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Ear News

Doctors find huge spider in woman's ear after she napped outside

Hebbal - A 49-year-old woman took a nap on her veranda and she woke up with a headache. It turned out to be a large spider inside her ear.

Noise in woman's ear was caused by a spider weaving a web

Xiamen - A woman ended up seeking out medical attention for noises that only she could hear. When doctors examined her, they found a live spider in her ear canal.

Man's ear was home to 26 cockroaches

Dongguan - A man went to the hospital for an earache, and when doctors looked inside his ear, they found dozens of cockroaches living inside him.

Leslie Smith nearly loses ear during fight at UFC 180

A video of a fight between Leslie Smith and Jessica Eye surfaced, and it shows the moment Smith nearly lost her ear in the middle of the fight.

Pop singer finds spider living inside her ear

British pop singer Katie Melua went to the doctor on October 27, because she heard a rustling in her ear. It turned out to be a spider living in her ear.

What makes for a good musician's ear?

Helsinki - New studies have delved into humans’ creation and perception of music with interesting results. Is musical ability genetic or does the environment play a part?

Scientists grow a 'human looking' ear

Scientists used a titanium wire framework to help ears - which look like human ears - and which are made from collagen and sheep cartilage cells, to maintain their shape.

Video: 92-yr-old at nursing home had 57 maggots removed from ear

Doctors removed 57 maggots from the ear canal of Catherine McCann, 92, with Alzheimer's disease. McCann's family is suing the Lutheran Home for the Aged in Arlington Heights where her husband John McCann, 88, pays $10,000 a month for nursing home care.

Chinese doctors remove spider in woman's ear canal after 5 days

A woman who reported at China's Changsha Central Hospital, complaining about itching in the left ear, was terrifed when doctors told her that the cause of the itching was a spider that had been living in her ear canal for five days.

American teacher bites off part of stranger's ear

Northfield - A teacher is facing a felony assault charge after biting off part of a man's ear and then picking it up from the ground and putting it in her mouth.

Aussie man implants ear into forearm

The headline for this article sounds like something you'd read in a supermarket tabloid. But in this case, it is absolutely true; a Melbourne artist had it done in 2007 and pictures are making their way around the Internet now.

Interview: Humans use right ear for listening, study reveals Special

Italian researchers looked at ear preference in communication between humans. Three experiments were conducted in noisy, dance club environments. Results indicate that a natural ear-side bias is seen in everyday human behavior.

Artist implants 'third ear' on his own arm

Performance artists are known for pushing the bounderies, but one Australian has astonished his contemporaries by having a third ear implanted onto his arm. Yes you read right!

Noisy Nightmare

Auckland - Paul Balvers "noisy nightmare" went undiagnosed for two years. For years he had no idea what was wrong, until a nurse, at a specialist clinic found an infestation of mites in his ear.

Doctor finds two spiders inside boys ears

Doctor finds spiders in ear of boy with earache

Ear Chair: Armchair with Headrest "Ears"

Netherlands Company designs an Ear Chair with headrest, for privacy and for meetings that is aesthetic and acoustically designed.

Avoid the Dreaded iPod Ear

If you have an iPod, you might be interested in the new research coming out of Northwestern University

Cochlear implant allows local man to hear things most of us take for granted

Fernando Jour received a bionic ear in mid-October at Sunnybrook Hopital in Toronto. There is controversy surrounding the implant since it was first performed in Sydny Australia in 1978.

Interview: Ears ringing? Listen up

I wonder if I have this??... Can't stand that clicking noise I hear late at night when trying to sleep...

Airplanes In The Head

More and more people are suffering from ringing or buzzing in the ear.Millions of people are suffering from chronic tinnitus.The noises which patients hear permanently in their heads can vary considerably: they can be high- and low-pitched as well as b...

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The MA450i by RHA-Audio  a small UK company  division of Reid-Health.
The MA450i by RHA-Audio, a small UK company, division of Reid-Health.
A girl with her ear pierced
A girl with her ear pierced
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The MA450i by RHA-Audio  a small UK company  division of Reid-Health.
The MA450i by RHA-Audio, a small UK company, division of Reid-Health.

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