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Dwarf News

Pedophile sting finds dwarf in van, urine

Longwood - Christopher Lanning embarked on an 18-hour cross-country journey to Florida with the intent of sleeping with an underage girl.

Starbucks sued for 'fear-driven' firing of barista with dwarfism

El Paso - The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a lawsuit Monday against Starbucks Coffee Company for refusing reasonable accommodation and firing a barista with dwarfism, conduct allegedly violating the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Are scientists coming closer to discovering planet Tyche?

Lafayette - Researchers are stating that there could be another planet within our solar system. The planet is four times the size of planet Jupiter and is named after the Greek goddess Tyche. But some are saying that it's not there.

26-inch tall man from Nepal declared world's smallest person

A new world record has been established by an 18-year-old Nepalese man as the world smallest person, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Dwarf Theme Park Draws Criticism from Disabled Groups

China's "Little People's Kingdom", employs 108 dwarfs from around the country who dance and sing in fairytale costumes, drawing curious crowds and plenty of criticism.

Dwarves build fairy tale village to escape discrimination

Chinese dwarves have created their own village in southern China in their quest to escape discrimination and are now attracting tourists.

Dwarf Superglued His Penis To Vacuum Cleaner

Daniel Blackner is a dwarf that performs as "Captain Dan the Demon Dwarf" for the Circus of Horrors. The act he was about to perform for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe turned into a real horror for him and his penis though.

"Young boy" locked in trunk turns out to not so young after police manhunt

A woman looks out her window in time to see the trunk of a car being closed with a boy in it and the car driving off. She immediately calls the police on a child being kidnapped and the manhunt was on.

Important ethical question.

We are still in debate if the cloning is ethical and yet we face another question – creating defected babies.

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