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Drugs News

Graphene helps with personalized medicine

Control over DNA is one of the steps toward personalized medicines. One means to achieve this is through graphene, where a positive charge applied to a graphene nanopore can accelerate DNA movement and a negative charge can stops DNA in its tracks.

Fruit flies can sniff out drugs and explosives

New research suggests that a fruit fly's enhanced sense of smell could potentially be used to sniff out bombs and drugs.

Some bodies in Mexico graves are not students: Governor

Iguala De La Independencia - Some of the bodies found in mass graves in southern Mexico do not correspond to any of the 43 students who went missing after an attack by gang-linked police, an official said Saturday.

Mexico arrests Juarez drug cartel leader

- Mexican police have captured suspected Juarez drug cartel leader Vicente Carrillo Fuentes, whose gang engaged in turf wars that have left thousands of people dead, authorities said Thursday.

Site of Mexico mass grave is 'land of the wicked'

A resident of the rugged streets and hills of a southern Mexican hamlet where a mass grave was found this weekend describes the area as the "land of the wicked.

UN urges Mexico to find 43 missing students

- The United Nations in Mexico urged authorities to conduct an "effective" search for 43 students who vanished after a deadly police shooting last week, calling it "one of the most terrible events of recent times.

UN urges Mexico government to find 43 missing students

- The United Nations in Mexico urged authorities Friday to conduct an "effective" search for 43 students who vanished after a deadly police shooting last week as fears mounted about their fate.

Relatives scour crime-plagued Mexico state for students

Iguala De La Independencia - Desperate relatives of 43 missing Mexican students knocked on doors of homes Wednesday, handing out pictures of the aspiring teachers who vanished after a deadly police shooting last weekend.

Merck buys Sigma-Aldrich for $17 billion

The German drug maker Merck has acquired the U.S.-based science supply company Sigma-Aldrich in a multi-billion-dollar deal. Merck has been growing its laboratory supply side and it has now become one of the biggest companies in the business.

FDA approves new Ebola drug

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given permission for an experimental short interfering RNA treatment against Ebola to be used in field.

Six Russians die, 36 in hospital after smoking designer drug

Moscow - Six Russians have died and dozens have been hospitalised after they smoked a legal synthetic drug in the far northern city of Surgut, prosecutors said Friday.

Concern over hypertension drugs

A relaxation of controls for hypertension management drug may have placed millions of patients at risk, according to a new study into prescribing in the U.S.

Cocaine, marijuana found in Vatican diplomatic vehicle

Chambley - Two men are in custody after French authorities found cocaine and marijuana in a Vatican diplomatic car owned by an Argentine Cardinal.

FDA publishes list of drugs with new safety warnings

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has published a list of medicines for which there are new safety warnings or errors with the package inserts.

FDA approves new melanoma drug

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the first of a new type of immunotherapy that aims to direct a patient’s own immune system against the body's cancer.

Crack mayor Rob Ford drops out of Toronto race

Montreal - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who won global notoriety when he admitted smoking crack during a drunken binge, abandoned his re-election bid on Friday, after he was diagnosed with a stomach tumor.

Finding new ways to identify Ebola drugs

Liverpool - Discovering new ways to identify drugs that could be used to treat Ebola virus infection should relate to the types of proteins inside a cell that are critical for the functions of Ebola virus, according to a new study.

NECC pharmacist arrested at Logan Airport

Framingham - The pharmacist who oversaw the sterile compounding at NECC was arrested at Logan Airport as he was about to board a plane for Hong Kong. He is charged with knowingly releasing a contaminated steroid product which caused fifteen deaths.

Researchers discover key antibiotic power of honey bee bacteria

Lund - A budding discovery courtesy of research teams at Lund University in Sweeden may open the door to defeating deadly, antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

A+ student attempts robbery of couple after going 'off the rails'

Leicester Crown Court heard yesterday how an English college student achieving A+ grades for her work attempted the robbery of a couple in the street after going "off the rails" when falling into bad company.

