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Ears News

Man develops brain infection after using cotton ear swabs

London - A new warning has been raised about the use of cotton ear swabs (or 'earbuds'), used to clean out ears and dislodge earwax, after a man developed an infection after using ear buds. A portion of cotton became dislodged in the ear.

Drinking ground coffee improves nose and throat surgery

Barcelona - Researchers have produced a so-termed 'granular jamming cap', which is filled with coffee grounds. This contraption can improve the accuracy of the tracking systems used by surgeons for nose and throat surgery.

Brain surgery man helps with tinnitus research

Biologists are looking into the basis of the ear-ringing 'disease' tinnitus through a study into a 50 year-old man. The man is undergoing brain surgery. The aim is to find more about the condition.

Hyperactivity linked to inner ear disorders

New York - Inner ear disorders are often linked to the brain. A new study suggests that such conditions could be one of the causes of hyperactivity.

Teen has ear bitten off by dogs

A 19-year-old had his ear bitten off when he was attacked by two dogs while he was walking his dog in Sydney's south west Tuesday afternoon.

Photo of Chinese teacher holding child up by ears sparks outrage

Wenling - A photo showing a kindergarten teacher, Yan Yanhong, holding a screaming child off the ground by his ears has sparked widespread condemnation after it was posted online to China's popular microblogging site Sina Weibo.

Op-Ed: In the NHL there are very few wearing helmets with ear covers

Toronto - With the big clampdown from the NHL on head injuries, why are there so few players that wear proper ear protection and visors on their helmets? I would bet almost 80% of NHL players wear visors, what's the others excuse/reasons?

Woman Calls 999 Because Pet Rabbit's Ears Aren't Floppy

Yes, you did read that right, a woman in Scotland called 999 after buying a rabbit, only to discover it did not have the floppy ears she was expecting from her new pet. The animal had been bought via a newspaper advert

Ear aches may lead to hearing disabilities for kids

Many kids go through agonizing ear aches, but they may be more serious then we think.

Puppy's Ears Cruelly Chopped Off to Make It Look Tough

When the RSPCA in Brisbane, Australia, received a tip about a dog who had its ears chopped off, they went to investigate. They found an 8-week-old puppy, an American staffordshire terrier, with no ears.

Emoticons For Your Ears

I thought "emoticons" faded away when Smilies popped up on the scene?... Hmmm, I guess not.

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