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Drug resistant News

Drug-resistant strain of typhoid spreading worldwide

An antibiotic-resistant "superbug" strain of typhoid fever is spreading around the world at a rapid pace say health officials. The disease is driven by a single family of the bacteria, known as H58.

Drug resistant TB cases are 'underestimated': WHO

The World Health Organization has estimated that at least three-quarters of drug-resistant tuberculosis cases have not been detected.

New test for tuberculosis

A new rapid test for extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis has been launched and the results appear to be highly accurate.

Avian flu 'easily' develops drug resistance

Three patients infected with the newly discovered H7N9 bird flu virus have developed resistance to antiviral drug treatment.

New sex-superbug may be worse than AIDS

A new, so-called “sex superbug” is causing concern among the medical community after two new cases have reportedly been found in Hawaii.

Rare drug resistant bacteria found in Toronto hospital

A multidrug resistant bacteria has been found in a hospital in Toronto. This may appear nothing unusual. However, the bacterium is very rare to North America and scientists have traced its origins to India.

'Superbugs' found in 4-million-year-old cave

Microbiologists, exploring caves in New Mexico, have found almost one hundred bacteria which are resistant to most modern antibiotics. The finding reveals important information about acquired resistance.

New strain of gonorrhea emerges as superbug

Gonorrhea used to be a fairly easy to treat sexually transmitted disease involving a single shot of penicillin. The disease evolved in time requiring other drugs to be used, but the drugs were plentiful. A new strain could change that.

Drug-resistant typhoid on the rise in the United States

Most commonly linked to foreign travel - particularly to the Indian subcontinent - U.S. authorities are reporting an alarming increase in drug-resistant typhoid fever nationally.

Superbug Genome Sequenced

The genome of a newly-emerging superbug, commonly known as Steno, has just been sequenced. The results reveal an organism with a remarkable capacity for drug resistance.

Is The World Ready To Take On Drug Resistant TB?

Could this be the disease that we've been warned would be the next pandemic? WHO announced on Tuesday that drug resistant TB is spreading faster than medical experts had thought it would.

CDC Warns Of 'Superbug' - Drug Resistant Staph Infection Kills More People Than AIDS

Over 90,000 people per year are developing life threatening infections caused by the drug resistant staph germ MRSA. The germ is common in hospitals, and is spreading to schools, prisons and locker rooms.10% of those infected develop flesh eating disease.

Robert Daniels Flees The States To Live In Russia

Robert Daniels has been a virtual prisoner since 2006. His crime? He has drug-resistant tuberculosis. He returned from a trip aboard in Russia carrying the strain and was promptly put in confinement at Maricopa Medical Center.

Lawyer Doesn't Have Most Dangerous Form of TB, Just a Deadly Form

Is this a comedy of errors or a classic case of "good news, bad news?" "Andrew Speaker, a 31-year-old lawyer, has multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis, known as MDR TB -- and not a form of the disease known as extensively drug-resistant, or XDR."

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The spread of artemisinin resistant malaria  parasites is becoming a great concern in Myanmar
The spread of artemisinin resistant malaria parasites is becoming a great concern in Myanmar,
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A female Anopheles albimanus mosquito is not only responsible for the spread of Malaria  but the Zik...
A female Anopheles albimanus mosquito is not only responsible for the spread of Malaria, but the Zika virus. The healthcare costs for these two diseases is astronomical, but was not included in the study.
James Gathany /CDC
Local clinic trating malaria patients.
Local clinic trating malaria patients.
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