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Rewiliding is the solution to rebalancing the climate

How is climate change affecting the array of species on the planet and natural spaces? Scientists are using biodiversity indicators to provide a measure for reporting on international goals and targets. These suggest the need for rewilding.

Half-measures won't save nature, scientists warn

Paris - Bending the curve of nature's rapid decline will require attacking the problem aggressively along several fronts at once, leading scientists warned Thursday.

Scientists find out why Alaska's wild salmon are getting smaller

Fairbanks - Alaska’s highly prized salmon - a favorite of seafood lovers the world over - are getting smaller, and climate change is suspected, a new study reported, documenting a trend that may pose a risk to a valuable fishery, indigenous people and wildlife.

Blue crab invasion spells doom for Albanian fishermen

Divjak - The blue crab may be pretty but it is a menace along Albania's coast.A source of daily anguish for Balkan fishermen struggling to make ends meet, the invasive species is upsetting the region's ecosystems.

Birds in paradise: Albania's flamingos flourish in virus lockdown

Arta - With tourists home, boats docked and factories silenced under a coronavirus lockdown, Albania's pink flamingos and curly pelicans are flourishing in the newfound tranquility of lagoons dotting the country's western coastline.

Driving power of the crowd in Industry 4.0

Schneider Electric has launched a new service called Exchange, and it is said to be the first cross-industry open crowdsourcing ecosystem dedicated to solving real-world IoT and digital challenges.

Sierra Leone tackles overfishing but gets small fry

Freetown - With a single deep-sea patrol boat, Sierra Leone was hard put to stop vessels looting its waters despite a month-long ban on industrial fishing.

South Dakota's emerging biotech ecosystem

Pierre - South Dakota – a state with a population of less than a million people – is anchoring a large biotech ecosystem, focused on tackling global issues with innovations from disease-fighting cows, to light-activated drugs that help repair blood vessels.

Protected Chilean sea lions are the 'enemy' of fishermen

Valpara - Off the coast of Chile, fisherman face competition from a cunning carnivorous hunter that has decimated their industry due to its voracious appetite. For Chile's fishermen, sea lions are a "plague.""They're an enemy!" complained Mario Rojas to AFP.

Wetlands disappearing three times faster than forests: study

Geneva - Wetlands, among the world's most valuable and biodiverse ecosystems, are disappearing at alarming speed amid urbanisation and agriculture shifts, conservationists said Thursday, calling for urgent action to halt the erosion.

'Major transformation' ahead for Earth's ecosystems: study

Tampa - The Earth's forests, deserts, landscapes and vital ecosystems risk a "major transformation" in the next century due to climate change, international scientists warned on Thursday.

Controversial DNA research sparks ethical debate

Honolulu - Scientific techniques that can wipe out invasive species or alter mosquitoes' ability to carry disease are pushing ahead, raising concerns about the ethics of permanently changing the natural world, experts say.

Underwater 'zombie grass' signals trouble for Florida fishermen

Islamorada - Decades ago, the sight of seagrass swaying beneath the waters off south Florida conjured romance for those who dangled their fishing lines in hopes of catching redfish, snook or mangrove snapper.

Rumours: Google apps may finally be coming to Windows 10

The lack of quality first-party apps in the Windows ecosystem is a well-known issue when buying into Microsoft products. For years, the absence of official apps for any of Google's services has been especially conspicuous, although that may soon change.

Global oyster habitats on decline - Blame anthropogenic activity

Florida's oyster reefs are shrinking, with the collapse being blamed on a drought and a rise in water salinity in the estuaries. A species of carnivorous conchs have invaded the reefs, resulting in fewer wild oysters being seen on restaurant menus.

Tiny $30 desktop computer is 'the world's first true Android PC'

The world's first Android-powered desktop computer has achieved over 600 percent of its Kickstarter goal, just a few days into the campaign. The computer fits in the palm of the hand and can be used with any existing monitor, mouse and keyboard.

Australia hails 'tremendous' UN barrier reef decision

Sydney - Australia Thursday hailed a United Nations decision to keep the Great Barrier Reef off its in danger list as "tremendous", but activists warned more must be done to improve the marine park's health.

