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Remains of son missing for 11 years found in trunk of mom's car

Chesapeake - The mystery surrounding the disappearance of a young boy in 2004 came to a tragic end when Virginia State Police confirmed at a press conference on Friday that remains found in the trunk of his mother's car were those of Quincy Jamar Davis.

Teacher in trouble over Facebook posting of duct-taped students

Akron - An Ohio teacher is currently facing termination after an image of her students with duct-taped mouths was posted on Facebook. She has until Jan. 26 to respond to these allegations.

Image of airline passenger restrained with duct tape goes viral

A passenger alleged to have been drunk and disorderly was reportedly restrained with duct tape on a recent flight originating in Iceland and en route to New York. A photo of the incident, posted on social media, has gone viral.

Parents duct tape kids, post pics on Facebook

Parents of a two-year-old and a 10-month-old say it was just a joke to post their kids' photos on Facebook with the children’s mouths, wrists and ankles duct taped. One child was hanging upside down from an exercise machine.

Op-Ed: Casey Anthony now more infamous than OJ

Orlando - A report on the final expert witnesses tendered by the State in the trial that has gripped the U.S., that of Casey Anthony, who if convicted could face the death penalty.

Duct tape contest sticking around Special

Toronto - At least they won't have to worry about a wardrobe malfunction. That is one advantage of duct-tape prom outfits, according to the maker of Duck brand duct tape, which is unrolling its 10th anniversary Stuck at Prom scholarship contest this year.

Love Triangle Leads to Duct Taping of Couple, Rescue by Police

A bedroom community north of Los Angeles was the scene of a love triangle gone wrong, and a married couple arrested on charges of false imprisonment for allegedly binding a boyfriend and girlfriend with duct tape to prevent them from leaving their home.

Gruesome Details Emerge in Caylee Anthony Case

New court documents reveal graphic details of how the body of little Caylee Anthony was bound by duct tape with a heart-shaped sticker placed on the mouth.

When In Doubt, Duct Tape; Passenger Restrained on Flight

When a passenger from New York started acting up on a flight from Puerto Rico the crew used duct tape to keep her in her seat.

Duct tape saved Apollo 17 Moon buggy

Thanks to the ingenuity of the NASA astronauts during the trip to the Moon in 1972, the moonbuggy was saved with duct tape after the fender broke off from the vehicle.

10-Year-Old Has Mouth Duct Taped Shut In After School Program

The 10 year old told his mom over the weekend that his mouth hurt. When questioned, he admitted that he had been in trouble and the classroom aide had duct taped his mouth shut for 5 minutes. Mom is outraged, and an investigation is under way.

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Facebook photos show children bound with duct tape.
Facebook photos show children bound with duct tape.
Wikimedia commons