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New e-book on Intent-Based Networking

A new book called 'Intent-Based Networking for Dummies' is now available. Intent-Based Networking (IBN) is now an industry buzz word. The book aims to "wave away the fog to provide you with a clear understanding of what IBN really is."

New eBook: Digital Journal celebrates 20 years of real news

Digital Journal is celebrating 20 years of real news! Now you can take a peek at the introduction to our incredible retrospective.

Kindle owners urged to update their device to keep using it

Amazon has warned owners of older models of its Kindle e-reader that they need to install an important software update today or face the device becoming unusable online from later this week. From March 22, Kindle services will be inaccessible.

Google lets you write your own ebooks with new Google Docs update

Google has updated its online office suite, Google Docs, with a new export option that will benefit owners of ebook readers. Documents can now be converted directly to EPUB ebooks from within Google Docs, letting users write their own ebooks.

'The Exorcism of Baby Michael' terrifying Amazon readers

One of the most talked about short stories in the horror genre on Amazon today is the latest work by Angelo King. But unless you don't want to sleep tonight, you may want to think twice about downloading it.

Review: 'Retail Survival of the Fittest' could change the retail business

In her newly released eBook, retail expert Francesca Nicasio covers vital aspects of the industry, from understanding consumers’ needs and increasing customer loyalty to leveraging data and implementing an omnichannel retail strategy.

Review: Effective eBook on how to engage solidly social media audiences Special

Social media networking is one of the most common activities people use informally or formally nowadays to carry out their day-to-day activities. Tons of guides and how-tos are available on how to succeed on social channels today on the web.

Fed. judge says Apple conspired a plan to raise prices on e-books

{image(152912,center,medium)} A U.S. federal district judge said on Wednesday that Apple violated anti-trust laws by working with major publishing companies to raise prices cut competition on e-books.

Thinking Moms’ Revolution: Autism Month Team TMR Announcement

Autism month in the United States starts with the announcement of the formation of Team TMR, a not-for-profit 501c3 organization created by the founders of the Thinking Moms’ Revolution. TMR is a group of 23 moms and one dad.

Review: Jennifer Young's 'Thank You For The Music' a good holiday read Special

Edinburgh - Scottish author and writer, Jennifer Young, chats about "Thank You For The Music," her new novel, set in Scotland and on the Balearic island of Majorca. It's a book of romance and relationship choices interwoven with deeper contemporary topics.

New book ignites epic Michael Jordan, LeBron James controversy

The war of words has escalated to a new level today between longtime fans of Michael Jordan and current lovers of LeBron James.

Christian Bale coming back to Batman, according to new book

Christian Bale's days as the Dark Knight may not be over after all. Sources close to Legendary Pictures are quoted in a new book that asserts Bale may have "no choice" but to don the cowl at least one more time.

New Justin Bieber book sparks instant controversy Special

Did Justin Bieber's mother, Pattie Mallette, write a new book about her famous son's recent personal and professional problems under a pen name and then publish it for the world to read?

Apple found guilty of fixing e-book price

Apple facilitated a conspiracy with major book publishers to raise the price of e-books, costing consumers millions of dollars, Manhattan Judge Denise Cote, ruled Wednesday. The conspiracy was created to challenge Amazon's dominance in the e-book market.

New Angelina Jolie eBook becomes Amazon bestseller

A new unauthorized biography of Angelina Jolie reached number one in its category on Amazon Tuesday, once again fueling debate about the dominant role of eBooks in today's increasingly high-tech publishing ecosystem.

Sales of printed books fall in the UK

Figures in for 2012 show that sales of printed books fell by almost £74 million ($119 million) in the UK. At the same time sales of e-books has risen.

Review: Christmas in Venice by Meadow Taylor Special

"Olivia’s Christmas trip to Venice, Italy, should be a holiday dream come true. But when the unattended luggage becomes the focus of a handsome Italian policeman’s bomb investigation, she worries she won’t even make it out of the airport."

Book review: How Music Works Special

'How Music Works' is a new book by the musician David Byrne. It is part autobiographical and part an exposition into the world of music making and the subsequent affect on the listener. The e-book version is enhanced with musical excerpts.

Amazon launches Kindle ebook store in China

Amazon has operated in China for quite some time now and they are finally entering the ebook market with a mixture of paid and free ebooks with a cost range of $0 to $7 USD.

How to turn your blog into a money-making multi-author website Special

Are you feeling a little lonesome on your blog or website and want to turn it into a multi-author site but think it’s too big a project? A new Ebook has come out that shows you it is much easier than you think.

'The Casual Vacancy' eBook fails to work

EBook copies of the new J.K. Rowling novel have failed to work in the U.S. due to a technical glitch, leaving thousands of disappointed consumers.

Barnes and Noble soon to compete with Nook HD

It appears as if Barnes and Noble, bookstore giant, is also following suit to Amazon's Kindle Fire HD. Barnes and Noble is now accepting pre-orders to their very own Nook upgrades.

Op-Ed: Do people read real books anymore? Bookstores struggle to survive

Large chains pushed out independent bookstores. Bookstore chains pushed each other out. Barnes & Noble, the last remaining bookstore chain, now stands alone. As eBooks replace print books, can Barnes & Noble survive in an online, digital world?

Massive rise in ownership of tablet computers and e-book readers

Pew Research Center released a research report today based on a survey completed mid-December and two surveys conducted early January that show a major increase in ownership of tablet computers and e-book readers.

Crayola to publish e-books, apps for kids on tablet devices

Crayola is taking the plunge into the e-book market and will start selling "digital" coloring books and apps for tablet devices.

Op-Ed: Do you have it in technologically coded format?

Is the e-reader revolution set to kill our old friend the paper book? Technological imperialism must be stopped before it's too late.

Politico, Random House partner to publish 2012 election e-books

News site Politico and publisher Random House are teaming up to release e-books on the 2012 U.S. presidential election. The first book will be available before Christmas.

Al Gore's 'Our Choice' changes the way e-books are offered

Al Gore is known for his commitment to the environment. He takes that passion to readers with a new kind of e-book, Our Choice. First published in 2009 Our Choice is a follow up for the film An Inconvenient Truth.

Google Set to Join Ebook Fight

Google has revealed its plans to launch Google Editions, an online store to sell e-books. The company says the store will launch in the first half of 2010 with about half a million e-books.

Google Makes 1.5 Million eBooks Available For iPhone, Android

Thanks to Google, now you can read millions of Bbooks for free in iPhone and Android phones. You don’t need a dedicated reader like Kindle to read books anymore.
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Kobo Aura HD
Kobo Aura HD
Kobo Inc.
© Digital Journal
© Digital Journal
Kobo has launched its lineup of four e-readers
Kobo has launched its lineup of four e-readers
Kobo handout
A woman reading ebook reader
A woman reading ebook reader
Book cover for  The Exorcism of Baby Michael .
Book cover for "The Exorcism of Baby Michael".
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Reading e-book
A Samsung eBook Reader inside a paperback
A Samsung eBook Reader inside a paperback
Al Gore s Our Choice on e-book
Al Gore's Our Choice on e-book
press kit: Our Choice
Kobo has launched its lineup of four e-readers
Kobo has launched its lineup of four e-readers
Kobo handout
Google Docs can now export EPUB ebook files
Google Docs can now export EPUB ebook files
Christmas in Venice by Meadow Taylor
Christmas in Venice by Meadow Taylor
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