Report: BlackBerry phones of the future may run Android

BlackBerry may be considering a switch to making Android-powered phones as part of its plan to rescue itself from the declining market share and sales that its own BlackBerry 10 phones are faced with, according to a new report.

Australia welcomes UN call on Great Barrier Reef

Sydney - Australia on Saturday welcomed a draft decision by the United Nations to keep the Great Barrier Reef off its endangered list, but environmentalists warned of ongoing risks to the natural wonder.

European fire ants disrupt ecosystems to help spread alien plants

The European fire ant is an unwanted invasive species in Eastern North America. It has taken over back yards and is capable of a very nasty bite. This ant is a seed disperser, and research has shown they could wreck havoc on our native ecosystems.

New Caledonia is home to The largest nature park on earth

Covering an area twice the size of the state of Texas, New Caledonia's 320 million acre marine park is without a doubt the planet's largest wilderness preserve, on land or sea. The Natural Park of the Coral Sea shares space with a quarter million people.

The Amazon’s microbes affect carbon dioxide

The Amazon’s widespread conversion from rainforest to pastureland has significant effects on microorganism communities that may lead to a reduction in the region's role as a reservoir for greenhouse gas.

Study confirms global risks of herbicide overuse

A new study provides evidence that herbicides alter ecosystems around the world and that as the use of herbicides rises, the risks to the planet's ecosystems similarly increase.

Op-Ed: The web's information highway hums on destinations and ecosystems

A number of careful redefinitions are changing the traditional means in which information is distributed and consumed - forging new business models that have promise for a new field.

Report details changes to Northwest Atlantic Ecosystem

A recent report produced by researchers with NOAA says fish in U.S. waters from Cape Hatteras to the Canadian border have moved away from their traditional, long-time habitats

Atlantic Snails are Increasing Significantly in Size

A Queen’s University biologist has discovered that the shell lengths of northwest Atlantic Ocean snails – an important member of the Atlantic food chain – have increased by 22.6 per cent over the past century.

Study Says Biodiversity Is Crucial to Ecosystem Productivity

Scientists at Brown University have shown that richer plant diversity significantly enhances an ecosystem's productivity

Lake Ontario's Water Fleas

A personal source related to me someone he knows has watched Lake Ontario from his balcony for sometime. This year he has noticed that the birds aren't around. Or the weeds on the bottom of the lake. What is around are Zebra Mussels. Thousands of them.

Humanity: A Species Without Purpose

It seems like every species on Earth has a niche to fill. What about humanity? What is our purpose?

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Ecosystem Image

Vampire bats need love  too.
Vampire bats need love, too.
National Geographic Wild
Figure 1. Response ratios for overall mean and individual biomes exposed to nitrogen fertilizer. A r...
Figure 1. Response ratios for overall mean and individual biomes exposed to nitrogen fertilizer. A response ratio of 1.2 indicates a 20% relative growth increase; mean and 95% C.I. responses are shown. The response ratio (R) is calculated as the ratio of plant growth in fertilized to control plots, and statistics are performed on the natural log of this ratio. Thus, when the 95% CI does not intersect the R=1 line, we consider the response significant. Non-overlapping CI are significantly differe
An iconic image of the Everglades  the American alligator.
Photo taken: April 8  2010.
An iconic image of the Everglades, the American alligator. Photo taken: April 8, 2010.
Lisa Jacobs
Fungi of Minnekhada Park growing on slowly decaying trees  Port Coquitlam  BC  Canada.
Fungi of Minnekhada Park growing on slowly decaying trees, Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada.
The Sonos Play:3 speaker
The Sonos Play:3 speaker
Kelp and sardines  Anacapa Island  Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary.
Kelp and sardines, Anacapa Island, Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary.
Robert Schwemmer, NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries
Kelp forest on high profile reef at Partridge Point  Cape Peninsula.
Photo taken: October 2010.
Kelp forest on high profile reef at Partridge Point, Cape Peninsula. Photo taken: October 2010.
Peter Southwood

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