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Drunk News

No safe level of alcohol: Research

How much alcohol is safe to consume? Advice varies considerably between different medical studies, and with different studies offering advice that this sometimes confusing to consumers. A new study cuts through this and puts the case for abstinence.

Police brings drunk man home, snaps selfie with him

Launceston - Police officers gave a lift to a drunk man in Tasmania. After they tucked him into bed, the officers posed for selfie before leaving.

Why do the same people take risks when driving?

Road traffic accidents are serious enough and when someone has had an accident they are normally more cautious next time. Not, however, it seems drunk drivers who are more inclined to repeat the offense. Psychologists explain why.

FacePalm Friday: Twerking drunk kicks cop, knocks him out

A man in Kuwait is in some deep trouble after he decided to twerk on top of a car and knock out a cop with a roundhouse kick.

DUI charges dropped after diagnosis of 'Auto-brewery' syndrome

Hamburg - Is it really possible to get drunk without drinking alcohol? Yes, yes you can. Drunk driving charges against an upstate New York woman were dismissed last week based on a rather unusual defense. Her gut is a brewery, and it's not her fault.

Drink and be? Four types of drunkenness discovered

New research conducted in the U.S. has categorized the drunken personalities that people adopt as: “Mary Poppins”, “Hemingway”, “Nutty Professor” or “Mr Hyde”. Do you agree, and, if you drink, which one is your closest match?

Detroit woman sentenced for killing friend with slow cooker

Detroit - A Detroit woman who killed her friend with a slow cooker during an argument over the 2016 presidential election was sentenced on Monday to a minimum of 23 years in prison.

There's a breathalyzer app that calls Uber if you are drunk

Breathometer introduced a new device and it lets drivers know how drunk they are. It can also summon a ride for them from Uber if they are over the limit.

'Drunk' bride's photo ordering Taco Bell goes viral

Last Thursday a photo of a bride trying to order some food at a Taco Bell's drive-thru was posted on Reddit and since then it has gone viral.

Special Ed teacher shows up for school drunk, arrested

Wagoner - An Oklahoma teacher didn't exactly start the school year off on the right foot, ending up behind bars after showing up for the first day of school drunk and pantless.

Drunk Spanish driver causes mayhem in Leuven, Belgium (Video)

Leuven - In what must be the epitome of bad (not to mention drunk) driving, this Spanish van driver caused a little mayhem in the narrow streets of Leuven, Belgium early on Sunday morning before being arrested by the police.

Norway cops chilled & friendly as they handle a drunk (Video)

Troms - American viewers have been fascinated by the laid-back and amused way two Norwegian police officers handle an unruly drunk in Tromsø, northern Norway, since the video appeared on LiveLeak. They figure their cops could learn a lot from these gentlemen.

Daily Relief: Monday 24 March

A light-hearted look at the odd events happening in the world. Today includes the new selfie movement, a toe-sucker on the loose and Kevin Bacon's epic entrance on The Today Show.

Man reports himself lost after driving two kms of railway line

Besse - A rather intoxicated Frenchman had a night out in Besse, Dordogne this week. When he tried to head for home in Marmande, he took a spectacularly wrong turn and ended up driving two kilometers on the railway line.

Video: 'Scientific' test — 'Drunk vs Stoned'

A guy decided to compare the results of first being drunk and then being stoned and captured it all on video. Reportedly the marijuana seen in this video was obtained and consumed legally in California, in case you are wondering.

Watch drunk safari guide charge at wild elephant

A drunk safari guide apparently under the influence of alcohol, charged at a wild elephant at the Singita Games Reserve, part of South Africa's 2-million-hectare Kruger National Park.

Veteran BBC host taken off air for being drunk

London - BBC Radio Stoke host Paula White who has filled the station's afternoon slot for the past six years, was pulled from her final program due to concerns she was drunk on the job.

Driving 10 MPH results in DUI arrest

Sonora - Some people learn slower than others, one local man is even slower than that, when it comes to driving under the influence.

Drunk and rowdy women force landing of British Airways flight

According to an airline spokesperson, a British Airways flight from Gatwick to Tunis was diverted to Lyon, France after two drunk middle-aged women turned rowdy and disruptive in the middle of the flight

U.K. considering minimum alcohol pricing

A U.K. government agency has come out in support of proposals for a minimum price for alcoholic drinks. The idea is that by stopping alcoholic drinks from being sold too cheaply, this will deter vulnerable people.

Was Diane Sawyer drunk on Election Night? Twitter thought so!

New York - On Tuesday night November 6 at 11:18 PM (on the East Coast), President Barack Obama won his re-election bid for four more years in the White House, yet Twitter was buzzing with jokes about what was wrong with ABC News veteran Diane Sawyer.

Drunk lawyer crushes arm trying to get into NYC apartment

Maggie Baumer, an attorney in Manhattan, probably should have just passed out in the hallway like every other drunk does at 6 am. But instead got her arm crushed by a trash compactor since she jumped down the chute in an attempt to get in her cellar.

Video: Drunk falls on rail tracks, gets robbed, hit by train

Stockholm - The CCTV cameras caught a disturbing incident in a Stockholm underground station and police are now seeking a thief, who left a man for dead.

Photos of Tom Hanks and 'drunk' fan go viral

Everyone knows Tom Hanks is a great actor and a nice guy. He's always stopping to pose for photos with fans and sign their autographs. Now a couple of photos of Hanks and a fan, pretending to be drunk, have made him a star on the Internet.

Rihanna almost thrown out of London club over drunken antics

London - It's no secret that Rihanna loves to party, but British tabloids are saying she went a little overboard this weekend at a London nightclub. She had a run-in with bouncers after she jumped on a table, smashing it.

Pantless, drunken lab tech found surrounded by escaped monkeys

Augusta - Georgia Health Sciences University Police Officers were not expecting such a sight when the walked into a locker room on campus. What they fould was a lab tech, pants down, drunk and surrounded by escaped monkeys.

GOP Kevin Yoder apologizes for cavorting naked in Sea of Galilee

Washington - In 2011, a freshman House member Rep. Kevin Yoder, after an evening of drinking and partying, during an official tour of Israel, stripped naked and jumped into the Sea of Galilee, a holy site where Jesus reputedly walked on water and performed miracles.

Belgian Olympian sent home after drunken pictures surface

London - A Belgian cyclist will have to watch the Olympics closing ceremonies from home after he was sent packing for apparently partying a little too hard.

New alcohol spray will get you drunk instantly, for a few seconds

A scientist and a designer have teamed up to create a new spray that simulates drinking, including the feeling of being drunk.

Teenagers getting drunk on liquid hand sanitizer

Last month, six California teenagers were hospitalized with alcohol poisoning after they got drunk on hand sanitizer. Questions are now being asked whether hand sanitizers are the latest household products teens drink for alcohol.
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Falling down drunk
Falling down drunk
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Alcohol abuse
Alcohol abuse
Experiment by one man to see which is worse  being drunk or stoned.
Experiment by one man to see which is worse, being drunk or stoned.
Experiment by one man to see which is worse  being drunk or stoned.
Experiment by one man to see which is worse, being drunk or stoned.
Image by FlackJacket2010
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British holiday woman drunk on the ground
British holiday woman drunk on the ground

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