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Drug laws News

Man has house raided for giving liquid cannabis to sick toddler

Chief ACT minister Katy Gallagher turned a long-time writer into law enforcement for providing a toddler with cannabis oil needed to control her seizures. Gallagher has "no regrets" despite a wave of public hatred for her and her children.

Senior citizen medical marijuana patient to lobby U.S. Congress

Ahead of his May 12th trial, federal medical marijuana defendant Larry Harvey, 70, goes to Washington, D.C. to lobby the United States Congress in order to stop funding federal prosecutions like his.

Russell Brand: Elites don't follow their own rules

In a follow up to his interview with Oprah Winfrey, comedian and political activist Russell Brand breaks down the "war on drugs" in a new YouTube video.

Death sentence given to grandmother in Bali for drug smuggling Special

Many activists are pleading for Indonesia to forego the execution of a grandmother for drug smuggling, even as other nations impose punishments for the manufacture, distribution and use of drugs considered illicit and others legal.

Review: 'The Truth About Heroin'

Brighton - This three quarter of an hour plus documentary was uploaded to YouTube last month. Either you believe it, or you believe the politicians.

President Obama says marijuana not 'top priority'

Washington - In an interview with Barbara Walters, President Obama stated federal law enforcement officials and prosecutors should not make Colorado and Washington laws legalizing marijuana a "top priority" in the war on drugs.

Briton sentenced to death in UAE after drug conviction

Dubai - A 21-year old man from the UK has been sentenced to death in the United Arab Emirates, after he and a Syrian national, 19, were convicted on drug charges in the Gulf state.

Dad sends son to daycare with marijuana joint in lunchbox

Clinton - Police have charged a Connecticut man with possession of a controlled substance, risk of injury, and impairing the morals of a child, after he inadvertently sent his 18-month-old son to daycare with a marijuana cigarette in his lunchbox.

Man leaves 33 pounds of marijuana in cooler at gas station

Marietta - A 30-year-old Texas man who left an ice chest containing 33 pounds of marijuana at a Cobb County Pilot gas station was quickly arrested in a traffic stop a few blocks from the Marietta store, police reports said.

Marijuana use increases while arrests rise to record high

Washington - Marijuana arrests accounted for more than half of all United States drug arrests in 2009, while its use among by Americans during this same period increased by 8 percent, according to two reports released recently by government officials.

New recipe for crystal meth skirts the law, for now

Crystal meth is a highly addictive drug, but some enterprising folks have come up with a recipe that some folks fear is sliding by laws against the drug.

What's Happening with Marijuana in Red and Blue? Special

California and Oregon are looking to legalize marijuana for recreational use even as the states of the South forbid it for any reason, showing once again the differences in social and political issues in red and blue states.

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Canadian marijuana flags.
Canadian marijuana flags.
Cannabis Culture (CC BY 2.0)
Cannabis activist Marc Emery (left) pictured during a press conference with his wife  Jodie  before ...
Cannabis activist Marc Emery (left) pictured during a press conference with his wife, Jodie, before ´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐surrendering to authorities on Sept. 28, 2009
Jeremiah Vandermeer/Cannabis Culture

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