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Op-Ed: Marketing analyst's book shows days of 'Beaver Cleaver long gone' Special

In his recent book, "BUYographics," senior research data analyst and award-winning journalist, Matt Carmichael has some sobering and unexpected insights into the current marketing demographics of the United States.

Wealth gap: U.S. descending into feudalism warns plutocrat

Seattle - An American plutocrat has warned that the United States will descend into feudalism and could face social upheaval as the gap between super-rich and the rest widens.

Report warns how climate change threatens U.S. economy

Washington - The U.S. economy could face major, systemic disruption due to climate change unless legislators and businesses alike take urgent action to reduce climate risk, says a new report released this week.

Study: Recession caused more than 10,000 suicides

A study taking in data from all over the developed world says that the economic recession may have led to more than 10,000 people taking their own lives across more than 24 countries.

Op-Ed: Ontario leaders debate showcases parties' economic ignorance

Toronto - The Ontario party leaders gathered in Toronto to debate Tuesday for the only time this provincial election. It would be an understatement when I say that all three party leaders are dunces and frighten the Ontario electorate, particularly libertarians.

Op-Ed: Banking investment expert's book says 'oversupply' is a setback Special

As a world traveler and investment banker, economic expert Daniel Alpert saw the 2008 financial crisis approaching. In his recent book published last year, he talks about the dramatic shift that has placed the American economy in a much different setting.

'Love Me' explores the male search for love, online and overseas Special

Toronto - Internet dating is big business, particularly overseas, where Ukrainian and Russian women sign up in droves to meet American men.

Op-Ed: The political economics of Hazel Henderson

The notion of 'externality' is a central concern of Hazel Henderson. This is the cost of producing a commodity that can be omitted or 'externalized' from the company's balance sheet to the public and Mother Nature.

Op-Ed: Economic obsolescence — When demographics just don’t work at all

Sydney - The slow slither of new retirement and revenue policies being adopted by Western governments indicate that governments want more revenue and to spend less. The problem is that the economics of the near future will be nothing like the current model.

Op-Ed: The push towards online grocery is all the rage right now

It’s not hard to find whatever you need online, from electronics to clothes and furniture and now groceries through some companies.

Once a Soviet hub, Armenia looks to revive its tech sector

Yerevan - Once seen as a silicon valley of the Soviet Union, the tiny Caucasus nation of Armenia is hoping the launch of its first tablet computer and smartphone could kickstart a comeback for the country's tech sector.

Cyprus MPs fail to pass privatisation bill in threat to bailout

Nicosia - The Cypriot parliament failed Thursday to adopt a controversial bill to sell off state utilities mandated by a bailout from international lenders, potentially endangering the next tranche of a 10-billion-euro loan.

Rand Paul: 'There are always perceptions of what is extreme'

With The New York Times and NBC's "Meet The Press" seeking to tether him to his father's Libertarian positions, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) defended his cause and his father alike.

Op-Ed: Is the World Economic Forum working for regional economies?

The World Economic Forum's annual conference in Davos concluded this weekend during a turbulent period in emerging markets and yielding questions on the impact the WEF is making globally.

Op-Ed: Noam Chomsky talking sense and nonsense

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor Emeritus Noam Chomsky talks common sense, most of the time, but does he understand economics?

Starbucks coffee costs more in China than the U.S.

Starbucks products are sold at much lower prices in the US than in China, even with tariffs and transportation costs added. This is despite the coffee cups being made in China and sent to the U.S.

'Big pharma' is not necessarily the most successful

The size of a company and its economic resources is not tied to getting a drug to market, according to a new report. The success of small companies sometimes challenges the might of "big pharma."

Op-Ed: US 'management by train wreck' politics heading for trouble

Sydney - Global and US markets are nervous. The possibility of a US default, however arguable, is costing the US credibility and respect. The public has made it clear it’s had enough. Business is tired of constant crises.

