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Drug resistance News

New understanding with anti-malarial drug resistance

London - Researchers have identified mutations associated with resistance to afrontline antimalarial drug called artemisinin. This is part of the fight back against anti-malarial drug resistance.

Malnourishment, antobiotics raising drug resistance

A study published in Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology is reporting an increase of Acinetobacter, a dangerous kind of bacteria that is becoming increasingly common in U.S. hospitals.

New drug-resistant malaria found in Thai-Cambodia border

As deadly infectious diseases are concerned, malaria ranks among the very top of any global list. Now a new form of malaria has been discovered, one that is resistant to all current drug treatments.

Will Penicillin Work Again?

With the emergence of antibiotic resistant bugs penicillin has become one of those drugs that the "bugs" have figured out how to overcome. Does that mean penicillin will become fazed out?

Some Strains Of The Flu Are Resistant To Tamiflu

Doctors are getting worried that many strains of the flu do not respond to Tamiflu. The "miracle" flu drug is being stock piled by countries in the event of a flu pandemic. What will happen if that cure proves to be ineffective?

Drug-resistant TB Threatens Africa and the World

Tuberculosis, a highly curable disease, "has suddenly morphed into something virtually incurable. And the disease is spread not with a complex exchange of bodily fluids, like AIDS or Ebola, but simply by laughing, talking, coughing or breathing."

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