Seaweed suppository delivers HIV drugs

Scientists have devised a new method of tackling HIV and AIDS transmission. It is a vaginally-inserted suppository which contains the antiretroviral Tenofovir.

Using cancer-fighting drugs against malaria

Scientists have identified a several compounds that may lead to different ways to fight the malaria. Specifically, a university team has identified 31 enzyme-blocking molecules that could halt malaria before symptoms start.

U.K. announces restrictions on cancer medicines

London - The U.K. government has announced that is extending the annual spend on its Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) from the current £200 million a year to £280 million a year. This is to accommodate for the rise of cancer drug costs.

Uruguay begins registering marijuana growers

Montevideo - Just a handful of people had registered by midday Wednesday to be private growers of marijuana in Uruguay, the first country to fully legalize the production, sale and distribution of the drug.

Top Colombian drug hitman who killed 300 is freed

Estanzuela - The head of Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar's hitmen, a confessed murderer nicknamed "Popeye," was released from prison after helping prosecutors convict a former justice minister.

One-third of British students have tried 'legal highs'

A new report suggests that around on third of students in the U.K. have used so-termed “legal highs.” These are products manufactured from the herb Salvia. The report suggests that the students under appreciate the potential harm.

Do celebrity drug endorsements work?

New research reveals the common practice of using celebrity-endorsed drug adverts to offer treatments more credibility does not influence doctors when it comes to prescribing or strongly influencing consumers when they visit drug stores.

New drug mix 'killer heroin' spreading across United States

In recent months, a disturbing amount of fatalities are believed to be caused by heroin spiked with a powerful narcotic. The combination is extremely dangerous, and often deadly.

Mom turned in by 7-year-old son for allegedly cooking meth

Edgewater - A Florida mom faces drug and child neglect charges after her son revealed "mommy's bad stuff" in the trunk of her car to their landlord.

LatAm losing fear of legalizing drugs: Ecuador president

Guatemala City - Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa said Tuesday that Latin America is "losing fear" of legalizing drugs after decades of fighting traffickers with ample US prodding but limited success.
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Vivendi/The Weinstein Company
Spacefill model of the Cholesterol molecule
Spacefill model of the Cholesterol molecule
Inside a Chinese homeopathy shop
Inside a Chinese homeopathy shop
A variety of needles
A variety of needles
Medical marijuana
Medical marijuana
Via Flickr user Mark
renjith krishnan
Drug busts uncover 100s of guns  Treyvon Martin  George Zimmerman  Gun Retailers  The Brady Gun Law ...
Drug busts uncover 100s of guns, Treyvon Martin, George Zimmerman, Gun Retailers, The Brady Gun Law is signed into law by President Bill Clinton
A variety of statin drugs
A variety of statin drugs
Pot enthusiasts at a marijuana march
Rolling a marijuana joint
Photo by schmettern
Supporters of Drug Kingpin Christopher Dudus Coke have set fire to police stations  exchanged fire  ...
Supporters of Drug Kingpin Christopher Dudus Coke have set fire to police stations, exchanged fire, throw Molotov cocktails and taken over the streets in one section of Kingston Jamaica in support of Dudus.
Jamaica News Media
Some marijuana
Some marijuana
Stock image of drugs atop money
Stock image of drugs atop money
A rolling paper with a filter and marijuana.
A rolling paper with a filter and marijuana.
Erik Fenderson
Valerie Everett
Postal officials found a kilogram of cocaine hidden inside a roll of bologna in Massachusetts. A pol...
Postal officials found a kilogram of cocaine hidden inside a roll of bologna in Massachusetts. A police dog was used to confirm the drugs were inside allowing the package to opened.
Holyoke Police Department
File photo: pharmaceutical drugs
File photo: pharmaceutical drugs
Inmate World
A line of crystal meth
A line of crystal meth
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Homeopathy watching horrors of Allopathy
Homeopathy watching horrors of Allopathy
Alexander Beydeman (1826—1869)


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