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Eaten News

Woman eaten by pets after suddenly dying

An unnamed 65-year-old woman died suddenly. Shortly afterwards, the woman was eaten by the 45 malnourished dogs she owned.

Man hops aboard dead whale being eaten by great white sharks

Perth - A man from Quinns Rock, north of Perth, Australia, thought it would be a good idea to jump onto a dead whale being circled by hungry sharks.

With Southern Damascus under siege, clerics permit eating dogs

Muslim clerics in rebel-held southern Damascus have issued a fatwa that permits citizens to eat animals that are typically forbidden to avoid starvation.

Showering camper killed and eaten by lions

A Zimbabwean camper was taking an outdoor shower at a fishing camp on November 1, when a pride of lions attacked and devoured him.

Husband indicted after maggots ate bed-ridden wife alive

Cincinnati - Maggots and flies were eating away a 46-year-old woman who was bed-ridden with crippling arthritis while her husband apparently did nothing.

Bank robber suspected of eating evidence

In an Alfred Hitchcock mini-drama, a vengeful wife offed her husband by bashing him over the head with a frozen leg of lamb, roasted it, then served it up to the investigating detectives who eat the evidence.

Family pet eaten by a snake

A family in the United Kingdom want a change in the law after their cat was first crushed by a Burmese python and then eaten by the 13 foot reptile

Turtle eaten by golden retriever lives

A palm-sized pet turtle and the golden retriever that gobbled it up survived the misadventure thanks to the quick actions of a 12-year-old girl, a veterinarian said.

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