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Op-Ed: Missouri national guard sent into St. Louis area

Ferguson - The Missouri national guard was sent into the St. Louis area after reports that a private autopsy revealed a white cop shot a black teen six times. The New York Times got a report of the autopsy.

Central American's using 'credible fear' to seek asylum in U.S.

The number of Central American immigrants seeking asylum because of a "credible fear" has increased sevenfold in the last five years. Immigration officials are not sure if the fears are real, or if people are now more aware of using asylum as an option.

Video: Dog victimized by drug gangs walks again with prosthetics

Mexico's drug cartels, for practice before mutilating human victims, practice on dogs and other animals. Honey Pie, a Belgian Shepherd missing two front legs, surviving an encounter is able to walk again with prosthetics.

Op-Ed: Shoot First Ask Later — Gun Laws in the U.S

A look at the gun laws in the United States and the history of the 2nd Amendment. How has this amendment been distorted to commit crimes and make money for the gun lobbyists.

Arson attack at casino in Mexico kills at least 53 people

Monterrey - At least 53 people were killed in the northern Mexican city of Monterrey when a gambling casino was attacked by suspected gunmen who threw grenades, fired gunshots and burned the place.

7 bodies found in Mexican mines

Police in Mexico made the grisly discovery of remains of seven men in two mines this weekend. The bodies were found in Hidalgo state.

Red Scorpions gang suspect arrested with $100,000 cash and drugs Special

A member of the drug gang known as the Red Scorpions has been arrested following a police raid. Police said the Red Scorpions gang has been involved in violent warfare in suburban Vancouver with the rival U.N. Gang as well as Independent Soldiers.

Mexican Drug Wars: Cop and Family Killed in Home By Gunmen

Inside the Veracruz, Mexican home of municipal police commander Jesus Antonio Romero laid the bodies of five who had nothing to do with the legal system nor the drug trade. Romero's wife and four children were slain along side him in a pre-dawn attack.

Deaths and Tensions Mount In Mexican Drug Wars

As city police and federal officers battled it out in Mexico City the drug wars are in full gear. A teen was killed at a Uruapan, Mexico taco shop when a grenade attack between hit men and police erupted.

Armor Plating Cars is Bang-up Business on Both Sides of Border

For weeks it seems like a day hasn’t gone by that there wasn’t at least one newspaper story about increasing drug war and gang-related violence on both sides of the Mexican border with the United States, and warnings not to travel there.

Recent Email Puts Mexican Authorities On High Alert For The Weekend

Recently, the police force of the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez has been placed on full alert via a warning by an email. The email said gunmen will open fire at various places across the city.

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Mexican federal forces enter the western town of Apatzingan to quell unrest between vigilante groups...
Mexican federal forces enter the western town of Apatzingan to quell unrest between vigilante groups and the Knights Templar drug cartel.
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Mexican authorities seizure of guns and cash in the Drug Wars
Mexican authorities seizure of guns and cash in the Drug Wars
Mexican Drug Enforcement Administration

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