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Dumped News

Arizona has become 'dumping ground' for illegal immigrants

The illegals immigrants, mostly from Central America, cross the Rio Grande into Texas where they are soon picked up by the Border Patrol. Last year 154,453 immigrants were apprehended, up from the 97,762 caught in 2012.

Recently dumped man wins $30 million lottery

A 22-year-old man from Massachusetts, who was recently dumped by his girlfriend, ended up winning the lottery for millions of dollars.

UK cat-dumping woman may now lose her bank job due to outcry

Mary Bale, the UK woman who was caught on CCTV grabbing a cat and dumping it into a garbage bin, is now facing the very real possibility of losing her job due to the public's outrage against her.

UK woman who dumped cat in garbage may face charges, prison time

Coventry - The woman who enraged people all around the world after a video was released showing her dumping a friendly cat into a garbage bin could be facing up to six months prison time. An investigation is underway.

UK woman caught on video dumping kitten in garbage bin

Coventry - Shocking CCTV footage has been released of a middle-aged woman in the UK petting the friendly kitten before picking it up and dumping it in the owner's garbage bin.

Might as well face it, you actually could be addicted to love

New Brunswick - Why does it hurt so much to be rejected in a relationship? Researchers from several schools recently attacked the problem and found some surprising results.

Stray dogs dumped on Malaysian island turn to cannibalism

Rescuers have found about 300 dogs which were abandoned by villagers in uninhabited island off Malaysia's western coast had started eating each other after weeks of starvation.

Two Hospitals Penalized for Dumping Patients on L.A.’s Skid Row

In a scandal that rocked the hospital industry, two Southern California facilities were handed stiff fines for dumping mentally ill patients on Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles.

Junior-High Student Will Not Be Charged For Dumping Fetus In Airplane Trashcan

Houston-area District Attorney will not pursue charges against the eighth-grader who miscarried on a flight returning from a school trip four days ago. The fetus was found in a trash can by a cleaning crew at the Houston airport.

Deputy dumps quadriplegic out of wheelchair

Brian Sterner is a quadriplegic and he was being booked at a Florida county jail on Jan. 29 and this past week a surveillance video of Sterner being dumped out of his wheelchair by a jailer has been making rounds all over the news.

Baby Girl Found In Dumpster Only Three Hours Old

A three hour old baby girl was found in a dumpster by a neighbour putting out her trash. The mother has still not been found and no one knows who she might be. The baby however, lies in hospital in a serious condition

Father's Ashes Dumped on Son's Lawn

A Florida man woke Monday morning to find his fathers ashes dumped on his lawn and the cedar box that contained them lying nearby.

Dozens of animal carcasses dumped

Dozens of animal carcasses were found along the side of the road near Black Diamond, Washington.

Oops She Did it Again: This Time Getting the Boot by Cohen

Britney gets dumped by male model Isaac Cohen

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