Op-Ed: The Shale Gas is here to Stay

New York - The revolution in shale gas is spreading all over the world, but U.S. appears to have an upper hand in the game-and so are the industries that produce, transport, and consume natural gas.

Four day losses in U.S. financial markets

New York - Thursday was the only day that U.S. major stock indices were on an upswing; affected by jobless claims report and China's upbeat economic data.

U.S. markets are bearish for the third day this week

New York - Assumptions and uncertainties over the Fed's actions are keeping investors away from buying for the third session in a week.

Mixed messages from investors today

New York - The pessimism of the U.S. investor is evident for the second day this week. Most of it is due to the anticipated Federal Reserve's reaction to economic indicators ignoring the positive aspects of economic improvements.

Monday's U.S. financial markets

New York - After Friday's disappointing non-farm payroll report and an improvement in unemployment data, U.S. markets have lost their earlier momentum, despite positive data in non-manufacturing business activities.

Learning basic economics from Eugene Rubinstein's 'Hapinburg' Special

Toronto - For decades, the topic of economics has been taught in textbooks, espoused in lectures and discussed in debates. It isn't very often that economic theory is depicted in a form of fiction. Eugene Rubinstein attempts to break the mold.

Op-Ed: Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus in US highlights need for change

A virus that is infecting and killing piglets in the U.S. may be driving the price of pork up. Consumers literally bringing home the bacon may soon be paying more for their favorite breakfast lunch of dinner over the next few months.

Op-Ed: Who is Thomas Sowell?

Stanford - Thomas Sowell is 83 years old today. If you haven't heard of him, it's because he tells it like it is, not how the liberal media would like it to be.

Israel and Palestinian Authority reinitiate economic cooperation

Israel's Finance Minister Yair Lapid and the Palestinian Authorities finance minister Shukri Bishari have agreed to restart economic cooperation between their governments.

Palestinian demonstrations in Nablus against PA economic policies

Protestors in Nablus in the West Bank have railed against the economic policies of the Palestinian Authority's new Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah.

Op-Ed: President Obama, President Xi, and the overpopulation time bomb

U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping are meeting at a retreat in Southern California this coming weekend, and the pressing matter before them is the one they will not tackle: population management.

Op-Ed: An Ecuadorian, doctorate from the USA, is Presidente with promise

As the Castro brothers age and Hugo Chavez has died, a popular and controversial Latin American president to watch has entered the world stage – from stage left. From Ecuador.
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a weighty subject  a reminder of just how hard some people s heads and hearts really are. beautiful ...
a weighty subject, a reminder of just how hard some people's heads and hearts really are. beautiful to look at impossible to digest.
Two Americans Share 2011 Nobel Prize in Economics  Dr. Thomas J. Sargent of the New York University ...
Two Americans Share 2011 Nobel Prize in Economics, Dr. Thomas J. Sargent of the New York University and Dr. Christoper Sims from Princeton University, New Jersey.
Google images
 The Age of Oversupply  overcoming the greatest challenge to the Global Economy   by Daniel Alpert w...
"The Age of Oversupply, overcoming the greatest challenge to the Global Economy," by Daniel Alpert was published last year and talks about issues facing the current global market.
A map showing some areas of the world that were damaged by the recession.
A map showing some areas of the world that were damaged by the recession.
23prootie via Wikimedia
A small pie chart showing off Russian exports in 2007.
A small pie chart showing off Russian exports in 2007.
Wikimedia Commons and
lichens hanging on for dear life  just like many seniors and others in the lower classes  against al...
lichens hanging on for dear life, just like many seniors and others in the lower classes, against all odds.
Plutocrat  author and entrepreneur Nick Hanauer has warned that US wealth disparities are leading to...
Plutocrat, author and entrepreneur Nick Hanauer has warned that US wealth disparities are leading to a feudal society with revolution the inevitable outcome.
Nick Hanauer -

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