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Earthquakes News

Op-Ed: Earthquake preparedness is ever-present, especially for SF Bay Special

San Francisco - As the little ghost town of Bodie was rattled this past December, those who prepare for Earthquakes see the trembler as yet another opportunity to remind people that seismic activity is always present.

Answer as to why earthquakes occur in clusters

Why do earthquakes sometimes occur in clusters? This question has baffled geologists for years, but now there is an answer following a new computer model.

Groundbreaking study shows link to fracking and earthquakes

Fox Creek - In a University of Calgary study of earthquakes west of Fox Creek, Alberta, the geoscientists discovered a link between fracturing, or fracking, and earthquakes in the region.

Rainwater trigger earthquakes in New Zealand

Wellington - A new study has found that along New Zealand fault, rainfall can contribute to plates slipping and sliding, thereby triggering earthquakes.

Ambyint’s Nav Dhunay talks earthquakes and Big Data

Natural disasters kill thousands of people annually and leave countless others displaced with nothing more than the clothes on their back.

The 'myths' persist over human-caused seismic activity

Human-caused seismic activity creates "induced earthquakes." There are a number of myths surrounding the cause of these Earth tremors, and there are a number of misconceptions, too. One geologist tries to explain what is fact and what is fiction.

Are women wearing jeans the reason behind Pakistan earthquakes?

Islamabad - Pakistani politician Fazlur Rehman has the perfect solution to stop earthquakes, national disasters, and turn the country's economy around. Women have to stop wearing jeans, and stay covered, "like a sack of flour."

'San Andreas' cracks open huge win

"San Andreas" shook up the box office and crushed the rest of the field with its win. It did what many films are doing of late - over-achieving with the win.

Chile's volcano continues to spread havoc, 'Red Alert' issued

Southern Chile is on "Red Alert" after two eruptions of the Calbuco volcano spewed 23.5 inches of ash in some places, according to Chile's Ministry of Interior and Public Safety. New advisories say the ash could reach an altitude of 12,000 feet.

Scientists convinced of tie between earthquakes and drilling

The evidence is coming in fast and furious, showing us that the U.S. drilling boom is responsible for the dramatic increase in the number of earthquakes being felt around the country.

Tree rings: California's drought history is not a happy story

Meteorologists were pleased with the heavy rains that pummeled California last week, but had to admit that it wasn't enough to improve the state's drought picture, calling the amount a "drop in the bucket." Actually, we have to get used to the drought.

Seismologists not guilty of manslaughter charge

L'aquila - Six Italian earthquake seismologists, who were charged with manslaughter for not sounding the alarm on a 2009 temblor, have seen their convictions overturned.

Op-Ed: A nuclear disaster waiting to happen: Diablo Canyon power plant

San Luis Obispo - In the wake of the Fukushima power plant disaster, serious questions were raised about the safety of nuclear power plants in Japan built on or near earthquake fault lines. But what about the Diablo Canyon plant in California? Will it become our Fukushima?

Op-Ed: Artist sees something more in seismic vibrations, captured in art Special

San Francisco - While it has been said, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," an artistic vision can expand the universe, even if viewing something seemingly ordinary. Also, the line between art and science is thin.

Court ruling stymies restart of nuclear plants in Japan

A district court ruling Wednesday against the Kansai Electric Power Company has stymied Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's plans to restart Japan's idling nuclear power plants. The ruling is seen as a major victory for anti-nuclear activists in Japan.

Chillán Cathedral — Tribute to victims of Chile’s deadliest quake Special

The Cathedral of Chillán is a memorial to the 5,648 victims of the earthquake of 24 January 1939. The unique modernistic construction provides a bright setting full of symbolism honouring those who died that tragic night in the Chilean city of Chillán.

Strong 5.7 earthquake shakes Northern California

A 5.7 magnitude earthquake struck Northern California Thursday night with epicenter located 7 miles west northwest of Greenville, according to USGS,

Can ants predict an earthquake before it occurs?

Scientists in Germany are suggesting that some ants appear to be able to predict an earthquake before it hits. A presentation of the finding was recently given in Vienna.

Photo Essay: Old houses of 'Great Britain Avenue' of Valparaíso Special

Valparaíso. Many graceful buildings and houses from the early 1900s adorn the historic Great Britain Avenue of Valparaiso, Chile. Some of them show the passage of time; but many have been restored and still display their charm and elegance.

Italy shaken by 4.8 magnitude earthquake

Sora - An earthquake struck southeast of Rome on Saturday night. According to media sources, the earthquake was a 4.8 magnitude.

Mystery orb crashes as geophysical actions continue

Astronomical and geophysical activities increase as “Mayan doomsday” prediction nears. Asteroid came nearer to Earth than the Moon, while mystery orb crashes. Geophysical actions proliferate throughout Chile, Iceland, and New Zealand.

