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Drug use News

NASA paid SpaceX $5 million for employee safety review

During a podcast with comedian Joe Rogan in September 2018, Elon Musk sipped whiskey and puffed a little weed while musing at length about artificial intelligence, colonizing space, and the need to give love a chance. NASA was not impressed.

Retailers experimenting with blue lights to deter drug use

Wilkes Barre - Colored bulbs cast an eerie blue glow in the restroom of a convenience store where people who inject heroin and other drugs have been seeking the relative privacy of the stalls to shoot up.

Cocaine breathalyzer in development

New York City - Scientists are close to launching the world's first cocaine breathalyzer, a breath test to assess whether an individual has taken the strong and addictive stimulant.

AIDS Official: HIV cases in Russia surpass the one million mark

Moscow - Russia's top AIDS official claims there are over one million, possibly 1.5 million Russians who are now HIV-positive, as infection levels reach an all-time high.

Four drug overdose deaths in Vancouver in under 24 hours

There have been four more deaths due to drug overdose in Vancouver and police believe fentanyl may again be responsible. In the past three days there have also been 21 overdoses in which the victim has survived.

Teen novel banned after outcry from New Zealand Christian group

Auckland - New Zealand censors sparked outrage on Monday after banning an award-winning teen novel that includes sex and bullying, making it the first book removed from shelves in more than two decades.

Hepatitis is a serious side effect of heroin use

The number of cases in the U.S., where drug users are contracting hepatitis C, is rising according to new figures presented by health agencies. The immediate solution relates to the supply of clean needles.

Troubling state of hepatitis C revealed

London - Newly released figures show that some 214,000 people are chronically infected with hepatitis C virus (HCV) in the U.K. In most cases infection is caused by the same types of the virus.

Cocaine raises stroke risk in young people

To add to the harm that cocaine can cause, a new study reports that use of the drug among young people can considerably increase their risk of suffering from a stroke.

AIDS prevention and treatment compliance: Is there new hope?

Several factors contribute to the persistence of the AIDS or Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). Highest among them are lack of compliance and lack of prevention.

Semi-naked German man has four-hour party on Angela Merkel's jet

Cologne - German authorities are investigating how a man was able to spend four hours on July 25 partying in his underwear on German Chancellor Angela Merkel's private jet.

Study: Marijuana doesn't harm lung functionality

Results published by researchers from California and Alabama Universities have shown that smoking pot doesn't harm a user's lung functionality.

Impaired driving serious holiday season issue

With the holiday season comes parties and the chance of a young person making the wrong choice when it comes to getting home. Drug use was a factor in over 13 per cent of traffic fatalities in Canada in 2006.

Lindsay Lohan returning to jail

A California judge has remanded Lindasy Lohan to be locked up in county jail until October 22 with no possibility of bail.

Hepatitis C Trust warns half of Scottish sufferers undiagnosed

The chief executive of the Hepatitis C Trust has voiced his concerns that many people in Scotland are living with undiagnosed hepatitis C. The warning comes as the trust opens its first office in Scotland.

Teens get glimpse of their appearance after years of meth use

Teens are getting a unique experience of seeing what they will look like after years of drug use and abuse through the magic of a computer program.

Anthrax Cases Found in Scotland and the United States

A string of anthrax attacks have hit drug users in Europe. 6 were sickened and three have died. An isolated case of Anthrax also occurred in New Hampshire, USA

Israeli Professor Says Moses Was 'High on Drugs' When He Heard Voice of God

Benny Shanon, a professor of cognitive psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem published the claim recently in the Time and Mind journal of philosophy. He says he knows this from his own personal experiences with psychedelic drugs.

Soldiers Drug Use on the Rise

The statistics are in. The use of drugs among soldiers is rising and is not tolerated because the misuse of drugs is incompatible with life in the Armed Forces according to an Army spokesman.

Afghanistan Mission: Canadian Soldiers Prevented from Deploying Due to Drug Use

An exclusive report from the CBC reveals that at least 250 Canadian troops where forced to remain in the country, instead of deploying for the Afghanistan mission, for testing positive for drug use.

Off Label Prescriptions: Is Your Medication FDA-Approved For Your Specific Condition?

Off-label prescribing, which is the practice of prescribing a drug outside of the scope of the drugs approved label is rampant. It is estimated that over 60% of all prescriptions written in the US are off-label. What does this mean for you, the consumer?

Addicted to the Counter: The Drugs We Can't Do Without

GP's around the UK, are urging patients to consider the possibilities of becoming addicted to non prescription drugs

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