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Drug war News

Mexico to push to legalize weed

Washington - Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto told the United Nations Tuesday he hopes the country will legalize medical marijuana and raise the amount people can possess for personal use.

Op-Ed: How the racist and regressive left has increased racial tension

Washington - One of the biggest lies in American political discourse is the argument progressives have a monopoly on tolerance. History and the present state of political discourse show exactly how tolerant the far left is.

Cartel kingpins won't be dismantled by drug war

The Sinaloa cartel in Mexico has proven that crime bosses playing at the level of the cartel will not be easily dismantled by the government, as the tension between Mexico and the U.S. proves.

Iran set to execute another 45 people as European delegates visit

The National Council of Resistance of Iran claims that the Iranian government is preparing to execute at least 45 prisoners in the coming days. At least 35 people were executed on Monday, with more likely to be hanged in the gallows over the coming days.

Texas letter carrier accused of delivering meth with mail

Waco - A Texas mail carrier was delivering more than just magazines and letters to locals along his route, according to charges filed by state authorities following a nearly year-long investigation.

Op-Ed: Medical marijuana: choosing compassion and science, not politics

2014 should be another turning point in America when it comes to medical marijuana. It is irresponsible to refuse patients in need a viable medical treatment any longer, especially when the refusal is based on politics rather than facts.

Marc Emery to return home next week after 4 years in U.S. jail

Vancouver - After weeks of waiting at a deportation center in Louisiana, Marc Emery will be returning home to Canada next week, after spending more than four years in American jail.

Nonviolent federal drug offenders could be released early

Washington, D. C. - A federal panel has decided to retroactively apply the new guidelines for sentencing federal inmates. This could send tens of thousands of nonviolent drug offenders home early.

Op-Ed: Medical marijuana is the elephant in the room across the world

Washington - Researchers are toiling around the clock to prove marijuana can help people suffering from a dozen diseases, including epilepsy, cancer and neuropathic pain.

'War on Drugs' search warrants and disturbing SWAT trends

SWAT teams are kicking in doors in the early morning to serve search warrants typically related to the War on Drugs and according to a new American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), report, it’s happening in 124 homes every single day.

Woman allegedly hid pound of meth in very private place

San Luis - Authorities allegedly found a pound of meth that a woman was trying to smuggle across the border in her vagina. She was detained and had the meth confiscated.

Mexican drug cartels stay ahead of patrols with spy gear

Mexican cartel lookouts are using both mundane and some advanced technology to tip off their partners. The complicated U.S. border situation has just gotten a bit more complicated.

Nobel Prize-Winning Economists say end the drug war

According to a new report endorsed by five Nobel Prize-winning economists, the decades-long global war on drugs has failed and it's time to shift the focus from mass incarceration to public health and human rights.

Two bodies left in front of Central Mexican newspaper

Zacatecas - In what appears to be another attempt to by organized crime to silence freedom of the press in Mexico, the cadavers of a man and a woman were left outside the offices of a newspaper in Guadalupe.

Head of Mexico's Knights Templar cartel captured

The Mexican government confirmed Monday the arrest of Gregorio Abeja Linares, alleged head of the Knights Templar, a drug cartel that operated in at least 10 of the nation's states.

Review: ‘Drug War’ wins the battle hands-down Special

In ‘Drug War,’ a man turns informant to avoid the death penalty after being arrested for running a methamphetamine lab in China.

Fake film crew jailed in Nicaragua on smuggling charges

Eighteen individuals detained at the Honduran/Nicaraguan border and charged with money laundering and drug-related crimes have been found guilty and sentenced by a Nicaraguan judge.

President Obama says marijuana not 'top priority'

Washington - In an interview with Barbara Walters, President Obama stated federal law enforcement officials and prosecutors should not make Colorado and Washington laws legalizing marijuana a "top priority" in the war on drugs.

Cannon propulsion, the new method to smuggle drugs into the US

Drug smugglers, getting more inventive, are using pneumatic-powered cannons to shoot drug canisters to transport drugs across US borders.

Bill Clinton says war on drugs not working

As government officials and residents of Washington and Colorado wait to see how the Justice Department and federal law enforcement agencies will respond to the legalization of marijuana, politicians and celebrities are questioning current drug policies.

Op-Ed: Hillary Clinton claims legalization not solution to drug war

Washington - Hillary Clinton said that she personally did not think that drug legalization would end the drug problem. She also noted that the administration was formulating a response to the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington.

Romney and Obama silent on Mexico drug war during campaign

On the United States presidential campaign trail, foreign policy is a major issue as many topics were brought up. However, both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were silent on Mexico's drug war.

Deadly shootout at Mexico airport, 3 police officers dead

Three police officers were killed in a deadly shootout at the Benito Juarez International Airport in Mexico City yesterday.

Star Trek fans wished Scotty would beam them up from cop problem

Collinsville - Two friends were returning home to Ohio after attending a "Star Trek" convention in St Louis. When passing through a small town in Illinois, a police officer pulled them over. They were stuck there for the next hour.

26 bodies found in Mexican vehicles

Guadalajara - Mexican authorities made the grisly discovery on Wednesday of 26 bodies stuffed inside 3 different abandoned vehicles. The victims are thought to have been murdered by drug gang hitmen.

Ron Paul talks free markets and the drug war with Jon Stewart

In his third appearance on Comedy Central's 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart' on Monday night, Republican presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul explained his Libertarian message on free markets and personal freedom.

Gunfire Interrupts Televised Soccer Game in Mexico (Video)

The televised Santos Laguna-Morelia contest on Saturday night came to a frightening halt when gunshots sent players and fans scurrying for cover.

Entire Mexican Police Force Quits Following Cartel Attacks

With more than 40,000 casualties in the ongoing Mexican drug war, the non-stop battles have already broken down the resolve of most law enforcement officials.

14-Year-Old Cartel Hitman Gets Three Year Prison Sentence

In the latest shocker from Mexico's ongoing drug war, a 14-year-old cartel hit man receives a shockingly lenient sentence for a set of grisly crimes.

Homicides in Mexico jump by 23% in 2010

The National Institute of Statistics released a report showing the homicide rate of Mexico has increased by 23% in 2010, continuing the bad news for Mexican officials as they fight against cartels.
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Freight train along the El Paso-Juárez border  part of the record-setting $71 billion import-export...
Freight train along the El Paso-Juárez border, part of the record-setting $71 billion import-export trade in the El Paso district in 2010.
The corpse of a police chief after a successful assassination by drug cartel gunmen Mexico s Michoac...
The corpse of a police chief after a successful assassination by drug cartel gunmen Mexico's Michoacan state.
Reuters - Screen Grab
Well Go USA
File photo: Cannabis setup inside a residential premises that was discovered by UK police officers.
File photo: Cannabis setup inside a residential premises that was discovered by UK police officers.
West Midlands Police
Busy El Paso street a block from the border.
Busy El Paso street a block from the border.

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