Op-Ed: Asteroid nears as geophysicists predict more earthquakes

Geophysicists believe that major earthquakes are coming. A huge asteroid nears Earth tonight, potentially triggering more earthquakes and tsunamis. More geophysical activities could be headed for Japan and America's west coast region.

Op-Ed: Are earthquakes signs of God’s judgment?

Since the beginning of November, magnitude 6.0 or greater earthquakes have increased worldwide. A few biblical eschatologists believe that the worldwide increase in major earthquakes mean that God is disappointed with humanity and judgment day nears.

Op-Ed: Why so many earthquakes in 2012?

Geophysical activities occur as a magnitude-6.8 earthquake strikes northern Myanmar, a magnitude 7.4 earthquake killed about 39 in Guatemala, a magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck near Vancouver Island, and a magnitude 5.8 earthquake struck in Indonesia.

Reports of earth tremors in Cornwall may have been a 'meteorite'

Teignmouth - Many residents across the southern England counties of Devon and Cornwall have reported loud bangs and buildings shaking. They believed they had witnessed an earth tremor but officials are saying it could have been a meteorite.

Series of earthquakes rattles southeastern California

Brawley - A series of earthquakes with the strongest magnitude reaching as high as 5.5 rattled southeastern California Sunday, displacing some families living in mobile homes near the town of Brawley in the California-Mexico border.

Op-Ed: The dying fish epidemic continues as earthquakes increase

Recently, 10,000 fish died in Missouri’s Blue Springs Lake; the sardine apocalypse continued as 200-tons of dead fish washed up at port, a 6.0-magnitude quake shakes Peru, and Katla volcano continues earthquake activity under icecap.

Op-Ed: Are Earthquakes Increasing Globally?

Earthquakes are becoming more numerous and powerful and the Ring of Fire has been growling back to life again; therefore, there could be Earthquakes of apocalyptic significance on the West Coast of North America and elsewhere.

April 11 a day of many earthquakes

On Wednesday, 11 April 2012, earthquakes increased globally. Powerful magnitude 8.6 earthquake triggers tsunami, magnitude 7.4 earthquake shakes Mexico City, and magnitude 5.9 quake hits Oregon’s coast.

MLS: TFC blanked 3-0 by Earthquakes in home opener Special

Toronto - “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” The famous saying could not be more appropriate for Toronto FC in its short existence in Major League Soccer.
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Earthquakes Image

Prof. Matt Springer speaking to the members of SHARP this past June of 2016 in the Sunset District. ...
Prof. Matt Springer speaking to the members of SHARP this past June of 2016 in the Sunset District. Neighborhoods like the Sunset are among the most densely populated areas and is built on former sand dunes, which makes it vulnerable to seismic activity.
Courtesy of SHARP, SF
Earthquakes striker Chris Wondolowski is congratulated by teammates after opening the scoring in jus...
Earthquakes striker Chris Wondolowski is congratulated by teammates after opening the scoring in just the ninth minute. He added another goal in the second half to ice the game and now has three goals on the season
JP Dhanoa
Research has identified 17 areas in the central and eastern United States with increased rates of in...
Research has identified 17 areas in the central and eastern United States with increased rates of induced seismicity. Since 2000, several of these areas have experienced high levels of seismicity, with substantial increases since 2009 that continue today.
Map of fault segments along the Alaska-Aleutian megathrust.
Map of fault segments along the Alaska-Aleutian megathrust.
On this map of Southern California  the red dots are pixels representing earthquakes recorded from 1...
On this map of Southern California, the red dots are pixels representing earthquakes recorded from 1927 to 1996. The blue lines are known major fault lines. San Luis Obispo is seen on the left of the map, represented with a yellow push pin.
Earthquakes in Southern Calif. from 1932 through 1996  each quake represented by a single red pixel ...
Earthquakes in Southern Calif. from 1932 through 1996, each quake represented by a single red pixel (many overlap). Blue lines represent major faults in the area. (San Andreas fault runs from the lower right corner to the upper left corner of map.
Toronto FC forward Ryan Johnson (right) is defended closely by San Jose Earthquakes defender Steven ...
Toronto FC forward Ryan Johnson (right) is defended closely by San Jose Earthquakes defender Steven Beitashour. Johnson was fresh off being awarded MLS goal of the week for his effort last weekend in Seattle. On Saturday, like his teammates, he had little success on the pitch in a 3-0 loss at BMO Field
JP Dhanoa
Founded in 1990  NERT  Neighborhood Emergency Response Team program has continued to educate residen...
Founded in 1990, NERT, Neighborhood Emergency Response Team program has continued to educate residents about being prepared in the event of an earthquake.
Courtesy of NERT, SF