation emerges in UK election debates

London - A spokesperson for British Prime Minister David Cameron has said nothing has been ruled out when it comes to 2015 general election debates.

'Hated by the Daily Mail' carnival protest planned this weekend

This Sunday, anti-bigotry campaigners are encouraging people to take part in a unique carnival-protest against the British national newspaper the “Daily Mail.”

UK Labour Party to freeze energy prices if it wins next election

Ed Miliband, leader of the Labour Party, delighted his supporters today when he announced that Labour will freeze UK gas and electricity bills if they come to power in the next election. Miliband spoke at the party's annual conference held in Brighton.

Op-Ed: Labour, the Living Wage and Child Benefit

The Leader of the Opposition wants to institute what he calls a living wage. This is well intentioned but demonstrates a colossal ignorance of economics.

Jimmy Savile: Labour demands independent inquiry

Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, has demanded the government set up an independent inquiry into the Savile scandal. Miliband said it was essential in order "to do right by the victims".

Voters in Manchester still unsure of Labour Party policies Special

Manchester - A radio discussion in Manchester today showed that people are still unsure of what alternative policies the Labour Party has to offer.

Op-Ed: Financial news from the UK — Pension reform and new minimum wage

The British public is not the only entity that has lost patience with the banks; the Financial Services Authority has also had more than enough.

Labour Party fringe meetings kick start conference in Manchester Special

Manchester - The UK Labour Party started its annual five-day conference on Sunday, under the theme 'rebuilding Britain', in the Northwest city of Manchester.

Op-Ed: Banking inquiry to restore confidence?

British leader of the Opposition Ed Miliband has called for a full judicial inquiry into banking standards and practices. He claims that it is necessary in order to restore public confidence in the banking industry. But would it?

Veteran campaigner slams new body that opposes same-sex marriage

One of the UK’s best-known equality campaigners is hitting out at a right-wing group that campaigns for what it calls traditional marriage.

Op-Ed: UK Labour leader Miliband should learn to embrace 'Red Ed'

UK Labour leader Ed Miliband publically rejected the label "Red Ed". But as questions continue to mount about his leadership and he struggles to find a power base in his party, he desperately needs a political identity.

UK Labour supporters deliver end-of-term report to Miliband

UK Labour Party leader Ed Miliband received a luke-warm end-of-year report from members and supporters today via a survey conducted by grassroots Web community, Labourlist.

Call to fire Jeremy Clarkson for ‘strikers should be shot’ remark

One of Britain’s biggest trade unions has called for Jeremy Clarkson – outspoken presenter of the BBC’s most popular motoring show – to be fired after he said on television that striking public-sector workers should be shot.

Op-Ed: Who is stealing the pensions of British workers?

The trade union movement is on a collision course with the government for a winter of discontent, but the real problem lies neither in Westminster nor at Congress House, but in the City of London.

Cameron releases Egypt statement as violent clashes continue

London - Speaking at a subdued Prime Ministers Questions this lunchtime, Prime Minister David Cameron spoke of the events taking place in Egypt and how we should stand by those who simply want freedom.

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David (left) and Ed Miliband
David (left) and Ed Miliband
Wikimedia Commons
Ed Miliband Portrait
Ed Miliband Portrait
Ed Miliband gives his first keynote speech to Labour Party conference as leader  in September 2010.
Ed Miliband gives his first keynote speech to Labour Party conference as leader, in September 2010.
EdMiliband, Wikimedia Commons
Edward Samuel Miliband is a British Labour Party politician  currently the Leader of the Labour Part...
Edward Samuel Miliband is a British Labour Party politician, currently the Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition

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